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dara if i may ask, how'd you pick your name? i'm afraid i'm missing names and that i'll pick the wrong one, also if you know any cute names come thruu

you’ll know when it’s right but it doesn’t mean you’ll get used to it right away i had moments where it felt crazy and foreign and scary

i went through the whole process literally in front of everyone on the internet which is a lol & a half um i found out about this indonesian girl group that was popular in the 60s and 70s called dara puspita. that was the first thing, then i looked up the word and was into it even more for its meanings in other languages. apparently there’s a princess in filipino mythology named daragang, i didn’t know that before this but i was into that too. all of that was like cherry on top/cute side effects of a name i’d already decided i liked but wasn’t wholly convinced on

i feel like choosing a name is a lot more about identifying the feeling and mood like there were other names i’d considered but none that like really matched my energy 

it was really like a checking of the boxes. i knew the initial i wanted. there’s a whole list deep in my drafts of every name starting with D under the sun. i knew how i wanted it to look and how i wanted it to feel. like i knew i wanted short and sweet. distinct but nothing wacky/extra. in sync with both my heritage and my chosen interests. i had requirements & dara just fit the bill