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I’ve been seeing a lot of otherkin hate on my dash and??? People shouldn’t be doing that because a lot of the time people who are otherki/n are mentally ill (or it’s a way of coping) and it's​ litterally albeist as fuck to just be going like “sorry otherkin don’t exist lmao” I’m not kin myself, I’m just into psychology. The reason there is so many people who are kin is because this is a website on the internet. There is a huge amount of people on Earth. The mental illness is rare (I’m still trying to find out a completely correct name as I’m a bit confused, but ATM that I know of it’s called Clinical Lycanthropy) but due to the internet allowing connection, a good amount of these people can be found. Please respect otherkin and the such, I know this is a pretty sharp lane to be talking about. If I misworded something on accident or the such, feel free to shoot me an ask or message me!

But for Pete’s sake, respect otherkin people