a lot of fans are so salty about daragon (idk if its real or not) the thing is that most of these girls are so fucking young lmao like they probably have never been in a relationship or have been in love so they try telling a 28 year old man that he shouldn’t have a relationship with a woman, not a girl, not a teen, but a woman, GD is old enough lmao and yall out there trying to decide if he should start a relationship or not so please just stop because thanks to those girls all the VIPs look like immature girls with an elementary school crush

Why I believe in Daragon

I’m an appler *obviously* and I know some people find Daragon as impossible or smth.

But I want to share with you why I believe in Daragon so much,

NO HATING, this is how I see things so just squalay if you’re not interested.

  1.  Awkard but close? what?

As we all know, Dara has been in YG since 2004 and we all know that at first Dara wasn’t accepted but she tried again and someone encouraged her to do so.. and yes that is GD

and finally she was accepted. And by the way they interact ^ they seem very close, and Dara said it to herself that she is very close to GD and YB but why is it that Dara and Jiyong seems so awkward on cam when in fact they are close?

BUT, they way they interact on twitter is full on aegyo. that leads me to

2. Aegyo.

Like I said the way they interact on twitter is really something,

130601 GD and Dara’s twitter convo:

@IBGDRGN: @krungy21 Thats the way a child grows” 

@krungy21: @IBGDRGN Are you all~~~ grown up?!?~~~ (◎_◎;) ㅋㅋ” 

@IBGDRGN: @krungy21 Nuna it’s me (don’t you know me)” 

@krungy21: @IBGDRGN Oh right~ it’s you! It’s time for you to sleep kid! Good night!!! ^_~…” 

@IBGDRGN: @krungy21 Don’t be embarrassed” 

@krungy21: @IBGDRGN Am I embarassed!!! ㅡㅡ+++ yawn~ Im sleepy bye………”

translations: @ShrimpLJY, bigbanggisvip

And there’s this latest convo where dara called GD as Jwiyongie and I think that’s the 2nd time.

“I came back to Korea and 2ne1 ranked 1st ? Congratz hehe Let’s watch the MV once again Yey~”
”@IBGDRGN Wow!!! It’s Jwiyong oppa~!!! >.< thank you~ ^0^ G to the D~ G to the D~ the best!!!”v”

trans by @ShrimpLJY and @BIGBANGGisVIP

Note: Dara wrote Jiyong in a cute way.

Also the “oppa” Dara is older than Gd and calling him oppa is lil’ fishy,

but do you guys remember Oppa-like dongsaeng? hehehe

and GD does aegyo on dara too.

GD : I act like a child in front of my girlfriend




now this .. this is just too much . from bonnet, to glasses, accessories and even socks !

and we all know how GD doesn’t like someone having the same thing as him, they have this rule whoever buys it first we’ll be the owner and you’ll have to ask permission if you also want it. *GD TV*

Rolex - Pink and Blue

Rolex gold



Thom browne

Chrome hearts

Rick Owens

and the list goes on.


remember when GD showed his interest in skateboarding and he started to change his fashion that kinda looks like a skateboarder? but after a few days Dara started also wearing the same.

when Dara started to learn how to play a guitar GD the next few days showed his interest in playing a guitar also.

both started to wear the rolex watch blue and pink

both started to wear snapbacks


I just can’t with these two. they have MANY things in common but this post is too long alrd, just go on and search some videos! lol