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Tony Goldwyn salutes Kerry Washington @ Paley Fest, 2017. "He does it for you, guys… He knows that you like this Olitz stuff!”

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Hi guys!!!! Here’s the Paleyfest in full. 

audio and video is a bit out of sync towards the middle bit, i’ll try to re-edit it after school ends at the end of the month cuz will be busy with papers and exams.

I have to say this episode of Scandal was actually good! It reminded me of the good ole days when Olivia actually solved crisis and stood up for her Gladiators. There were a few moments I was actually holding my breath and that’s the first in a longggg time! If you’ve been waiting to watch this season I would definitely recommend this episode!


Scandal Season 5 | Bloopers: Extended Version [  x  ]

  • Edit #1: This video is no longer on YouTube - I don’t know why they just won’t release the full blooper reel! 
  • Edit #2: Someone has upload the video, I’ve changed the video link (source)

Scandal 7x01 Sneak Peek #2 “Watch Me” (HD) - 12 votes shy.