daragang magayon

Mount Mayon, by edeminramirez

My wife and i had this sudden change of schedule since we have this unplanned vacation. We had a chat maybe we can go here and there - I’m reluctant to agree since i haven’t done my research then we both decided to go Legaspi City, Albay Philippines. So i visit this site and found some interesting photos of Mayon volcano “also known as the perfect cone volcano” but not so perfect since it erupted recently. Then i came a crossed Tom Falcon’s site and from then on, my brain is on fire. I’m so pressured how can i pushed myself and end up having an awesome frame. And this frame in particular is the answer, i wanted it to look and feel the same moment when i was there. If your reading this the exact spot is The Ruins of Cagsawa Chruch, Camalig Legaspi City, Albay Philippines.