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Always wanted to work for you guys and now I did. This one’s for you! @suitsupply

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M I N T  x  C H O C O L A T E  C H I P

Summer is right around the corner and after all of the flooding, the Barton Creek greenbelt is flourishing with vibrant waters and much much greenery! Certainly good for any trail runners, rock climbers, bikers, nature wanderers, and hikers. The wonderful thing about all of this, is that it is right in my backyard. Like a hidden magical oasis in the spring and Schlitterbahn Central in the summer, the Barton Creek Greenbelt is simply just a great outdoor adventure for anyone! 

So I thought to myself, “why not break out the mint green linen blazer and my favorite nautical carnival chino pants?” My rad friend fumfumko  was a great sport for enduring the wrath of the morphed human life size mosquitos while capturing these photos! Many Many THANKS to ya mate! fumfumko =D



Printed Shirts make me so happy!

I have always wanted a super groovy hibiscus looking shirt that would fit lil ole but the shirts would usually run too big and look like dresses on me. So one day while dancin down the short-sleeve aisle in Goodwill just as I was about to hit my famous James Brown foot shuffle, I looked over to the left and there it was….inserts TAAAA-DAAAA sound….This beautiful tailored collared shirt!

This Spring/Summer I am aiming for lots of prints and colors. You will find that I am not really fixated on name brand things, if it looks RAD and GROOVY then by all means its coming home with me!

TASK: find more printed fitted collared shirts

Get out there and have some fun with that wardrobe…CREATE CREATE CREATE!