dapper boy is dapper ;)

Mark/Jack Ego Prompt

The Host is blind.

Dapper Boy Jack is mute.

That means that Dapper would have no way of communicating with the Host. He can’t use sign language because the Host can’t see it.

How do you imagine them overcoming this language barrier?

((I imagined Wilford as Dapper’s interpreter, but Will has no idea what any of it means, so he’s royally screwing up everything Dapper’s trying to say– “Um… WRIST! Shaky hands! Uh… the number four! Oh, um– wait, he’s saying no, he’s shaking his head! Wait, Dapper, where are you going?”))


Eyyyy! This blog ain’t dead!

Sorry for the terrible lighting and the lack of activity with this, but I’ve been feeling really self conscious with my art lately and all I see is messy lines, as you can see, my style is a little inconsistent lately. My shaky hand isn’t getting any better so that doesn’t help things.

But, this blog is still open! Feel free to leave an ask! I really love doing this! :P

hello i am here to jump in the dapper wagon, woop woop 
And congrats on 17 million subs, Jack! 

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Originally I had plans on making this super realistic and everything, but lbh; how in the world would or could I– so have this instead. Whatever it turned out to be. 

I have lots of stuff planned for my boi Jackson! >:]

After finally finishing my commissions for good. Cos I’m actually bUSY AS FRICK. But I had to. I’m officially obsessed with my pre-Anti theory.


Okay,, but consider this,,,,
If Jackson/Dapper Jack is in a silent film type video, and he never really mouthed any words, does that make him mute??
Idk, I just had the idea for this and decided to draw it out while moving. I might develop Jackson’s story a bit more from this!
(Btw, the red text is Chase and the dark green is Anti)

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