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Weird Crushes (uk comedians)

Top 5 UK comedians I have very weird crushes on for even stranger reasons.
- The judgement is real I know, apologies in advance
- Sometimes my mind makes me do retarded posts like this

1. Russell Howard 
Because his boyish scruffy hair and comforting adolescent humor (particularly about animals and his parents) gives me childhood nostalgia (plus I dig the lazy eye).   

2. Noel Fielding
Because apart from his rocking fashion sense or his unbelievably creative and limitless imagination…I love how shy he gets at being complimented (he’s such a softy). Now can we go skipping through the streets of Camden in skirts?

3. Ed Byrne
Because he’s a complete geek and his on and off screen friendship with Dara O'Briain is goals. I just want to sit down with him in an Irish pub and listen to all his stories (plus I’m a sucker for long hair).

4. Stephen Mangan
Because. Hair Basically. (I see a worrying trend here). BUT, he is extremely talented, so well spoken and is the type of fella you wouldn’t be afraid to take to a wedding. if you know what I mean  

5. Rhod Gilbert
Because I can relate to his cynical outlook on life, his constant (but totally valid) arguments on potatoes and his “I do what I want” Welsh attitude. Added bonus - he’s a little rough around the edges but a total sweetie at heart.

As someone from the EU, I can’t really describe the feeling of dread I get every single time I read anything about the US election. It’s so…. I’d say it’s like watching a group of people in a boat, and one person standing up and convincing everyone that it’s a good idea to drill fifteen holes in the boat to get more fish than everyone else. … except that that boat sinking would inevitably pull all surrounding boats down with it, because global economy.

I love how the two unnies, Bom and Dara, are always making the maknae line laugh by throwing away their image to do the goofiest thing. Remember the Instagram video CL took of Dara doing weird dances while the other members were cackling in the back? Fuck haters, this group is adorable and strong.