• Darcy: I'm gonna go after her.
  • Georgiana: Yeah you are!!
  • Fitzwilliam: This is so cool!
  • Bingley: I have no idea what's going on but I am excited!!


Darcy Lewis x Leopold Fitz

Anti-Meet Cute AU

We really need to stop meeting in these dark alleyways.


“To be fair, the last one was a warehouse.” Fitz replied, not that the specific location mattered, only that it was dark, creepy and most likely dangerous. All in a day’s work for a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent though, wasn’t it. It was days like this that he wished he had stayed in the lab.

“I guess that’s true.” Darcy Lewis replied her eyes focused on the little gadget in her hands. It seemed to be malfunctioning or so Fitz assumed as she smacked it against her palm frot the third time since they’d run into each other.

“You know violence and technology are not good bedfellows.” he told her earning a chuckle.

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Happy Birthday, engineerleopoldfitz!

May 18 - “Is that all your mouth is good for?” Fitz/Darcy/Tony for @engineerleopoldfitz

Written by @kathryn-claire-oconnor

They were cute together, Tony mused, watching the science baby duo out of the corner of his eye as he worked at a holo-table near them. Except they weren’t the actual, proper “science babies” – in Tony’s mind, that was Fitz and Simmons, not Fitz and Darcy. Fitz and Darcy, however, were very cute together. In fact, his bisexual self was kind of jealous… He couldn’t quite decide who he was jealous of, though, he admitted to himself.

Because Fitz definitely had eyes to drown in and hair that Tony absolutely itched to run his fingers through, but at the same time you had to be blind not to see Darcy’s boobs.

“The same time” was the problem, really; he’d been thinking those things about each of them at the same time for a long while.

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unacaritafeliz  asked:

Hello cassie, my lovely friend... I'm gonna need those Fitz headcanons you mentioned. Please?

So, in the original Pride and Prejudice, Colonel Fitzwilliam is the only person other than Darcy and Wickham who know the whole of the situation with Georgiana. So, in all fairness, this should translate to LBD.

My headcanons:

Fitz was Darcy’s roommate in college, randomly assigned, but they hit it off because Fitz knows how to see a good person under supreme awkwardness and he can get along with just about anyone. 

Fitz was with Darcy when Darcy got the news about his parents’ accident. Fitz insisted on driving Darcy back home because he didn’t think Darcy should have to face that alone. Darcy had to deal with things at the hospital, so he sent Fitz to pick up Gigi from school and bring her to the hospital.

Gigi impressed Fitz on that drive, with her fire and her passion how well she held herself together but also how she refused to get in the car and go with him until he told her the truth and stopped trying to protect her on her brother’s orders.

When their parents were declared dead, Fitz stood guard outside the hospital room, holding lawyers and doctors at bay so the siblings could grieve. He was an official member of the family after that.

When everything went down with George, he blamed himself. He’d gotten caught up in work and in his own life and he’d fallen out of touch with Gigi, and maybe if he hadn’t, he’d have seen it happening. Darcy called him, the day George broke Gigi’s heart, the day she shouted hateful things at him. She never wanted to see him again, she said, but Darcy needed someone to look after her. Fitz stepped up.

When he first came through the door with a lasagna to make sure Gigi was eating something, she threw a vase at his head because she thought he was Darcy. Fitz gave her a talking to of no small proportion. 

That’s when they got close, really close, rather than just being part of each other’s lives because of Darcy. Gigi became the little sister Fitz never had, and he helped her to heal. He saw her lowest moments, saw her almost break, and he vowed that anyone who ever hurt her like that again would have to answer to him. Well, obviously to Darcy first, but then to Fitz, and Fitz wasn’t nearly as decorous.

Fitz may spend most of his time as an upbeat warm executive of fun, but mess with the people he loves, and he will end you. Period.

Happy 4th Anniversary LBD!!

So many great people were part of making this show and we’re so grateful to the community who have kept the fandom alive!

We’ll be sharing some of our favorite LBD episodes throughout the day so stay tuned.

Or just start watching it from the beginning again ;)


I’d like to dedicate this massive pile of bull shit to my best friend because this is the product of our weird Skype conversations, so there’s that.  I love you, Bewbie. <3

It all started when I started complaining about muse, and how fickle it can be.  As a writer, I have my ups and downs, and experience various highs and lows depending on muse and whether or not it’s cooperating.  Muse likes to come and go as it pleases.  Ninety percent of the time, I imagine it’s kicking back at the side of a pool somewhere, sipping piña coladas and just generally being a tease.

