dapper day fall soiree


As promised a photoset featuring my accessories.

Picture 1 and 2: Bounding as Carl and Ellie’s House from Up! (P.S. I made my dress as well)

Picture 3: For my purse I painted a lunchbox white then painted the hand prints and names on it and attached a purple belt to match the color scheme of my outfit

Picture 4: I had to have balloons in my outfit so painting a parasol seemed a logical choice for Dapper Day. I calculated it as having around 130-145 balloons total. Notice the tennis ball on top??

Picture 5: I wanted shoes to reflect Carl and Russell walking under the house so I painted these.

Picture 6: Kevin on the side of Carl’s shoe

Picture 7: Dug on the side of Russell’s shoe.

Picture 8: The House with balloons in the middle :-)

Picture 9: All of my Up! jewelery is by Kawaiicandycouture on Etsy.

Picture 10: And, of course, I needed my Ellie badge and Carl and Dug to come along as well.


Dapper Day Fall Soiree at Disneyland was so much fun but WAY TOO HOT. The 1st and 6th pics are us in front of Paradise Pier in Disney’s California Adventure, the 2nd in front of the McCarthay Circle fountain in DCA, the 3rd at the entrance of DCA, the 4th and last are aboard the Mark Twain Mixer event in Disneyland, the 5th below the stairs of the Disney Dream Suite, right about the Pirates of the Caribbean entrances, 7 th and 8th are us on the Little Mermaid ride, and9th is Puddin’ and I in New Orleans Square.