José Manuel Ballester - Errege Erreginaren Kuaregia (Palacio Real), 2009 

I’m at the Guggenheim Bilbao today. Got this picture in before they told me no photos.

I really loved this photoshopped series of Masterpieces without their figures. The spaces - before merely backgrounds to the powerful stories told through the people - become abstract interiors with their own histories that now are contingent on the viewer.

Claudia Hart - Mortification 01, 2007-2008

3-D printing is becoming more ubiquitous in culture and this includes both decorative and fine arts.  I am excited to see how this will affect contemporary art, and how artists will use it in creative ways.

Given the year that this sculpture was made, we can assume that the printing process was relatively crude compared to the advances we have made just in the last five years.  Nonetheless, I find the unfinished quality of this woman perched erotically on a chair artful in its intentions.