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BOOM. my half of the collab with the super talented @h-otokichan!! her half is here :D we agreed on various ‘draw ur otp’ scenes and she did the sketch for this, i lined/coloured it! and let me just say. her art style is really freaking gorgeous. it was a ton of fun to work with her, and WE AGREED. jason is tulio, percy is miguel in this scenario.

not pictured: leo dressed up like chel while both percy/jason look mildly horrified at the, uh, amount of skin on display.

minion-dar  asked:

Hey, I have a question. Ta Moko is used to celebrate someone's life accomplishments, status, and position, correct? So, the gist of the problem with Marisha using them as ref is because it's directly tied to a specific culture? Or because ppl don't understand their weight and impact, even though, in this specific case, they seem to be used for their intended purpose (to denote rank and accomplishment) and changed to reflect more Ashari leanings (by not being on the face)?

The reason I’m asking, is based on purpose, description, placement, and usage; Dragon Age tattoos are far closer to being Ta Moko than what Marisha described. I understand that she gave very Maori examples, but the way it is presented is that they are the closest thing that she could think of that matched what she was thinking. I feel like I’m missing something here. Could you please explain? 

Ok so I am far from being an expert so take my words with a grain of salt but yes that generally what it represents (plus your connection to your whakapapa). Ta moko isn’t just the facial tattoos either (the name is usually used when talking about them though). It’s mostly because of the design that they’re going for and yes I agree the symbolism matches up however ta moko is specifically Maori and it’s generally considered pretty taboo to use it for someone who is not Maori. It’s purely because of the references she used that I’m taking an issue with it because there will be fan artists who take that as the “canon” design and run with it without knowing the whole meaning behind it. If she’d used idk Celtic knots or leaves or something I’d be like “oh sweet that sounds rad”. Also the dragon age tattoos are a made up thing for a made up culture- no real world ties. All I’m trying to do is avoid people bastardizing a sacred Maori practice.

All singing together an ancient rhyme, but no word did they speak to the mistress of the house. Strange to hear, and frightful to look upon, were these twelve women, with their horns and their wheels; and the mistress felt near to death, and she tried to rise that she might call for help, but she could not move, nor could she utter a word or a cry, for the spell of the witches was upon her.

—Lay Wilde, The Horned Women

art by Gustave Dore