hi im dead n idk when im gonna come back to life but happy thanksgiving to all of u wonderful people!! i hope u eat lots of turkey n if ur in america go black friday shopping n get them deals

i would like to say that im thankful for akaashi keiji, kuroo tetsurou, jinguji ren, ichinose tokiya, n all my biases but im also thankful for @v0ngola @fuyutsumi @sejjoh @tettsurou @shoouto @aoubajohsai @oikawae @hhokuto

@eijuhn @tachibana–chan @fujivvaras @hyoudo @kmuiyato @kousseii @nagihtos @kurolove n all of my lovely followers & mutuals that i dont talk to (but would love to) !!

ok i love u guys have a good day❤️

can I cancel thanksgiving because I feel totally obligated to see my parents even tho they’re both really toxic to be around and I really don’t want to deal with it but I’m a piece of shit whether I like interact with them or like don’t interact with them and I’m so tired of being in lose-lose situations and wanting to cry and be anxious every time there’s some fucking holiday