Malcolm X. 

Blake, 36

“I’m wearing a vintage 1970s leisure suit I scored from GG’s Social Trade & Treasure Club, a TopShop leather tie, a white Helmut Lang shrunken collar woven, and Jeffrey Campbell platforms. I’m inspired by everything; always extra (more is more), prints (mixed, bold, unexpected complimentary pairings), colors (seldom in black), 1920s through the 1970s styling (often mixing decades), nature, architecture, dapper gentlemen, photography, graffiti, accessories & Instagram sensations like Hungry & Fecal Matter. I usually keep classic silhouettes with modern twists, usually in bright colors/prints. As a fashion stylist I always tend to have a dark sensibility which is a juxtaposition to my personal style.”

Sep 19, 2017 ∙ Tribeca

Such dapper gentlemen. (Where did you get the money for such fancy clothes!? )

365/365 | #2192

Well, end of Year 6 of this photo blog 😄 . Last year, Genos wasn’t released at this time yet, so I’m ending it this year with both Saitama and Genos. Haven’t added many videogame character figures to my collection, though it seems there just isn’t as much interest for them as a few years ago. Seeing a lot more Nendoroids and 1/6th figures though (like Overwatch and Destiny), which is an interesting shift, but one I don’t mind since it seems I’ve added a number of both this past year.

My collection’s constantly changing (just like interest in fandoms) and I appreciate everyone who’s stuck around. Star Wars figures will always be on here though.