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Main St. U.S.A., Adventureland, Critter Country, Dapper Dans, Disneybound, Club 33, Hollywoodland, Pacific Wharf, Paradise Pier

Main Street U.S.A.: A favorite Disney memory 

oh man, this is a hard one because i’ve had so many. probably seeing fantasmic for the first time (since i was super little) with my cousin like, 5 or 6 years ago because that was absolutely magical.

Adventureland: A ride that used to scare you and now like or A ride that no one could convince you to get on 

Tower of Terror!

Critter Country: Your favorite character you like to see on your visits 

if news boys count, them. if not, either pluto or chip & dale!

Dapper Dans: Favorite Disney song 

as far as the “classic” stereotypical disney songs- probably hakuna matata (lion king), the morning report (lion king) (because let’s be real, who doesn’t love animal puns), step in time (mary poppins), or when we’re human (princess & the frog)

as far as disney songs people forget are disney- santa fe from the newsies movie (yes, there’s a difference in the movie “santa fe” and the musical one)

of those two categories though, santa fe is definitely my favorite.

Disneybound: Your favorite Disneybound look or a look you’d like to do in the future 

i apologize if you seriously expected an answer other than jack kelly from me. i do actually have a much of my favorites saved somewhere. there’s a ton of disneybounds i’d like to do, tbh.

Club 33: Something on your Disney bucket list 

club 33 and club 1901, for sure.

Hollywoodland: Have you ever seen a famous person at Disneyland? 


Pacific Wharf: Favorite photo OP spot 

buena vista street!

Paradise Pier: Ideal picture pose or expression for rides with cameras at the end 

my go-to pose seems to be antlers or the monkey face.