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🍦Team Ice Cream 🍦

Craving Ice Cream? I was and because I was lucky to get my @uber collectible cone, I got my free ice cream refill today. If you have yours, go to a participating McDonald’s with a punch card today to 9/22 #ad #UberIceCream

Get that Summer on 😎☀️

Check out uber.com/icecream for more info & post your pic tagging #UberIceCream

I just marathon’d Season 2 and omg I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 3 HUHUHUHU I NEED ANSWERS (and a definite date for it).

Someone please save me from the hell that is Toffee
Also, I’d like to believe that he has a good taste in fashion but we always only see him in work mode so he’s just always in his lawyer suit.