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Elder Scrolls Names: Khajiit

The Khajiit do not usually carry surnames. Instead, they carry titles indicating their chosen societal roles. In most cases, their first role is represented through a prefix separated by an apostrophe. For instance: M’aiq. “M” means child or apprentice. Less frequently, one may find a Khajiit with two titles, the second represented by a suffix separated by a hyphen. For instance, Razum-dar. “Ra” means esteemed leader, while “Dar” means thief. Notice that Raz’s prefix is not separated by an apostrophe. This is the case in a lot of names, even also with suffixes. A lot of Khajiit names contain no punctuation at all. 

It seems to the Khajiit, at the very least in the time of Morrowind (3E), having a second title was seen as foolish and ignorant. An important distinction must be made in the time of the Elder Scrolls Online (2E), however. During this time, suffixes were the norm and prefixes were a fashionable fad. This explains why Razum-dar’s name isn’t a big red flag to others of his race.

There’s a lot of room for variety in Khajiit names, besides the fact that scholars have only a glimpse of an idea of their language, Ta’agra. So, while you have the ability to add and subtract punctuation marks, you have a limited bank of known titles. Here’s what we know:

Feminine Honorifics

  • Dra = Known for wisdom and wit, or of venerable age
  • Daro = Pickpocket, lithe of tongue
  • Ko = Respected healer, mage, or scholar, sometimes added to the names of learned ancestors
  • La = Promiscuous maiden

Masculine Honorifics

  • Dar = Thief, clever
  • Do = Distinctive warrior
  • Dro = Grandparent
  • J/Ja/Ji = Bachelor, young adult
  • Jo = Respected physician, scholar, or mage
  • Ra = Esteemed leader of soldiers, trade, or governance
  • Ri = Great leader; Speaker, King, Mane

Gender Neutral/Unknown Honorifics

  • Do = Warrior
  • M/Ma = Child, apprentice, term of endearment, also used to imply virginity
  • Qa = Unknown
  • S = Adult

(Source: uesp)


Dar-Vida Campaign 

(by Simone Massoni

This is a collection of a recent series of artworks I made with the agency Erdmannpeisker for the Dar Vida 2015 Campaign. Along with the final artworks, this gallery also features a series of sketches, roughs ideas, some previous versions of the artworks themselves before minor adjustments for the print. Enjoy spotting all the differences and the process I’ve been through to the final art.

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