Isthara Nightblade: Black Rain

(Wow okay. Uhhh…For those who actually read my posts and didn’t leave when I stopped writing for months, HAI! I can apparently write things! I had the worst writers block, but tried to keep quality content (har har) on the blog while I sorted through things. It’s good to be back!. I’ve put it under a cut because I feel like I should but a trigger warning, but I don’t think its explicit enough to need it? Nightmare junk, better safe than sorry!)

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Dararoo’s count down.

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     What could she do is the question. Any time things started to settle, things started to get better.. Something would come and mess it all up again. A constant motion of struggling to be on her feet only to be shoved back down once again. 

    Betrayed, Lost, Hurt, Empty. That is how she felt, the events of a few hours before haunting her mind. Just as fresh as they were then. Information that needed to be heard, but that those around didn’t make better. Her mind racing as she tried to figure out what to do, with no success.

“Maybe you should just run away. The Watchers seem really good at doing that!”

    Oh yea… There was that as well. Words given to her by Aly, someone she had believed to be a close friend. Guess she was closer to Anara now. She, could understand the anger… Roo, did attack Aly’s Thane, verbally at least. Yet… She heard what Kiras said about him, how Haldreth truly thought of their leader. What did she expect her to do? Sit aside and let it go? 

    Tears started to flow down her cheeks, her knee’s pulled close to her chest as she let the tears flow. It was better to get them out now before returning to Izzy’s. Izzy wasn’t the comforting type anyways. 

   “Twenty minutes Roo…. you have twenty minutes to let it go.” She spoke softly to herself. “Then you need to be going to Izzys.. You, said an hour.” Words mostly to remind herself, to keep her from being to consumed in the tears. But, she wouldn’t be able to let it go. Not after all that happened. 

    Curling in on herself she let more tears flow, crying heavily now as she held her knees tightly. Her knuckles starting to turn white from the force. “Signor, please… Where are you? I.. I need you back.” Her voice came out, barely above a whisper. A silent plead that she knew wouldn’t be answered. 

   Dararoo was alone in the forest with her mind. The only sound around being her gentle sobs. But those wouldn’t last for long either, she only had Eighteen minutes to go before heading to Izzy’s. Guess she better make those remaining minutes count.

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