the signs as mark & jack’s alter egos
  • Aries: Bin Trimmer
  • Taurus: AntiSepticEye
  • Gemini: The Host
  • Cancer: Jackieboy Man
  • Leo: Yandereiplier
  • Virgo: Marvin the Magician
  • Libra: Wilford Warfstache
  • Scorpio: Robbie the Zombie
  • Sagittarius: Darkiplier
  • Capricorn: Chase Brody
  • Aquarius: Googleiplier
  • Pieces: Dapper Jack

Mark/Jack Ego Prompt

The Host is blind.

Dapper Boy Jack is mute.

That means that Dapper would have no way of communicating with the Host. He can’t use sign language because the Host can’t see it.

How do you imagine them overcoming this language barrier?

((I imagined Wilford as Dapper’s interpreter, but Will has no idea what any of it means, so he’s royally screwing up everything Dapper’s trying to say– “Um… WRIST! Shaky hands! Uh… the number four! Oh, um– wait, he’s saying no, he’s shaking his head! Wait, Dapper, where are you going?”))


Dutch Comic Con was truly amazing with all of my people. Youtube cosplayer meet was amazing and thank you to all the people who took pictures with us!

Jameson Jackson

So about 20 years later and I have finally finished up doodling Jackson! I’m way late to the party but here his is finally! I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out!

~Anyways thank you for stopping by and I’ll see ya in the next post!
-finished 11/19/17


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