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Some PMA from the Egos to You!~

Jackieboy Man:

(he comes up behind you and gives you a playful punch, putting his arm around your shoulders)

“Chin up, kid! Today’s a new day! And you know what that means– a fresh start! You ready to kick today in the ass? That’s the spirit! And– hey, if you’re not quite there yet? That’s okay, friend! We’ll getcha there. We’re not leaving anyone behind. Not now, not ever.”

Dr. Schneeplestein:

(leaving a video message, he can’t really see you but he pretends he can)

“Ah, my friend! It is so good to see you again! Aha, I can see it now– zhere is somesing in your eyes! No, do not vorry, zhat is not a bad sing. It is but a sparkle of hope, my friend. No matter vhere you are in your journey– ze beginning, ze middle, vherever– you had better keep zat sparkle alive, is zhat clear? Ze good doctah vill not have you losing hope, now! Do not vorry about me, my friend. Ve vill see each ozher again soon, I can assure you.”

Marvin the Magnificent:

(written in a letter included in a small package of playing cards with little cat symbols on them)

“Hey! I know we haven’t talked for a long time, but… I hope you’re doing okay. The world can be rough, but if I know you as well as I think I do, I know you’ll stick it out. Anyway, I included one of my lucky decks of magic cards. I’m not really sure why, but just in case you need them, I guess. I know I’m a skeptic of ‘magic’ myself, but, uh… sometimes believing in stuff like that really helps, y'know? Like, even believing in the possibility of a fairy-tale happy ending can give you so much hope. I’ve seen it myself. So, uh… I’m running out of space on this paper, but reply back soon, all right? Let me know if those cards do anything for ya. Who knows? A little magic might be just what you need. Keep in touch.”

Chase Brody:

(spoken softly, sitting next to you on the floor against the wall)

“Hey. I know things might not look the best… well, for either of us, really. A lot of sh*t has happened, I know. And it can get hard. I’ve been there. But… if you can hold on for me, I can hold on for you too, okay? That’s all it is. We’ll go one day at a time and we won’t stop. No matter what. I’ll be by your side, okay? I promise.”

Jameson Jackson:

(written in a beautiful hand, and he fidgets excitedly on his toes before you as you read it)

“Hello there, old bean! I know I likely can’t be of much help since I can’t speak to you, but I’d like to try as best I can. I can be a listening ear if you need one– I’m quite good at that! And if you need a laugh? Then, by George, we’ll find a way to make you smile, even if it feels like you’ll never smile again!… I know it’s not always quite that simple, but I want to make sure you know I’ll stick by you like glue. Take care of yourself, all right, friend?”

(you look back up to him and he gives you a lil ‘stache wiggle and a wholehearted look in his eyes)


(a phone/audio message)

“… f*ck, why should I bother? Ugh, this is stupid. No.”


“… you know what? No. I’m doing it. I’m f*ckin’ done. I know everyone hates me, but maybe this one will hear me…”


“Hi, yes, it’s me. I probably scared the sh*t out of you just now. I’d apologize, but I don’t want to. Anyway… ugh, what the f*ck was I gonna say? Oh yeah. You’re, uh, yeah, I can see you might not be doin’ so well. Y'know, since I’m 'always watching’ and all that BS you probably have memorized at this point. Just wanna make sure you, uh… hang in there, all right? Heh. Get it? Because puppet strings?… ah, no, that’s f*ckin’ dumb. But– but this doesn’t mean I care for you or anything! It's… because… y'know, the more puppets, the better!… Jesus f*ckin’ Christ, what am I saying right now?…”


“All right, fine. Fine. I care, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? You better f*ckin’ not tell any of the others about this, though. They won’t let me hear the end of it. And you BETTER not get used to this. Just because you’re special– wait, f*ck, no, goddammit. Ugh, why does this have to be so damn hard!?”

(you hear him slam the phone down then pick it back up)

“… whatever, f*ck it. They’ll know what I’m trying to say. I’m sending it.”

Here’s some cute dapper boys because, well, what can I say, I’m a sucker for a well dressed man ;)
Also I decided to try an experimental style with this one mixing some of my other ones and I love how it looks so maybe expect some more stuff like this 👍🏻

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @crankgameplays
!!! Please do not copy trace or repost this or any of my art work!!!


Egotober Day 4: Rubberhose

Prompt by @egosurveillance!!

I saw this prompt and immediately thought of Jameson, so I decided to draw him in the cartoony rubberhose style! It was honestly kind of fun drawing in this style, and it was a nice change of pace from my usual semi-realistic cartoony style! I even gave him the four fingers, which I usually refuse to do, so ye!

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