PucKurt drabble - Tomato, To-mah-to

yeah so I wrote a puckurt drabble. it was supposed to end in make outs but it didn’t. season two era. my headcanon for this is that they made out in secret all summer and now they’re back in school and things are not going smoothly. title is a reference to Puck calling cashmere ‘cashmin’. 400 or so words. silly shit. don’t take it seriously, kay? kay.

Kurt should hate him. He should absolutely, genuinely, one hundred percent hate him. And in that moment? He kind of does.

“You let them throw me in a dumpster,” he hisses. If looks could kill, Noah Puckerman would now be nothing but a pile of ash, disintegrated by the look of unbridled anger Kurt is directing at him.

Instead he’s just standing there.  At least he has the grace to look sheepish. “Sorry, dude. But c’mon, you know how it is - I have a reputation to uphold.”

“Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get spaghetti sauce out of cashmere?”

“I’m not even sure what cashmere is.”

“Wool, dumb ass. Very soft, very expensive wool and I don’t even know why I’m explaining this to you because it’s not like you get it, it’s not like you care.”

Yeah. Kurt’s officially pissed. His arms are crossed and his face is twisted and pinched into an expression of rage that would be comical in a face normally so downright angelic, if it was directed at someone else. But it’s not. It’s directed at Puck, who has a healthy sense of self preservation and shifts uncomfortably on his feet because dude. Hummel looks fucking murderous.

Puck holds his hands up in a placating gesture. “I care,” he insists, and at Kurt’s sceptical look he steps forward into the other boy’s personal space. He makes a move as if to put his hands on Kurt’s shoulders, but thinks better of it and awkwardly rubs at the back of his neck instead. “I do. Okay? Cashmin is important shit. It matters to you. I get it.”

Kurt thinks this should make him even more mad, but it doesn’t. He finds his shoulders sagging as he huffs out a breath and rolls his eyes. “Cashmere. Not cashmin. Cashmere.”

“Whatever.” Puck juts his chin up, grinning like he’s sure he’s won. “So m’I forgiven?”

“No.” Kurt’s voice is cold, as is the look he levels at Puck… but after the grin drops he relents enough to uncross his arms and motion for Puck to follow him back into the school - which he does, like an over eager puppy. A drooly, over-sized, mohawked puppy. “But I’ve graciously decided to grant you further opportunity to make it up to me.”

Title: Really Out To Get You

Author: dapperscript

Rating: PG

Warnings: None.

Pairings/Characters: Kurt/Blaine, New Directions

Word Count: 28,000+

Status: Complete

Summary: Blaine has been out with Kurt and his friends a few times. He loves it; he loves spending time with his boyfriend. There’s just one thing… he’s pretty damn sure Kurt’s friends don’t like him. And he’s pretty sure Kurt doesn’t believe him.

My Notes: Poor Blainers. And Puck, you are hilarious.

avengers - clint/natasha (hawkeye/black widow) drabble

I wrote this on my phone last night when the weather was being crazy, and it has the Krysta stamp of approval so I feel like it might be ok to post.


There are times Natasha thinks that’s all that’s left of her - the things that others have made her to be.

She’s clung tightly to the little pieces of herself she’s been allowed to keep. Hides them somewhere deep, behind thick walls of stoic professionalism.

She does her job and she does it well. She doesn’t get involved in the petty day to day concerns of the other members of the Avengers Initiative. They tease her and call her a robot, but she shrugs it off. They can think what they want.

The pieces of her true self are locked down deep inside. The longer it takes people to realize they’re there, the better.

No one is going to get the chance to complete the task of unmaking her. She’s made very certain of that.

But then there is Clint.

She holds him at arms length, always has, but there’s still a tether there, a connection.

Most days she pretends it’s not there.

But then there are days like today, when she’s tired of fighting and tired of hiding. Days when she needs the human contact to remember that she ishuman, flesh and blood and very real. Days when she lets him see.

She cooks for him. She’s good at it, she likes it, and he’s good at eating.

They clean up together and she hums little snatches of songs from her childhood under her breath as she rinses their things and hands them to Clint to dry.

They sit on the couch in her tiny apartment and watch old movies, in each other’s space with their legs tangled up together.

It’s comfortable and easy, because he never makes it a big deal and he never pries. He’s just there, when she needs him. A solid presence, maybe the most solid thing she knows.