And then it sashays back over to me like it owns the world and gives me something brilliant, and all I have the ability to do is keysmash the idea down like a drunk with epileptic fingers.  I’ll gush about it, scribble about it in my notebook, and even hashtag the whole summary to friends when talking about it in Skype, which is really… not cool.  But, whatever.  Basically, tonight was one of those nights, and this was too good not to share.  Or in other words, I’m curious to see if others have ever had similar thoughts.

I’ll be blunt.  I ship James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes with Jemma Simmons.  So hard.  So ridiculously hard, it’s not even funny.  I don’t even know how this happened.  Or well, I do, but it happened, and I’m not sorry.  I will, however, blame the asshole who harassed me into shipping Skye with Steve Rogers because I did not see that one coming and it hit me like a truck.  BAM!  I’m hooked.  Both are wonderful, and I will probably be flailing about them for a looooooong time to come.  You know, making gifsets, writing drabbles and fics, and generally embarrassing myself because that’s how I roll.  Fair warning.



Skye just gaming for hours.  And Steve watching her like, “O.O What’s this?”

“It’s called Minecraft.  Wanna play?”

“I’ll just watch you play, if you don’t mind.”

Because if he can’t even work his cell phone properly, I doubt that he’ll know how to play Minecraft or even want to learn, but in my head, Steve enjoys watching Skye play games on her tablet and her laptop and on the wii and on her xbox and any gaming system she gets her hands on.  It’s probably therapeutic for him to just sit there on the couch, curl up next to her, and wind down with tea or coffee or a beer or whatever his poison is.  Him curled up next to her, smiling softly, and getting a kick out of her shenanigans because Skye’s commentary (and colorful vocabulary that puts him to shame) as she’s losing to Tony at Words With Friends is pretty funny, and her cooing at fluffy animals in knitted sweaters and dorky glasses is adorable.  And after having psychotic motherfuckers shooting at you because they want to take over the world every other day, it’s nice to go home and just sit with your girlfriend and watch her kick Clint’s ass at Halo, cackling maniacally as she does so.  It’s love.

And Skye probably makes fun of him 99.9% of the time, but she will not tolerate others talking badly about her boyfriend excepting Tony only sometimes and when she’s feeling generous (or you know, if whatever it was that Stark said is A+++++ material that automatically has her thinking baddum tish, this asshole must have been a comedian in another life)

And that’s how things would go with these two.

The techno geek and the technology-challenged.  A true match made in heaven!

And then there’s Bucky and Jemma.  The lab rat and the scientist.  Excuse me while I swoon.  Words cannot express to you how much I love this pairing.  She’s a sweet, goof of a girl with a love of science and learning, Doctor Who, and tea.  She can be sassy, is a little awkward, cannot lie to save her life, and I basically classify her as a smile – a smile so wide and massive, it can be blinding to those who aren’t expecting it and its intensity.  And I genuinely believe that Jemma Simmons is the heart of Coulson’s team as well as the peacemaker excepting when Fitz and her argue about things.

And then there’s Bucky.  He’s a man who’s been mindfucked for some seventy odd years, has been poked and prodded, lied to, tortured, experimented on, smacked, beaten up, frozen, and the list could go on and on.  Basically, he’s a big ball of trust issues and angst, and whoever ends up trying to sort through all of that is probably a Saint.  And no matter how much Steve probably attaches himself to the man’s hip, I imagine there are things that Bucky will never tell him once he starts regaining his memories and a personality starts to piece itself together.  Because he was once James Buchanan Barnes, and he was forced to become “The Winter Soldier”.  He was Steve’s Bucky, and Natasha’s James.  But what it comes down to is this: he is both, and he will need to find a happy medium between the two.  And I just imagine him needing someone who will love both sides of him, and not look at him and see someone else because he doesn’t want to disappoint.  (That is not to say that Steve and Natasha would be demanding things from Bucky or expecting him to act a certain way, but I imagine that they might be disappointed at times with his behavior and how he chooses to act in learning how to [re]build his personality once more without anyone influencing his behavior.  I just think that Steve and Nat would probably try and influence him, not on purpose or perhaps in Nat’s case… she might do so for her own selfish reasons, and that’s okay.  But, Bucky would finally be free to do what he pleases, and I think he’d be the rebellious sort.)

