Dara is a strong character too

I absolutely love that CL is getting the acknowledgment she deserves and I hope she does break the stereotype Western people have of Asian women and that her debut is successful and awe-inspiring, so much so that when 2NE1 gets together again, it will be ‘The return of the greats’ and not simply a ‘comeback’.

Saying this though, it makes me sad that when you go on Tumblr, Youtube, or K-pop based forums and websites, only she is ever labeled as a ‘strong character’. Being powerful, strong, or tough doesn’t literally mean that you have to be out-spoken, willful, or publicly go against the norm. Being gentle, quiet, and affectionate is also forms of strength. Dara is one of the strongest in the group actually. She overcame her almost paralyzing shyness to audition in front of people she didn’t know and made it all the way to the finale of the show despite not being from the Philippine’s and not quiet understanding the language. Her father was physically abusive to her mother and one day left them to be with another family he secretly had, he even took away all her money, leaving them poor and destitute, despite this, when he was arrested she payed his bail. Meanwhile, her fame was going down all, partly because attention was shifting to someone new, mostly because she wasn’t in a real relationship with a co-star, so she had to struggle a lot. She even made food for her siblings even though she doesn’t know how to cook eggs! She took a chance coming back to South Korea, she had no idea whether she would be successful. Stay and tough it out with the little fame she managed to retain? Or start completely fresh and hope for the best? We all know the choice she made. And here she is, more then 6 years after she picked up her family from the mess her father caused. Now, her brother complains that she buys him too expensive gifts! She never really talks about what happened to her back then, she only looks forward, but I know she never forgot. Her pain and heartbreak is part of why she is so humble, kind, and sincere today, because she hit rock bottom once and only through gumption and stubbornness (with talent of course) clawed her way to the top. Dara to me is the symbol of strength in 2NE1 besides Park Bom, who also had it rough. Dara is one hell of a Tough Cookie.