darantha art

I commissioned the talented @darantha to create a post Trespasser card of my Inquisitor Lucar Trevelyan with Seeker Cassandra and Divine Leliana. Needless to say I am very pleased with the way it turned out! So definitely do a commission! You won’t regret it!

Next out for the Critical Role series, Keyleth of the air Ashari! This was actually the first one I began working on back in June, but uh, had one of those pesky “I can do better than this” moments in regards to the scope of the background. So those supporting me through Patreon have one very… interesting walkthrough and process gif to look forward to.

Some doodles I did yesterday of my Surana, Hawke and Lavellan with their LIs.

… I live for Inquisitors discovering new things. … and mage Wardens getting to enjoy the little things in life.

Awkward moment when you come to like the dynamics of three pairings with the same three characters, then trip and fall off the harbor pier only to land in the OT3 canoe.

…. I dunno, I was too lazy to draw McCree’s mechanical arm so I treated it like a protese. Uhm.