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that time Seamus got drunk at the Yule Ball and kept shouting ‘OI, DEAN! MARRY ME!’

*Patil twins may have placed bets on the outcome


Plot: Dapper & Host become friends. Dapper needs to tell Host something important but cannot speak so needs another ego to read out the words he wants to say to Host.

“What are you trying to tell me, Dapper?” Host asked, the radio host voice not leaving for a second. Dapper stomped his foot and crossed his arms whilst frowning and pouting to the side. Suddenly, Dappers sad look vanishes as his hand flies up into the air, his face lighting up. Host stands uncomfortably, not knowing whats going on around him, only hearing the movement of dapper running around the room. In a quick moment, Host can hear a pencil on paper.

“Are you writing something?” Host questions, a slightly frown playing on his features. Dapper jumps up, a large goofy grin on his face, quickly but gently grabbing onto Hosts arm, squeezing twice.

“Yes. Okay. If it’s personal remember to ask Dark to read it out to me ok?” Host says slowly as Dapper mocks him by moving his mouth around and making a puppet out of his hand. Dapper does the movement of a giggle and runs out of the room, on a mission to find Dark to read this sentence out loud. Dapper finally finds Dark, hiding away with Anti in his office. Dapper frowns at at Anti when he found them together, doing the “You are a naughty young man” motion towards him. Dark chuckles at Antis attempt at pretending nothing was going on and looked at Dapper wonderingly. Dapper holds out the paper to dark, watching his face go from a confused frown to a proud smirk. Dapper looks at dark as if he were a puppy, head tilted to the side and a frown plastered to his face. 

Dark laughs and nods “Yes yes, come now.” He says, walking out of his office and down the long corridors until they got to the small room that the new ego has claimed as his own. Host was sitting in the armchair in the corner. As soon as he heard movement, he shot up back straight as he quietly narrated the movement. “What does he want to say Dark?” Host asks, his heart beating a million miles per minute. “He wants to tell you that…” Dark paused, an unusual feeling coming over him. “Yes?” Host questioned, his narrating power not strong enough to predict his words, all of the outcomes flying through his mind at an incredible pace.

“He wants to tell you that he’s going to learn how to make brail so he can talk to you without having to always come to us for help.” Dark finished, this unusual feeling blossoming throughout his chest. Host was silent for the first time in months, a long pause as Dapper watches Host not move, until a single red tear escaped his bandages. ‘He’s crying’ Dapper thought as he quickly ran over to his friend and hugged him tight. “Really?” Host whispered as Dappers head quickly nodded, Hosts arms slowly covering up Dappers small body. Another tear ran down Hosts face as dapper releases himself from the hug and runs over to the paper. A few seconds passed as Dapper shoved another piece of paper into Darks hands. 

“What’s it say..” Hosts quiet voice whispered throughout the room. 

“it says ‘I love you.’


It will be your only way out
The only salvation of this wreck of a life

Write about it
Make it worthwhile
Make yourself matter

Achieve something
This is desperate

Write like hell

Meanwhile in the Teen Titans AU

Dapper: *Holds up paper that reads* Jackie? 

Jackie: Hm?

Dapper: *Holds up another piece of paper* Why did you choose the name Starfire for my hero alias?

Jackie: Because you’re a gift from the stars and you light a fire in my heart

Robbie: You make me sick

Chase: I thought it was nice!

Robbie: ……..

Robbie: *slaps chase*

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dapper-deoxys thank you. Thank you for making your characters so great and in depth. Vince especially. Him as character has helped me overcome some of my many phobias because I can imagine him helping me overcome. His very personality you gave him has kept me going. Cause when I get depressed or anything I will look at some of your comics and doodles with him and it helps me feel better because he’s always there to help the people of the Mindscape. Vinny especially. Vince reached out to him, when he could have just fought. Vince helped Vinny feel valid. Just like Vince has helped me feel valid, even though he’s a drawing on paper. Again. dapper-deoxys thank you.