When I was a kid,
I fantasized about being with this person,
Or that person,
All I wanted was for someone to love me.

Now I have what I wanted.

I can’t commit to anyone,
I can’t commit to anything.

I am delusional.
My mind plays tricks on me.
Everyone tells me I’m great,
That I’m not crazy.
I know I am.

I know everything about me is wrong.

Unspoken flaws,
One may be revealed, 
To someone,
One of the many trusted,
But never all the flaws,
revealed to one person.

These flaws are my cage.
Not protecting me from you,
Protecting you from me.

The darkest secrets,
I probably don’t know.

Repressed and waiting,
Waiting for when I need a new flaw.

I’m the succubus, 
I’m the manipulator. 

If I make it to 18,
May God have mercy on my soul.

An original poem submitted by darbykins