Representation Matters! We get together so young brothers like @heisharper can see solidarity, community and inspiration. This is just the beginning! ✊🏾  

Movement vision by @blackmenswear  

Shoot captured by @SantosParisPhotography @Suit_TiePhotography @Deee_Porter @Daylon.Johnson @DNites_ @_._Kingofthefall_._ @StephThePhotog3 @gbaam_photography

Confidence is gained with time and validation. I was so scared to start my transition, thinking my assigned sex would delegitimize my gender. Years later, I thought there was no way I could ever dress in clothes designed for men, which would also invalidate my gender. When I transitioned my aesthetics in 2015, I hoped it was only a phase. I hoped I would get over it like I hoped with my gender in 2003. 

Much like my gender transitioning, my sense of fashion took years to re-learn and designify from normalcy. I’m so lucky to have community around me to support my many transitions. I owe everything to the people who gave me the time and validation I needed to be who I am, dress how I want, and express myself in ways that may transform how I understand gender altogether.