140317 GD Twitter update & conversation with Dara

“I came back to Korea and 2ne1 ranked 1st ? Congratz hehe Let’s watch the MV once again Yey~”
“@IBGDRGN Wow!!! It’s Jwiyong oppa~!!! >.< thank you~ ^0^ G to the D~ G to the D~ the best!!!”v”

trans by @ShrimpLJY and @BIGBANGGisVIP

Note: Dara wrote Jiyong in a cute way.

Hating on girl groups

Why do people hate girl groups so much, I don’t get it… seriously just stop.

If they’re dressed sexy they’re sluts. But it’s ok when your favorite boy group strip on stage or rips their shirts off.

If people ship them with some male idols they’re whores.

If there is a rumor that they might date someone they’re ugly sluts who don’t deserve that guy.

If they take a selca with a male idol they’re bitches.

If they act cute they’re annoying.

If they’re silly they’re trying too hard.

The sad thing is that girls mostly hate on girl groups… why? Because they’re jealous, they can’t even see them with their favorite male idol in the same place. Probably they’re jealous of their body/figure as well, because I always see mean comments on YouTube. 

You don’t have to like them, or listen to them, just stop hating on them please, I see so many nasty things on tumblr when I check ‘girl groups’ tag. Respect them they are working hard and dealing with much more hate than your favorite boy groups. I’m a girl and I have no problem saying oh Minah is so beautiful, Irene is so cute… some girls say: “I don’t stan girl groups lol I am not a lesbian…” this is probably the most stupid thing I have ever heard. You’re a girl how dare you hate on a beautiful talented girls?

You never gave them a chance, so stop making stupid posts/comments, just ignore them if they’re bothering you, don’t look at them, don’t listen to them… simple.

When I got into kpop (around 2008) I listened mostly boy groups because in the past I usually listened (& I still listen to them) guy bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, 30 Seconds To Mars and so on, I wasn’t really interested in female artists, but listening to kpop girl groups is the best thing that ever happened to me.

DARA x GD - 140316 Twitter Reply!

GD: “Came back to Korea and (my) 2NE1 friends won 1st? Congrats Congrats. Let’s watch the music video again (Come Back Home MV link)”

DARA: “@IBGDRGN Woahh!!! its Jwiyong (cute pronunciation) oppa~!!! >.< Thanks~ ^0^ G to the D~ G to the D~ the best!!!”


—“as i thought, all guys are the same. dogs.”

chanyeol’s pov on dara

excerpt from:

burn another bridge (break another heart)

donghae/dara, mentionof!chanyeol/dara, past!jiyong/dara| au | pg-15 | languages, character death



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