darcilio lima


Meet Darcilio Lima, The Obscure Brazilian Artist Who Helped Shape Surrealism

Darcilio Lima had his first art show at 10 years old. He was a crucial player in Rio’s hedonistic underground art scene in the 1960s. He spent a significant period of time in the 1970s in Paris, sleeping in a graveyard. Like any legit surrealist, he was friends with Salvador Dali. And, yet, the Brazilian artist’s name remains widely unknown, despite the captivatingly fine lines and hypnotically twisted figures that ooze forth from the darkest depths of his subconscious.

Sublime painting by Chie Yoshii’s ‘Flower of Soul’ is currently showing as part of Stephen Romano Gallery’s “In Missa Interfectionis, Verum” until 28 Feb 2015.

Participating artists include Colin Christian, Judy Chappus, Ana Bagayan, El Gato Chimney, Darcilio Lima, Soey Milk, Dan Barry, Jumaadi, Jel Ena, Caitlin McCormack, Eric Richardson, Matthew Dutton, Pulu Zhao, Miki Saito, Lu Ke, Caitlin Karolczak, Sarah Jacobs, Phillip Grant, Rithika Merchant, Aunia Kahn,Romney De Hooghe, Ted Victoria, Ellen Stagg,  Tine Kindermann, Amber Groome, Charles Dellschau, Jennifer Lin, Erna Kd, Lori Field, Amy Friend, Jana Brike, Allison Sommers, Rene Lynch, Kalyana Thiru, Damian Michaels, Kim Bo Yung, William Mortensen, Matt Nolen, So Youn Lee, Steven Baines, Peca, Jane Rosen, Joseph McVetty, vernacular and spirit photography and others