dapper demeanor

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Dropped in Brooklyn.

Cooking what I can pick up
At the local store myself
But otherwise a fine cook.

Developing a healthy mindset
Towards the finer things in life
As spontaneity defines
The pleasure in my leisure

Spewing few obscenities
Carried from time to time
With a dapper demeanor
But not a mean person


As you all know, Gerard is a high powered explosive up on stage with a dashing and dapper demeanor. He is the ring leader of a madhouse family fan base.
But surprisingly in complete contrast, meeting him in person is quite different. It’s as if a switch is flipped. As Gerard walked out and met people he was polite and almost, in a way, shy. A genuine warm smile and eyes that show that he’s listening with full intent and care.

Meeting Gerard Way was just simply awesome. I’m completely grateful to have met him. When he came up to me he smiled and said hi, and at the time it had just sunk in that he was right there in flesh talking to me and only me. I started thanking him for the show and inspiring me and then mentioned my SVA question on Reddit (I honestly thought he wasn’t going to read it on Reddit since it wasn’t like the other questions but he answered!) and he instantly lit up and smiled, saying “Oh that was you! I remember! I’ve loved you’re name.”

He likes my art title/name, Creature Creep…. To this day I still can’t fucking believe the response he gave.

Trying my best not to squeal I continued thanking him in retweeting and favoriting my art on Twitter. It’s helped me get feedback and recognition from others that I wouldn’t have had, being that I live in a small conservative town that has pretty much no appreciation for art. He replied with, “I totally understand where you’re coming from. Just keep it in there, I know you can.”

We were having a fucking full on conversation. And he was the one carrying it on, nodding his head and making small comments. I myself felt bad to be holding up the line but he urged me to continue so in the end, it would’ve been both of our faults.

From taking crowds on an adventure through the galaxies to being down to earth when talking to fans, the man is truly friendly and genuine.

Thank you Gerard for an amazing night and writing such unique music with whole-hearted messages. It’s honestly something the world needs right now.