And he just wants to be himself, the self that he’ll inevitably end up finding while coming to terms with all that he was and all that he’s done and all that he is.  It’ll be his choice on who he will become, regardless of what Steve and Natasha say or think or feel.  Because whoever he chooses to be… Bucky will be the one who will have to live with himself and his choices at the end of the day.  Not Steve.  Not Natasha.  And in my honest opinion, I think Jemma would be the one who would be able to love him, all of him, for his past, his present, and his future.  She wouldn’t look at him with pity.  She wouldn’t think of him as a charity case.  She wouldn’t try and tell him he needed to act as he did in the past – a past he only remembers in his dreams and in his nightmares.  She would tell him to be himself and that she loves him for who he is.  Flaws, mistakes, scars, emotional baggage, and all.  Because she has them too.  She’s just adept at hiding them, and hiding behind her smiles.  (Her smiles pose simultaneously as a shield and a sword.)  And this would be a romance where they share all – where the words are plentiful, but the comfortable silence is sometimes cherished even more so as they cling to each other for warmth, protection, security, understanding, and strength.

I have this headcanon in my head (thanks to a friend) that whenever Jemma gets assigned a mission where she has to go out on the field, Bucky ends up finding out the details and if he’s not busy with Avengers’ business… he probably goes and tails her in the shadows to make sure she’s okay.  Because he knows she can handle herself, but he’s lost so much and he’ll be damned before he loses her.

And she probably knows he follows her, but doesn’t call him out on it unless he intervenes when he really shouldn’t

I mean, if some guy’s waving around his rifle like it’s his lightsaber, and intends on shooting at her for no reason, then by all means – she has no problem with her boyfriend showing up and snapping his neck like it’s a toothpick.

But if some guy is giving her an attitude because she’s small and she’s not as skilled or as graceful with her highkicks as Agent May is or if some douche is giving her trouble, underestimating her because she’s soft and probably doesn’t know how to hold a gun properly… she wants to be the one to shoot the bastard between the eyes.  Granted, it’ll probably be with the Night-Night pistol, but she may or may not make sure she “accidentally” stomps on the asshole’s junk as she walks away.

And refuse to feel guilty about it when Bucky smirks at her (in pride/amusement/love), quirking a brow because apparently, he’s not the only one with anger issues

And also his girlfriend is pretty hot when she’s angry as well as pretty adorable and passionate angry sex is probably going to happen as soon as they get home

And I imagine there are many double dates that occur between Bucky/Jemma and Steve/Skye

But seriously though

Steve working up all the courage to ask Skye out

And her thinking he’s joking

And so she jokingly says something like, “Ahahaha buy me dinner first, Cap.”

“…That’s what I’m trying to do? :’D”

And her like, “Wait. What?” Cue spit-take.

And the Avengers all gathered in one room together to watch the footage Tony totally hacked of the Bus, so they can “catch up” and see what Phil was up to while he was off on his own without letting them know he pulled a Jesus

Them watching the AGENTS OF SHIELD as if it were a show


And all of them freaking out every single “episode”

Steve losing his shit when he sees Quinn shoot Skye twice

Bucky losing his shit when he sees Jemma throw herself from the Bus

Steve and Bucky freaking the fuck out when Ward turns out to be a traitor, pretty much takes Skye hostage, and dumps FitzSimmons into the middle of the ocean

Clint and Natasha playing a jaunty edition of “Let’s See How Many Times We Can Spot Phil Wearing his Captain America Boxers” drinking game

Thor drinking everyone under the table because he has the godly ability to drink like hell

Jane making sure he doesn’t hurt anyone or himself with his hammer because he’s totally the beer muscles type

Clint, Tony, and Sam betting on when May and Coulson are going to just fucking snap and have epic, insane animalistic sex everywhere

And also debating on who tops

And also debating on whether or not the tesseract increased Phil’s libido, as if it were some kind of male enhancement supplement

Cue everyone suddenly staring at Clint suspiciously

Natasha flipping everyone the bird all, “He’s not owning up to anything.”

Everyone just collectively nodding because that about sums things up.

Natasha manipulating Maria Hill to go out on a blind date with Sam Wilson, and then demanding they name their firstborn after her when they hit it off deliciously

Pepper and Tony fluffing it up everywhere and anywhere

Tony taking Fitz under his wing to “show him the ropes” and teach him how to be a genius pimp

Fitz trying out one of Tony’s pick up lines on Darcy Lewis, but ends up getting out-flirted embarrassingly enough by the lovely Miss Lewis, herself

Darcy slipping Fitz her number telling him to call her whenever he wants to get laid with “the love machine” aka what she calls her vagina

Fitz is so done, but is totally taking Darcy up on her offer because who would pass up an offer to fuck “the love machine”?