Someday, she thinks on days like today, someday the little pieces she shows to Clint will pile up and he’ll see all the ways he has the power to hurt her. Someday, she will trust enough, be brave enough to welcome that risk.

Until then there is a shared bowl of ice cream and quiet companionship.

It’s enough to keep her her, and she’s more grateful for that than she will ever let him know.

teen wolf ficlet - maybe i won't die alone

for dapperscript because i love her and she gave me all of these feels. also on ao3

It doesn’t happen in an instant. There’s no magic moment, no sudden music or fireworks or epiphanies. As a matter of fact, it happens so slowly and gradually that it takes Derek a long time to even notice.

It happens because Stiles is persistent.

He chips away at the walls Derek has put up around himself like armor. He pushes and pushes until indifference gives way to irritation, irritation to begrudging respect, respect to trust, trust to tentative friendship, and friendship to this warm, steady, comforting thing that’s been buzzing quietly through his veins for the past few weeks.

He’s not really sure what to do with it, to be honest. Derek doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to romance. He barely has a record at all. Just Kate, and a small handful of forgettable, regrettable one night encounters.

He doesn’t get close to people, because he’s learned the hard way that that’s how you get hurt. It’s how others get hurt. He can’t risk that.

Stiles gets close anyway.

He’s like that, Derek’s learned. He doesn’t sit idly by and let what he wants slip through his fingers because someone or something else tells him he shouldn’t have it. Stiles fights for things, for what he cares about, for what he wants.

Derek is what he wants, he says. And he knows Derek wants him, too. He doesn’t need werewolf super powers to figure it out, he’s good with people. Sometimes he just knows. So Derek can say whatever he wants, can deny it all day long, but Stiles knows.

He says he’s not going to back off just because Derek doesn’t think he deserves this. Stiles will think it for the both of them.

Derek says but I’ll break you.

Stiles insists he’s tougher than he looks.

Derek says what if I’m the one to break?

Stiles promises to put him back together.

Stiles says it’s simple. That it’ll be okay. That Derek can let himself have this.

He pulls Derek in for a kiss, and for the first time Derek thinks he’s found a fight he’s happy to lose.

oh oh i want to join the fun

WIP List

In Various Stages Of Completion:

  • Picket Fence
  • St. Hummel make outs
  • PucKurt future fic for Krysta for Christmas
  • Silly CrissColfer ficlet 
  • Accidental Hummelberry Babies
  • Awoo! Werewolves of Lima
  • Mad Men au stuff
  • Chasing Pavements

In The Planning Stages:

  • Kinn Clueless AU
  • Legally Blonde AU
  • future fic about Kurt and Blaine as face characters at a theme park
  • Kurtbastian future ficlet
  • Destiel fic for/possibly WITH Krysta GASP IT’S NOT GLEE I KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME
  • more silly crisscolfer shenanigans
  • so many others that I don’t even remember them all asdgasdgahdsigodsg



IT WAS THAT ONE LISSA SUGGESTED where Kurt was the most bitter, awful waiter in Lima.

I had a scene from it stuck in my head and I was going to write that and it was going to be awesome.

So that. That goes on the list, too.

sterek drabble - jacket

this is krysta’s fault. 335 words.

They’re on a stake out and Derek is pissed off.

Not because it’s not going well. As far as he can tell, their presence hasn’t been detected yet and they’ve gleaned some valuable information from this excursion.

He’s pissed because he’s distracted and it is all Stiles Stilinski’s fault.

It is not his job, okay? It is in no way his job to make sure the pack’s pet human stays comfortable and warm. If the idiot wasn’t smart enough to bring a jacket? It’s his own fault. Derek shouldn’t care.

Except it – damn it-it legitimately bothers him.  Stiles just keeps shivering and looking all vulnerable and pathetic. It’s annoying, alright?

Derek takes it for as long as he can but eventually… he just has to do something.

He slides his jacket off his shoulders with an exasperated huff and all but shoves it at Stiles. “Here.”

Of course, that can’t be the end of it. Oh no. Stiles can’t just take it and be done with it. Instead, he stares down at the jacket as if it has suddenly sprouted three heads and started speaking Chinese. “What do I do with it?”

“Slather it in mayonnaise and make it into a sandwich. What do you <i>think</i> you’re supposed to do with it?” He smacks the back of Stiles’ head. Making a nice gesture does not mean he has to actually be nice. “You’re cold. Put it on, idiot.”

