signs as idol ships
  • aries: chanyeol & baekhyun, chanbaek/baekyeol, exo
  • taurus: seungjun & jihun, seungji, knk
  • gemini: kai & krystal, kaistal, exo & f(x)
  • cancer: v & jimin, vmin, bts
  • leo: eric nam & jimin, ermin, solo and 15&
  • virgo: moonbyul & solar, moonsun, mamamoo
  • libra: sandara & g dragon, daragon, bigbang & 2ne1
  • scorpio: jr & ren, jren, nu'est
  • sagittarius: taeyeon & tiffany, taeny, snsd
  • capricorn: xiumin & chen, xiuchen/chenmin, exo
  • aquarius: namjoon & jin, namjin, bts
  • pisces: hyuna & hyunseung, troublemaker, solo & beast
  • -♉️(pls excuse if any names are incorrect)
Why I believe in Daragon

I’m an appler *obviously* and I know some people find Daragon as impossible or smth.

But I want to share with you why I believe in Daragon so much,

NO HATING, this is how I see things so just squalay if you’re not interested.

  1.  Awkard but close? what?

As we all know, Dara has been in YG since 2004 and we all know that at first Dara wasn’t accepted but she tried again and someone encouraged her to do so.. and yes that is GD

and finally she was accepted. And by the way they interact ^ they seem very close, and Dara said it to herself that she is very close to GD and YB but why is it that Dara and Jiyong seems so awkward on cam when in fact they are close?

BUT, they way they interact on twitter is full on aegyo. that leads me to

2. Aegyo.

Like I said the way they interact on twitter is really something,

130601 GD and Dara’s twitter convo:

@IBGDRGN: @krungy21 Thats the way a child grows” 

@krungy21: @IBGDRGN Are you all~~~ grown up?!?~~~ (◎_◎;) ㅋㅋ” 

@IBGDRGN: @krungy21 Nuna it’s me (don’t you know me)” 

@krungy21: @IBGDRGN Oh right~ it’s you! It’s time for you to sleep kid! Good night!!! ^_~…” 

@IBGDRGN: @krungy21 Don’t be embarrassed” 

@krungy21: @IBGDRGN Am I embarassed!!! ㅡㅡ+++ yawn~ Im sleepy bye………”

translations: @ShrimpLJY, bigbanggisvip

And there’s this latest convo where dara called GD as Jwiyongie and I think that’s the 2nd time.

“I came back to Korea and 2ne1 ranked 1st ? Congratz hehe Let’s watch the MV once again Yey~”
”@IBGDRGN Wow!!! It’s Jwiyong oppa~!!! >.< thank you~ ^0^ G to the D~ G to the D~ the best!!!”v”

trans by @ShrimpLJY and @BIGBANGGisVIP

Note: Dara wrote Jiyong in a cute way.

Also the “oppa” Dara is older than Gd and calling him oppa is lil’ fishy,

but do you guys remember Oppa-like dongsaeng? hehehe

and GD does aegyo on dara too.

GD : I act like a child in front of my girlfriend




now this .. this is just too much . from bonnet, to glasses, accessories and even socks !

and we all know how GD doesn’t like someone having the same thing as him, they have this rule whoever buys it first we’ll be the owner and you’ll have to ask permission if you also want it. *GD TV*

Rolex - Pink and Blue

Rolex gold



Thom browne

Chrome hearts

Rick Owens

and the list goes on.


remember when GD showed his interest in skateboarding and he started to change his fashion that kinda looks like a skateboarder? but after a few days Dara started also wearing the same.

when Dara started to learn how to play a guitar GD the next few days showed his interest in playing a guitar also.

both started to wear the rolex watch blue and pink

both started to wear snapbacks


I just can’t with these two. they have MANY things in common but this post is too long alrd, just go on and search some videos! lol

a lot of fans are so salty about daragon (idk if its real or not) the thing is that most of these girls are so fucking young lmao like they probably have never been in a relationship or have been in love so they try telling a 28 year old man that he shouldn’t have a relationship with a woman, not a girl, not a teen, but a woman, GD is old enough lmao and yall out there trying to decide if he should start a relationship or not so please just stop because thanks to those girls all the VIPs look like immature girls with an elementary school crush


Is Park Sandara and Kwon Jiyong (DaraGon) a real deal?


This essay is not to confirm that they are together. This is just my observation. I am not a psychology major but I enjoy analyzing psychological patterns. For my 22 years of existence, I’ve never been once wrong about my dating observation. I think I am a really a keen observer of body language, manners, hidden messages, reverse psychology and gazes wise. I am actually planning in getting some Psycho units but Nah… Anyways enough about me. I check-listed some of my observation about the couple and these stuff I wrote are something you can judge by yourself.


✓ The Butterfly song of Jiyong is really interconnected to Dara and it made my heart flutter. Butterfly song is her performance in the SCQ Grand Night while she’s wearing a butterfly wings.


