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When Minzy left to another co, I wanted to protect 2NE1, but disbanded b/c Bom’s mental health was bad.The effect of the drug controversy was huge on Bom. She was stressed and felt guilty from that, but also b/c she wanted a 2NE1 release.I told Bom that 2NE1 is important, but your mental and physical health is more important. Maybe one day, they can all come back like SES




I hate this so much. I will never understand why 2NE1 was forced to disband. There was no reason for them to do so. Yes, Minzy left (and broke my heart in the process) but the other three members were very much still invested and dedicated to go on. I would understand if 2NE1 was a group that was becoming irrelevant or did not sell well and did not bring in profits. But they’re literally none of those things. Every time 2NE1 makes a comeback, they are welcomed with open arms and people love their music. They sell well, very well in fact. They’re one of the best selling girl groups in the world.

 I would understand if the girls did not want to stay together, did not have any new music, or just did not want to be 2NE1 anymore. But, once again none of those things are true. The girls see each other as family, they’re sisters. Time and time again they show each other their undying support. They tag themselves as “2NE1 DARA” “2NE1 BOM” etc. CL has always said they’ll always remain together. Dara just recently told us, CL wrote so many songs, they recorded the whole album, and set the tracklist, yet the album will never be released. So I DON’T understand. 

Some might say, the public doesn’t like them anymore after Bom’s scandal, but that’s literally bullshit. (Her scandal is a whole other rant so I won’t go into it.) Korea loves Bom’s voice, her singles have always topped every chart and she is still on top in YG as for digital sales for solo releases. Haters will always hate but that’s no reason to keep them away. Anytime she tweets or uploads anything, the response is crazy. When she steps outside the crowd around her is all because of the love they have for her. 

2NE1 will always be a force to be reckoned with in KPOP. They’re one of a kind, there’s no other group like them. They came out in a time where girls were singing about their oppas and telling people to love them because they’re so cute, but 2NE1 literally said screw that and sang about ditching boys and having a good time amongst themselves. They are the epitome of girl power. They showed a different image because they weren’t all “pretty” by societal standards, but they said fuck that, I’m beautiful and I’m strong, and I am the best. They showed their different charms and went on to capture everyone’s hearts. 2NE1 showed girls everywhere that it’s okay to be yourself, and it’s okay to be vulnerable at times because everyone is like that, but at the end of the day you have to be true to yourself. You have to love yourself. 

I will never forget 2NE1 and I’ll never stop being a Blackjack because once a Blackjack, always a Blackjack. They’ll always remain to be the best group with the best music and the most epic name, in my heart, and they’ll remain in history as the most badass girls out there. They’ll also remain as the girls who had hearts of gold and nothing but love for each other, their fans, and music. Thank you. 

2ne1′s Good Bye

I’m honestly disappointed in so many blackjacks who are blaming any of the members for 2ne1′s disbandment. No matter how you look at it it’s clearly YGE fault (notice the E which signifies I’m talking about the company not the face of the company). 2ne1′s last album, crush came out in 2014, charted really well in south korea and abroad. They also had a successful Asia tour in 2014 to go along with the crush album. Let’s look at different justifications people have for blaming a member, and prove them wrong.

1. “It’s Bom’s fault for smuggling drugs that fucking druggie ruined 2ne1!” Bom was under investigation for having amphetamine pills from the states and trying to bring them into korea. This was back in 2010. While Amphetamine is illegal in South Korea it is legal in the United States with a prescription. Charges against Bom were dropped because she showed the court official American documents and prescription from American doctors that prescribed these pills to her due to her mental illness struggles. YG has dealt with drug scandals before, GD smoking marijuana in south korea, but bigbang carried on even though there was hate in the beginning. 

2. “It was CL’s fault for trying to debut in America, and therefore neglecting her duties as a 2ne1 member!”. YG has been trying to break into the states for ages, it comes to no surprise that because CL has made tons of connections with North American Artists, plus PSY signing with Scooter Braun, YG would try to push CL to have her hand at the industry. You cannot put the blame on CL for 2ne1′s super long hiatus because that was due to YG putting bom on a huge break and you cannot blame any artist who’s just trying to put out content and get work. If YG wasn’t giving 2ne1 a comeback CL was gonna find something to do, and that came into the form of her pending US debut

3. “While bom is on house arrest and minzy doing nothing, Dara is out acting, going on variety, traveling all the time, she doesn’t care about the group and is busy being solo!”. Again, you can’t blame dara for wanting to expand her solo career when YG put 2ne1 on hold. you can’t expect her to sit there and wait. Dara has always wanted to act and do variety, any blackjack, especially the older ones would know that. She would prepare really hard at any of the few variety chances she gets. 

4. “Minzy didn’t fucking resign with YG this snake broke the group!” Minzy gave up her youth for 2ne1 and YG entertainment. She became a trainee as a child, trained for like 5 years, then debuted as a 2ne1 member at the age of 15. She dropped out of school, left the countryside, just so she could promote with her group and make money for her company. However, YG never gave her solo opportunities. Don’t say it was because she was never vocal about it or because she didn’t try hard enough for it. minzy always posted dance and song covers on instagram and twitter to show fans how she’s improved. during 2ne1′s hiatus, she went to america to learn from famous choreographers, she showed fans different songs she was working on through instagram! She definitely wanted a solo and was ready for it. But she never got it under the history of her and YG. I know it’s YG’s fault because this was the same reason why vocalist GUMMY did not resign. She said the company didn’t focus on her and never let her release albums, and she felt forgotten. The fact is MINZY only got work when 2ne1 got work, and because YG put 2ne1 on hiatus for unnecessary reasons other members suffered and went off to improve individually. For Minzy, YGe never gave her that chance and instead of letting her, she rot in the YGe dungeon.

People need to be less focused on what the members did and more focused on what the company did to this legendary group. When looking at what all 4 of these girls did in reaction to YGe’s actions, it completely makes sense and i blame none of them for it. Instead I blame the company who had control to keep 2ne1 alive, one of the most influential girl groups in present time.

Here come my thoughts on Minzy's insta post

So you all know about the insta post where Minzy says she is sad that she had to find out about “Goodbye” through the news instead of being contacted. Basically saying she would have liked to have taken part or to be included, yet no one told her.

Aight. Ok. I love this girl and all that. I have been defending her with tooth and nail for her choices. But right now I dont know what to think.

Girl, you have a new company now. You have your own plans. Why you gotta be throwing shade at your past bandmates all of a sudden? Cause that is what that post looks like to me, it looks like you are throwin shade.

Are you telling me you have been living under a rock for this past month when the news of this last song was released? Are you trying to tell me you never read your social media comments with blackjacks wanting to know if you would take part in this final goodbye? Are you telling me that you barely found out about this 2 days before its release? Like…..uh…..what?

Honestly it was a huge mistake for her to even mention this information. It will only make people rise up and hate her. Ive seen people say pretty harsh stuff like how she is trying to play victim and that no one is gonna fall for the victim card. Which honestly by the tone of her post it kind of seems that way.

She should have just said something along the lines of “It was unfortunate that I wasnt able to take part in this final goodbye but thank you blackjacks for your love and support for 2ne1 all these years. Please continue to support all the members in their activities” etc. You know something nice. Or just not post about it at all.

Idk just my opinion. Tell me your thoughts, guys. Keep in mind I am basing this off the English translation she posted.


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