dapple doxie


“Ding Ding” (temporary name)

So this is my baby.  Has a tiny speck of blue in her right eye, looks like a little jewel.  She’s spunky, outgoing and the most playful and cute bug you’ll ever see.  I usually go for more laid-back girls than her - doesn’t seem like she’ll be as stubborn as her mother!  Born with a crooked tail tip i’ve kept it mostly splinted…I think i’ve done all I can do to fix it though so you’ll see it’s still a bit crooked.  The splint kept it out of butt-flag territory at least.  I like it though.  


So this is ding ding.  

I’m kind of falling in love with her and may keep her.  She was the only one born with a defect and has been the biggest since birth.  Her defect is a crooked tail tip, risk you run with such a highly recessive dog, so I’ve had it splinted and changed it twice per day since she was born.  I’ve only raised two dogs from birth.  One, “Spot,” when I was a young kid.  He was born with an open wound on his leg so I was in charge of re-bandaging it twice a day. (idk, with litters of 10-15 things got hectic)  It broke my heart when he went to his family, we had a nice bond but it only lasted 8 weeks. The only other time I raised a dog from this small she was the best dog i’ve ever had…depending on the dog, having that opportunity can create a very unique bond.  I’ve been searching for “my dog” ever since I lost Dean… I don’t know if she will be right, but she’s incredibly beautiful with her two gorgeous blue eyes which will be more evident as she gets older.  Her eyes only just opened in this set.

She’ll be 4 weeks old on tuesday and already knows her name.  When I say “ding ding” by the puppy bin she looks up in the air trying to find me.  It’s pretty dang adorable. I wanted another long hair black since my beebs are 6 already but Perl’s solid black is short hair which i’m not interested in.  Ding ding carries the all black gene, so I still could have the possibility of having a longhaired solid black at some time in my life if I keep her…

I’m not sure.  I love my two dogs dearly and of course will always spoil them, but none since Dean have been her, I was pretty young when I had her so I couldn’t fully appreciate how special she was.  We had this unspoken bond and communication, it was so special, I desperately want another Dean in some form.  B is very bonded to Jef, Perl is too snooty to truly bond with anyone, but probably me if anyone.  So….we will see.  Doxies can be a bit of a grab bag when it comes to personality and I am not interested in another stubborn, willful girl. If I do keep her I need a better name, probably something that sound similar to ding ding though since she already knows it.

WOW THAT WAS A LOT OF NOTHING.  I’m just having puppy feels.