✓ 3-lettered name. In Hangul (Korean form of writing) letters or words are written in syllabic way. SAN.DA.RA = 산.다.라. Names in Korean are usually 2-syllables only since it came from the Chinese form of naming. 3-syllable names are very rare and are original pure Korean based names.  {I’m studying basic korean.}


✓ Ji’s BUTTERFLY MV - The Carousel which is mentioned in the Butterfly song Dara performed… “Wild horses run unbridled”


✓ The cartoon girl who creepily looked exactly like Dara.


✓ The Cat. Jiyong owns a cute dog, but why cat? hmmm…


✓ The Santokki (rabbit) focus in the MV.


✓ “Light gesture and twinkle in your eyes”.. its Dara.


✓ A girl who don’t trust guys? (Ji’s Butterfly lyrics) … Dara is very cautious when it comes to guys cause she’s afraid that one day, that special someone will change which is not a delusional fear. The only constant thing in the world is the word “Change” that is why her ideal is someone that is “Unchanging”…makes sense why she doesn’t trust guys.


✓ Wounds? (Ji’s Butterfly lyrics) … seems like the wounds of breaking up with Joseph Bitancol. As what I know, they don’t have proper break-up cuz of Dara’s constant flying in Korea back then. Also, the wounds Dara has with all the rumors circulated in the PH. Her being pregnant, her being in desperate of money, those bullshit that her loyal fans didn’t believe even for a bit. As a fan, I was really angered by those rumors. I stopped watching news because of those.


✓ “Baby Girl” (Ji’s thanking significant people in his life in his concert) - this reminds me of the Shine a Light concert. Instead of saying “cute girl” he said “Baby Girl”… hmmmm…


✓ Pure and Innocent? (Ji’s Butterfly lyrics) hmmmm… she does looked Pure and Innocent although we all know she is a very tough woman considering all her hardships and being her family’s breadwinner.


✓ As what I read in the comments which I find really true (comment of the above video), all of GD’s collabs with female singers are always badass… Well except for one. He always perform as G-Dragon but act cute and a total flower boy Jiyong performing “Hello”… acting like a baby boy? eh? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ …


✓ Jiyong and Dara both discussing openly about dating, marriage and ideal family  life (both wants a baby girl) in their respective television appearance sounds like preparing their fans for the inevitable.


✓ Kim Hee-sun of Hwasin saying she’s not an actress is a way of saying she’s either a musician as well or a model. Jiyong didn’t deny that the girl he’s pertaining in  Healing Camp is a celebrity talking about “damage”. Hee-sun knows Jiyong since he’s little and probably has seen Jiyong and Dara interact.


✓ Dara’s ideal is someone attentive to small details like tying a shoelace or bringing table napkins & water, perhaps? Small gestures?…. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ …


✓ About CL and Jiyong being linked, I noticed that GD normally hug girls that are very close to him platonic-ally like CL, Minzy and others but gets really cautious, shy, very proper and well-mannered when it comes to Sandara despite of being associated with each other for so long. It’s like, there is a pressure plus he is very blatant announcing “No In-House” dating. It isn’t banned in their company though but I think he’s really protecting their special relationship.


✓ I also noticed that when Seungri’s story about Man#3 was revealed, Daesung was obviously shocked and when the camera passed to him, he noticeably stole a quick glance at his lower left side… obviously where Ji sits… for me, it does means two things: It’s either Dae knows about the waiting-outside-the-girls-house story which is also a Ji’s song entitled “This Love” or Dae knows about their secret relationsgip that he wants to know what will be Ji’s reaction knowing that Dara has determined suitors.


In a separate occasion popularly known as the Winner TV with BB, when Mino was asked by Dae who he wants to be closed to, he answered Dara nuna. Given its really funny that Mino wants 2NE1 Dara instead of the boys, but it doesn’t warrant a really different reaction from Dae (noticeably, he also had a very quick glance at his lower right side where Ji is seating) and Jiyong… Dae is completely shocked and caught off-guard (thats maybe why he unintentionally looked at Ji) while when the camera was focused to Jiyong, it was a completely different story … and why was the camera solely focused to Ji instead of all the BB members laughing? Hmmm…


✓ Seungri admitting that Man#3 is a singer…


✓ Some shippers say that Man #3 is Donghae who has a similar waiting story which was also revealed in Strong Heart … nah…


I really believe that there is a DaraGon but neither Jiyong nor Donghae is the “Man #3” cuz I watched both Jiyong and Donghae’s whole segment.


In GD’s case, he was seeing a girl back then and always walking her home, but one day (i don’t remember the exact reason why he’s there) he waited at the ‘supposed’ girl’s house only to know later that it isn’t hers and all the while he’s walking her to the wrong house only to believe that the girl doesn’t trust him.. (But… he might have alternated the story to protect that someone… only Ji knows.)


