dara gd


“The song is something that I had written before. After Minzy left YG Entertainment, the three of us were preparing an album. It was a song that was supposed to be like a letter to Minzy. I edited the lyrics so it would be talking to both Minzy and the fans at the same time. It didn’t take me long to edit the lyrics because I move fast when someone is believing in me.” - CL


Haha: There were rumors you were dating G-Dragon previously. How did that come about?

Dara: As a public relations representative, I went to Big Bang’s concert, and we were on the way to our after party. G-Dragon said, ‘It’s just a concept,’ and put his arm around me as we went. I didn’t know that it would make headlines like that.

I feel like 2NE1 disbanded bc YG wanted to make Blackpink their next big girl group, and this iKON comeback kinda reminded me of Bigbang’s style. Now I’m afraid, that YG won’t wait for the BB members to finish their military service, instead they’ll disband too, and iKON will become the “next BigBang”.

just my thoughts…