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Dar al-Islam in Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA by Hassan Fathy [1980].

The last community project undertaken by Hassan Fathy was Dar al-Islam, a nonprofit educational organization established in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Nuridin Durkee, an American Muslim Scholar and Sahl Kabbani, a Saudi businessman, cofounded the project in 1979 with backing from the family of King Khalid ibn Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. They chose Abiquiu, New Mexico in part because the landscape would be similar to those of many Muslim lands, and because of the existing tradition of building with adobe. Drawing by Hassan Fathy provided the design for the original buildings. When Fathy presented them in 1980 he brought with him Nubian masons who also demonstrated brick-making and building techniques.  The mosque was built to design, but the remaining plan has been altered and moderated to adhere to local building codes. 

The community opened in 1982, and by 1986 the school had 7 full time teachers and 6 full time students. It also provided workshops to train educators about Islam. Approximately 30 families had joined the community, which has been planned to house 150.  

I am not prepared to surrender an inch of the civilised world to barbarians, which is the choice that we have been faced with, and I’m not prepared to watch the lights go out on Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Slovenia, Belgium and Luxembourg and Canada and Australia and then think that you can have one little redoubt where liberty will thrive. I take the same view to the civilised world that Islam takes to the Dar-al-Islam - once we hold this, we hold this forever and we will not surrender it.

Mark Steyn, speaking in the Danish Parliament building, Copenhagen 

Free Press - Youtube Channel - Douglas Murray, Henrik Broder, Mark Steyn and Geert Wilders speeches

Robert Dear kills two civilians and a cop at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, armed protestors terrorize worshippers outside a Mosque in Irving, Texas, bomb scare at Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Virginia, alleged white supremacists arrested in a scheme to blow up synagogues and black churches in Virginia, more alleged white supremacists kill five at a Black Lives Matter rally in Minneapolis, 14 killed (and counting) in San Bernadino, California… Americans so eager to kill something they’ve started killing their own. We are diseased. I have no jokes for this. We’re hopelessly sick.