I caved in and did that pottermore thing because of all the 20th anniversary stuff on my feed even though I’m not even part of the harry potter fandom so who wants to guess what I got

Edit: that means ilvermorny house as well, hogwarts house is too easy :p (patronus and wand if you’re feeling extra lucky today lmao)

That interview was hard to read (it encapsulated a lot of my feelings around that XF performance of JHO which to this day I have never be able to watch or blog anything from again) but in its way so, so necessary.

So much of Louis is off the page and here it is no different. What he says about the real entity is so interesting. The truth lies in all the things he can’t articulate. Not because he lacks the words. But because there are things he cannot say. And yet that in and of itself says so much.

My heart aches for him in losing not just a parent, but a close friend, when he lost Jay. I hope he never loses the confidence she instilled in him, and that he finds ways to just keep doing what needs to be done.

Proud sometimes seems like a word that I can’t claim as a stranger, but I am tremendously glad to be a fan of someone not only so genuine, but someone who has earned my admiration, respect, and an inner voice that will always cheer him on.

Louis, you deserve everything and more. You always will.