dapper day


theadventureeffect as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider for Spring Dapper Day 2015

Photos by our talented friend, Robert Staeck Photography


just some of the MANY MANY MANY disneybounders i was able to catch up with on spring dapper day 2015.

1. the lands of disney!!!! frontierland, fantasyland, adventureland, new orleans square, & tomorrowland

2. the avengers. iron man, pepper potts, hawkeye, the hulk, black widow (?), agent carter, nick fury, & captain america

3. the little mermaid. ursula, ariel, flotsam, and jetsam

4. the house from up!

5. pink elephant and dumbo

6. the haunted mansion

7. armored honey lemons

8. frozen. olaf & anna ** it was pointed out to me that this is olaf and coronation Elsa!!!!

9. big hero 6 (lol). tadashi, fredzilla, gogo, honey, armored bay, hiro, baymax