I’ve come to the conclusion that Minzy can’t win. If she doesn’t post about 2ne1 she’s a snake, a bitch, a traitor and all that stuff. If she were to post about them, people would tell her she shouldn’t because she left them bla bla bla. Everyone needs to smoke a blunt and chill the hell out.She left. Move on.She doesn’t have to post about 2ne1 if she doesn’t want to or don’t feel comfortable doing it. She’s human, she can do whatever she wants and if there is some negativity that she feels towards 2NE1, whatever the reason, it’s better that she don’t spread it if she doesn’t feel comfortable faking something - some people are like this, better not talking at all than faking it in a awkward way.


Yall act like the other girls are saints,all pure and good, and Minzy is the wicked witch who abandoned them and say shit(even tho what yall call the ‘shady stuff’ she said it’s been proven fake but 2NE3 stans only see what they want to see don’t they?), while you don’t even know if something happened between them behind the scenes, yall only want to see Minzy as the shady, snake one while one of the other girls could pretty much have done something bad to Minzy in this years of hiatus or before it, YOU DON’T KNOW THEM PERSONALY NO ONE IS 100% GOOD UNTIL IT’S PROVED WRONG, NO ONE IS A FUCKING SAINT.

And of course CL or Dara will not cut Minzy out of 2NE1 pic they might post on their SNS or act other different than sad and stuff but have you ever thought that it might not be because some of them really care,even if it’s a possibility of like 10%, but because it would be bad publicity for them to simply cut the girl off? This is business after all, they have an image to keep up to you guys and the media in general. At the end of the day this ‘sisters’ bullshit doesn’t matter, this still they work and still business after all - Minzy knows that and she got out while she could, she need to make money and a living, thing that she wasn’t getting at YG when she wasn’t working with 2NE1. 

So move on and stop being childish you bunch of flopjacks.

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People really need to stop blaming the members for 2NE1 not having a comeback because it’s not their fault. Yes, Bom’s scandal really hurt them. Yes, CL is supposed to be debuting in the US. And yes, Minzy is gone but if YG really wanted to, REALLY wanted to 2NE1 would have had a comeback regardless of all this mess. It’s YG and YG’s decision alone to leave 2NE1 on a hiatus. Some of you really believe that CL’s debut, that hasn’t happened, is really the cause of our wait. She’s been flying back and forth for 2 years that’s more than enough time for YG to give 2NE1 a comeback. The knetz hardly even care about Bom anymore [CONT] sure there are a couple of scandal related comments but most of them are about her surgeries. The comments are not even in the thousands anymore so her scandal is not an excuse. YG is the reason for the hiatus and he’s the reason we’re not getting a comeback because as you can see the girls are not busy. They’re goofing around in the mountains playing badminton.


Maxis villa Bovino Restaurant - Rebuild and Decoration

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160727 Dara’s Line Diary 

Aww … I;m really busy this August?! It’s been so long since I’ve been busy like this. Mostly because of overseas schedule so I must stay physically fit!!! And it makes my heart flutter ~

Nowadays thanks to most advertisements I do for overseas or Asian, I get to go out a lot to fil and go to fanmeetings. It was like a blessing because it made a lot of opportunities for me to meet Blackjacks ~ ^^

But at times this August there are several overlaps in my schedule so it’s really .. like in the past when we had to attend tours I can’t unpack at all. I must pack foodstuffs as well! Like cup ramyeon, goma kimchi, kanjjanmpong, gochuchamji, gochujangbokkum and so on ~!!! woohoot ~

I should get used to this ^_^v But I can eat local foodstuffs like this by putting one pack eack … kekeke

On early month of August I have to go to Vietnam for a Fanmeet .. After AON tour which was 2 years ago. Woah .. Time is really fast T.T Vietnam fans are really ~~~ passionate so I look forward on meeting them again >.< and I have to film for this and that ~ Then meet with Korean Blackjacks again, I’ll be guesting a lot on Korean programs so watch out  ~ I will have recording for each one ~ I’m also sad because unlike Sugar Man you can’t see me every week .. That’s it ~

Hmm ~ Ah and I have recording for a Philippine Audition Program from end of August ~ while going back and forth I want to receive inspiration. It will be a good opportunity for me as well. I’ll do more deep conversation with you soon ~ Goodnight!

Translated by @WeLoveDara

On another note though, who saw Robot Wars the other day? Yes please more of that missed it so much come back to me robot overlords take me away to bliss. Would’ve liked Craig Charles back maybe? Dara sounds… somewhat flat.

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Crees en Dios? Wow :v esque Dios? Que o quien es Dios? No se solo... ya te daras cuenta que soy atea xD .Pero igual no te da intriga saber mas ,investigar ,crear lo inexplicable.. no se si me explico. -๐Ÿ•

obvio que me interesa, y planeo seguir instruyéndome en lo que sea necesario para saber y aprender más. pero cada uno elige con que guía su vida y yo he decidido tener a Dios en mi corazón y el mundo en mi mente