Prepare to be COLOR SHOCKED! I guess you actually have been color shocked a you had to scroll through the pictures of my color shocking outfit to get to this text, but whatever. You catch my drift. This outfit is a weird playful western thing between the rolled up sleeves of the shirt and the short cowboy boots and the fake bolo tie. Oh, yes, folks, that is the fakest effing bolo tie–what I did was wrap the ribbon belt that came with this tunic shirt around my neck, tie it with a square knot, and then slap a pin on it to make it look ~fancy~. I call it a job well done.

The clothes:

  • silver wings pin - I literally have no idea where this came from
  • red ribbon - from this tunic shirt
  • teal button up (last worn here) - Old Navy, size L
  • bone colored ankle boots (last worn here) - Gap, size 7 1/2 

Photography and art direction by the lovely and talented Samantha.