dapper fellows

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[maxwellsdoor] "What a dapper fellow! Looking good, pal!"

Oh–oh my god..?

Had he hit the sauce a little too hard? Been smoking too many cigars? He rubbed his wrinkle-rimmed eyes before realizing that yes…it was him. Another him.

“Well well,” he said with a laugh, “I’m so glad there’s someone else on this island with some actual culture.”

This was going to be interesting.

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Yo Garrus I had a dream a while ago that we fought a fucken T-Rex and kicked its ass Thought you might want to know :)

Honestly this was the first thing that came to mind.

Kind of putting the dapper fellow in a disadvantage to be attacking him at such a vulnerable moment.

I would also like to note: 

- For the sake of my personal health, don’t let Wrex know about this. We’ll just keep it between us.

- I am in no way an artist with anything other than long range weaponry.


Ok! I’m all caught up!

First time drawing Sunday, Kuiper and Dap for real, so this was new!

Days 18(Kuiper), 17 (Father Time), 16 (Dap), and 15(Sunday) for @nebulaenerd‘s drawing challenge! (Click for captions)

I hope Deo likes these! (P.S the chalk tool makes REALLY good space)

Stay strong during those tests Space Nerd! We believe in you!


I didn’t feel like I should post all of the cosplayers I saw at Anime Boston this weekend, but I figured The Hitaachin twins, Bob Ross, the Dapper Fellows, and Stan Lee could handle it.

Stan Lee was the awesomest. When I took his picture he yelled EXCELSIOR!

These are my beloved fur children. The princess taking her morning stretch on my leg is Ramona and she is a chihuahua mixed with (we THINK) dachshund. The dapper looking fellow relaxing next to her is Biggie Smalls, and he is VERY special to my boyfriend and I. We adopted him from a local shelter that transports dogs from kill shelters; it was a weird accident where I emailed them inquiring about a 1 year old pitbull mix named Buu who had only one day left before euth. (we changed his name) and they replied with “THANKS FOR ADOPTING!” We had no idea what to expect; his breed (staffy/pitbull) is all too common in shelters and neither of us had really encountered such a dog. THIS WAS THE HAPPIEST ACCIDENT OF MY LIFE! He is the sweetest, most loving and loyal dog I have ever met; he watches out for Ramona like a big brother should and puts up with all her spazziness, he gives cuddles when you are sad, he smiles (ACTUALLY SMILES) and whines in excitement when my car pulls in to the driveway, and not to mention he is the most handsome dog at the park! I know I have not mentioned much about Ramona but I am sure from the picture you can tell she gets away with whatever she wants and practically runs the house (she is mommy’s sassy side kick!). (submitted by my-name-is-chuck)

Look, Charles is back! Rather than attend to his coutship, the poor man is forced to attend his cousin’s garden party where his cumberbun is at risk. Let’s hope that dapper fellow on the left isn’t moving in on Eugenia. Maybe Charles is secretly learning to duel so he can fight him? He’ll have to learn something new to keep her entertained.