 Stiles, thankfully, is smart enough not to question it, although Derek can tell he wants to. He hesitates for a moment, but obediently jams his arms into the sleeves and pulls it on. “Uh… thanks?”

“Ruin it and you’re dead,” Derek growls.  ‘You’re welcome’ isn’t exactly his style.

He definitely does not notice the way the jacket sits too large on Stiles’ smaller frame. He definitely does not notice the way Stiles keeps turning his head to surreptitiously sniff at it, like he’s… smelling Derek on the jacket. And Derek is definitely, definitely not blushing.

Shut up.

Destiel Ficlet for Krysta - Beloved

They don’t have many moments like this, for which Dean, at least, is thankful. Too much peace and quiet gives him the heebie jeebies. It sets him on edge, leaves him waiting for the other shoe to drop - and it always, always does.

But after the week they’ve had, he feels that they more than deserve this. He’s content, for the moment, to let himself be content.

He’s sprawled out on his stomach, sheet draped across his lower half and head nestled comfortably on one of the pillows. (And Cas must have worked some angel mojo on this shit, because there is no way a hotel pillow is that damn comfortable.) He feels pleasantly drowsy, limbs heavy with it and the weight of the world, for once, temporarily lifted off his shoulders.

Castiel is next to him, leaning over him, tracing idle pathways across Dean’s bare skin. His dark hair is flopping over into his eyes and there’s still a slight flush to his skin - evidence of their recent activities. Dean knows it’s sappy and he wouldn’t admit it out loud for anything, but damn it, it’s the truth. Cas looks downright beautiful like this.

It takes him a minute (or two, or ten - he’s fuzzy around the edges, mind trying to tug him towards sleep, and his sense of time is off), but eventually he realizes there’s a pattern to the way Castiel is tracing his fingertips over Dean’s back. “Whassat?” he mumbles, words slurred as he twists his head in an attempt to get a look.

Cas is quiet for a moment as he finishes the pattern, a soft smile gracing his face. “It’s Enochian,” he then murmurs, bending to press his lips to Dean’s bare skin. “It means ‘beloved’.”

Dean can’t help the besotted grin that tugs at his lips in return.


Birdy’s Favorite Things From 2011:

  • Katrina - <3 If it wasn’t for her I would have rage quit the fandom or just lost interest so many times you guys don’t even know. She keeps me sane and entertained and I love herrr
  • LLG {and all the people in it} - the RP Katrina and I started in March that is somehow still going strong. It’s an amazing place with amazing, creative writers and I feel very lucky to have that little internet home.
  • InsaneJournal - and its 100 free icons
  • Tumblr - I love and hate you.
  • Writing - I have written more in the past year than I have in probably the five years before that.
  • Multishipping - I started 2011 as a Klaine purist with some previous Kinn feelings and have ended it as a person who is like ‘oh these two characters are hot/funny they should have all of the sex’. It’s a beautiful thing and also Katrina’s fault.
  • TV - I’ve watched so many awesome shows for the first time in 2011, most notably Sherlock, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and Grey’s Anatomy :D

Birdy’s Favorite Bloggers From 2011:

  • gameboycolorfic
  • oncewasapirate
  • glass-parade
  • fangrrrl
  • dapperscript
  • kaley
  • oneprotagonistshort
  • sebklainers
  • deviantrose
  • modernepitaph
  • naderegen
  • scrunchyblaine

if you’re not on this list please don’t hate me it doesn’t even a little bit mean that I don’t love you <3

In The Next Year I Want To:

  • travel more
  • write more
  • learn how to knit
  • go after the things that I want
  • have more ~courage~
  • have lots of fun

2011 you were a pretty good year. :D 2012 let’s be awesome together

  • Me:http://tyhoechs.tumblr.com/post/32170938324/until-they-find-their-common-ground-jeff-davis
  • Krysta:Just sighing SO happily and chin-handsing all over the place <3333
  • Me:how many lynch mobs will go after Jeff Davis if he never delivers Sterek
  • Me:I'm almost sorry for him but he made his own bed and now he needs to let Derek and Stiles have sex in it
  • Krysta:Oh my god that is a quote you NEED to post to tumblr.
  • Krysta:Laughed SO hard. XD

sometimes i see posts about cisgirl!winchesters and i always wonder how they’d handle monster hunting and pms.

i feel like dean would be super whiny about cramps and maybe a little weepy (and be pissed about being weepy, of course) and eat a lot of pie

and sam would hulk out and be all ragey at everything and relish the opportunity to kick someone in the face