In Donghae’s, he was seeing this older girl, if I remember it correctly, the girl is in JR. High. He falls deeply for the girl however without Hae’s knowledge, the girl already has a boyfriend who studies overseas only to visit Korea every vacation. That girl mysteriously goes M.I.A one month straight without any communication. Later on, Hae discovered the girl’s secret but still loves her despite the situation. One winter, he asked the girl to see him and make snowman but the girl declined, still he waited and made the snowman himself. He persuaded the girl to at least go out and see the snowman but again, she declined. He ended up making a smaller snowman version and left it in the girl’s front house.


For Dara/Hae’s story: it’s not Dara. She studied in the Philippines and that fact alone is enough proof that Hae is not talking about Dara he even said that the girl he was seeing went to Seoul for GED exam but didn’t return… This only means that she is a country girl. Totally not Dara. However, the possibility that Donghae is one of the 2 guys mentioned by Seungri is high since he obviously likes Dara.


for Dara/Gon: I think it isn’t Dara too cuz they’ve known each other for so long now and it is impossible for GD not to know where Dara stay’s when she was visiting and having acting classes in Korea since they were always together and also they have same circle of friends.


✓ I also think that the story on Hwasin about the “he was caught stuff”,  was pertaining to Kiko because way back 2010 he was spotted hanging out with her and those were the days when Dara and him were not exclusively dating because of the dating ban, I think. Doesn’t it make sense? All of the “In-house” strong denial of the both party? Knowing how Dara is dedicated to work, there is a possibility that she really has an on-off relationship with Jiyong. Look how openly they are about dating now that the ban is lifted and the increasingly obvious hints they are showing.


✓ Ji doesn’t make promises and that kind of mentality makes a girl really afraid and uncertain. Remember how Dara wants someone who is unchanging? In a recent CRUSH promotion interview, Dara was asked what song in their album is her favorite, she said its “Gotta be You” a song about a girl falling in love with a bad boy cuz she can relate to the lyrics and said it’s her story. Isn’t it ironic that Ji was once again linked to Kiko and also rumored to have “the worst kept secret couple” because of the photo that circulated the internet?


“Ji: When I was taking sometime a part from a girlfriend I went out with for a long time”… We all know that BigBang lived in Japan for a couple of months. And I think that made Ji associated with a lot of Japanese friends. Knowing Ji who is into fashion, and Kiko as a fashion model, it’s not impossible for them to meet and hang around those times.


In a girl’s psychology about dating article I’ve read way back, girls are into guys who can give security to them in all aspect of relationship. A promise somehow gives a girl more faith into relationships. Ji’s point about change and promises is definitely acceptable given that nothing is constant however it also threatens a potential serious bond between a man and a woman.


I am not a psychology major but I love reading books and articles about those stuff and I think Dara is really in a tough position with her romantic relationship with Ji and it makes her think that Ji is somehow a bad boy. (Dating Kiko rumors and no promises? Ji, you are a bad boy! ✌)


✓ Points about same stuff they have. There is a possibility that BB and 2NE1 shares closet for their shows but as we all know, they have separate stylists. They can’t be with their stylists all the time. Airport fashion is a thing that is beyond a stylist’s duty, I THINK. Some same stuff like things they endorse are acceptable similarities but personal stuff aren’t. bracelet, rings, earphones, his & her Rolex watch, ripped pants, same designer pants that Ji and Dee always wear to think that they are the only members of their group to have those kind of stuff. Interconnected stuff they like. SpongeBob, Tabby cat popularly known as Puss and the Boots and Park sibling’s cat. It’s really weird for a close friend to have similar things some is acceptable but in Dee and Ji’s case, it’s not normal anymore.


✓Them having casual twitter conversation is also fishy. Why? Maybe for many DaraGon shippers, it’s very spazzable but for me, I think it’s a way of showing and convincing people that they don’t have relationship. Reverse psychology. The more they communicate casually the more people will be convinced that they are just friends. People’s opinion about their increasing similarity will be diverted into not believing that they are secretly dating. It’s a mind trick.


✓People around a secretly dating couple will know stuff even without any clarification like Ben Baller, 2NE1 and BB members. Youngbae who obviously like Dara knows that he doesn’t have any hope with her. Members of both groups obviously know something with all the hints they are showing and I think they really find it natural for them putting distance between the two. CL I think is the first few people who observed it and as a leader she is protecting their group and also protecting her two friend’s relationship specially during the dating ban period. (YG might have ordered CL to put distance between the two. YG is a very clever person and their building having hundreds of cameras doesnt help Ji and Dee hides their affection to each other)


There’s a lot to point out about validating that they indeed are dating but it doesn’t makes sense anymore. If you do believe that they are a real couple or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a win-win or lose-lose situation. It’s their life. Let’s just wait for them to confirm or deny the rumor. As for me, I totally believe that they are together and I am happily waiting for them to announce their marriage.


I rest my case. Bow.