Tony wiping away his tears because mission accomplished, he’s a proud Papa Bear

Trip hanging with Captain America and Bucky, reminiscing about his grandfather and listening to the Cap and Bucky tell him stories about the Howling Commandos

with Skye probably casually sprawled across Steve’s lap playing Candy Crush

and Jemma sitting at Bucky’s feet with her hand on his knee, and his hand on her hand as she chatters excitedly to Banner about her newest project

May and Coulson conveniently absent from the pow-wow, but that’s just because they’re on a super secret date shhhhhhhhh

Fury totally knows, but then again, Fury knows everything

He’s got his eye on you, bitches

Shooting Stars and Airplanes (1/1)

AN:  I regret nothing.  While waiting in an airport, Alex has a conversation with two familiar faces that gets him thinking…

Alex Knightley sighed, stretching a little, as he attempted to find a comfortable position.  Why was it that the chairs in airports were so uncomfortable?  Everyone had layovers.  It would make a lot more sense to have squashy armchairs that could recline.  A little bored, he mentally calculated the price to upgrade those chairs and quickly came to the conclusion that while airports weren’t known for their luxury, they were cost efficient.

His flight had been delayed another hour.  He was getting increasingly more crabby as he glared at the announcement board with its hateful red letters.  He could really use a coffee but couldn’t seem to muster the motivation to hunt down a Starbucks.  Besides, his bag was heavy.

He’d attempted to stave of his growling stomach by purchasing a candy bar from the vending machine, but it was out of order.  Probably for the best.  A candy bar now with no coffee to supplement was just asking for a sugar crash.  

Knightley’s phone buzzed but he ignored it.  He had gotten good at ignoring his phone, shutting off the temptation, knowing that any careless texts or tweets would threaten his resolve.  Alex Knightley knew his limits.  If he read even one text from her, his resolve would crumble and he’d return to Highbury.  

God, he missed her.

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tinyhagrids  asked:

not sure if anyone asked about this yet, but who in the LBD or EA 'verse would do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

This is how it goes:

Brandon is challenged by someone he works with. Brandon challenges Fitz.

Fitz challenges Darcy and Gigi. (note: Fitz does the challenge near the rooftop pool at Pemberley Digital)

Darcy challenges Bing; Gigi challenges Clara and Lydia. (note: both Darcys urge people to donate as much as they can and challenge people to find ways to do it that are sustainable and don’t waste water, which they have done by, like, harvesting pure mountain dew and the teardrops of angels)

Clara challenges Ed; Lydia challenges Lizzie, Jane, and Mary. (note: Ed and Clara dunk each other in the Pacific at the public part of Sanditon’s beach; Lydia completes the challenge on the porch of the Darcy family’s beachfront cottage at the Cape where she is housesitting for the summer)

Bing challenges Caroline; Jane challenges everyone on her Facebook feed just to donate; Lizzie challenges Charlotte; Mary challenges Eddie. (note: Bing and Jane complete the challenge side-by-side on their back patio, using one plastic tub they have to lift together; Lizzie’s takes place in almost the exact same spot as Darcy’s, with less water because he was the one charged with filling the bucket; Mary and Eddie shoot each other with water pistols on the couch in their living room)  

Caroline challenges her caro sposo, Jane Fairfax, and Emma (note: Caroline does the challenge in her new backyard, winks when she noms Emma, and says she knows Jane won’t do it and will just donate, so Jane cannonballs into a public pool and not only asks people to donate but tells them that for every dollar they raise for ALS, she’ll match with a donation to her clean water initiative through a philanthropic firm that OWES HER A SOLID FRANK CHURCHILL) 

Emma challenges Alex, Harriet, and B-Mart, as well as Ryan Weston, Frank Churchill, her sister Izzy, and her brother-in-law John, because nothing’s more Emma approved than raising money for a good cause (note: Emma writes a blog post about completing her challenge while on vacation with her boyfriend in Hawaii and uploads a video in which Alex dumps the water on her while she’s mid-speech about why the challenge is important; Alex gets ice-water-bombed by Emma and his nephew when he’s just back from a hike with his brother; John and Izzy let their kids do the pouring, but only after John gives Alex a hearty middle finger to the camera)