dapper date

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Butch lesbians? I mean, seriously…

Butches with muscles.
Butches with tummy rolls and thick thighs.
Butches with body hair.
Small Butches. Tall Butches. Tough, unapologetic Butches.
Stone Butches. Dapper Butches. Butches who date other Butches, and Butches who are into Femmes.

All Butch lesbians.

Because as much as we appreciate Butch women for their looks - and oh mama, do we ever! - I think the thing that we admire most about them is their strength…that tangible, inner strength that radiates from every Butch woman. To be a gender nonconforming woman takes pride and courage in this world. To be visibly lesbian, even more so.

…So to all those strong, beautiful Butch women out there - we see you, and we love you 💕


A little bit of dapperday romance never hurt anyone. #NotDating

(All of theadventureeffect’s Dapper disneybounds in order: Tarzan & Jane, Briar Rose & Philip, Mrs. Potts & Cogsworth, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider)


Multitasking post! 

Yesterday while prom shopping I was addressed with male pronouns for the first time and I literally couldn't believe it. I’m still amazed. It was the best thing ever. So here’s my outfit for prom! I think i’ll buy my own boutiniere cause why not.

Also happy trans day of visibility! Enjoy this selfie that I took earlier

they/them he/him <3

ekhoecho  asked:

Dapper Jack, King of the Squirrels, Robbie. :D

Uhhhhhhh hmmm

Slow burn with dapper jack
Fake date Kots
Enemies to lovers with Robbie

I guess?? Idk what I’m doin anymore
I keep thinking of just what the circumstances in each of these would be and I just ??????? on some of them


Come play with the Adventure Effect in and out of character on Dapper Day!

Sunday March 1st, 2015 @ 4:30 in Fantasyland by the stationary Dumbo vehicle. We look forward to seeing our social media friends both old and new!

Please be kind and reblog this post so we can help get word out. Apologies for posting our meet up time so late, we’re really looking forward to sharing our new disneybound​s!