dapper paper

that time Seamus got drunk at the Yule Ball and kept shouting ‘OI, DEAN! MARRY ME!’

*Patil twins may have placed bets on the outcome


It will be your only way out
The only salvation of this wreck of a life

Write about it
Make it worthwhile
Make yourself matter

Achieve something
This is desperate

Write like hell

Since ask box eats my stuff 90% of the time. I’ll post here.

dapper-deoxys thank you. Thank you for making your characters so great and in depth. Vince especially. Him as character has helped me overcome some of my many phobias because I can imagine him helping me overcome. His very personality you gave him has kept me going. Cause when I get depressed or anything I will look at some of your comics and doodles with him and it helps me feel better because he’s always there to help the people of the Mindscape. Vinny especially. Vince reached out to him, when he could have just fought. Vince helped Vinny feel valid. Just like Vince has helped me feel valid, even though he’s a drawing on paper. Again. dapper-deoxys thank you.