anonymous asked:

If Qau-dar was the protagonist of another Elder Scrolls game, how well would he handle it?

OOC: About as well as cat pushing stuff off of table. In other words, with zero fucks given.

Arena? Some staff is in pieces and the Emperor is false? Not khajiit business move along.

Daggerfall? Some man wants khajiit to find some Man-tella? Too bad, it is not his fault you don’t have eyes and nose of khajiit and are not as smart.

Morrowind? Some mormeri think khajiit is reborn mormer? Clearly too much skooma. Also your gods aren’t khajiit gods who cares what they bleedin want.

Oblivion? Okay fine he’ll take your stupid amulet to this Jauffre as thank you. More work? No thank you Qau-dar is off to Elsweyr now ok thanks bye.

Skyrim? Who cares about old shoutigng men on the hill? Men always shout at khajiit big deal.