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Prompt: (Steve/Darcy) Bots are Bro's

Anon prompted (via email):

So in my head-canon, Darcy and the bots are bros.
I’d love a scene where Steve walks in on Darcy, Jarvis, Dummy and You having a rocking dance party.

This seems close enough.

Tony had said, pop on down to the shop, I fixed a few things on your shield and your favorite, you just need to grab them. Just pick them up, anytime, I gave you full access for the day.

That’s all that Tony said Steve needed to do.

“I am sorry Captain Rogers, I cannot allow you into the lab at this time.” JARVIS states again. It’s about the fifth time Steve has tried to enter the workshop. The doors will not budge.

“Yeah, you said that, did Tony mention that I was coming down?” Steve says, beginning to lose his patience. Losing his patience with a disembodied voice and a computer program.

“He did sir.”

“Then why can I not come in, JARVIS?”

JARVIS remain silent. Steve’s only got one more option, one he hates using because if he uses the override code, then it means that he’s got to go to all that trouble of having someone get him whatever new one Tony devises. But he uses it anyways, because if a call goes out, he’d rather have his things with him than locked down in the workshop. This time, the override code is the chemical makeup of caffeine. Next time will likely be a logic puzzle if the pattern holds; Steve’s okay with that, he’s always been good with those.

The music is loud and uproarious, and Steve wonders if Tony snuck back in even though he is supposedly at a shareholders meeting and indisposed by order of Pepper Potts. But no, the music is loud but not the so called classic rock Tony prefers. Steve can’t call it classic rock without laughing a little in his head. It’s all new to him.

“Now put your hands up!” A woman’s voice sings along to the music, “DUM-E, no, you’ve got to go up, like this!”  Steve peers around to see a brunette, familiar only from briefings he’s read, physically take the robots arm where she wants it to go, “Your hand goes like this,” she flips her hand back and forth until DUM-E imitates the motion, “You are never going to win Miss Robot USA if you don’t practice.”

“Um….” Steve unexpectedly says and he’s having trouble figuring out exactly why someone that is not Tony, not Pepper or Rhodey or even Happy is in Tony’s workshop. But what the hell, sometimes when you deal with Tony, you’ve just got to go along for the ride. “Hello?”

The woman looks up from tending to DUM-E, “Oh shit. I was never here. Dad hates it when I corrupt the bots, and he will never let me back in if he catches me teaching Single Ladies to them. Never here, Captain Rogers.”

There are several things that go through his head. Dad. The bots. That she knows who he is with just a glance, but after everything, that last one isn’t a big deal. It’s the first he’s having trouble with. Dad. “It’d be easier to know you were never here if I knew your name. That way if people ask, I could say so.”

“Darcy Lewis. I came up here with Thor and Jane. Tony’s my —“ She seems to catch on to what she’s saying, absently stroking the workings of DUM-E, “He’s my dad. I don’t think you know that. I don’t think anyone but Pepper and probably Rhodey knows that. Surprise!” She lifts both hands up and  waves them, her fingers waggling.

She’s a pretty thing, he thinks, and he’s curious to know — well, know so many things, but the only think that comes out is, “Single Ladies dance?”

Darcy grins, “Play it again JARVIS! From the top! And this time DUM-E, try and be a little more coordinated.”