What Trump’s latest executive order actually means for the protestors at Standing Rock and the building of the pipeline

This would be a huge blow for the people who fought for more than seven years against the project, a transnational pipeline that would extend from Canada to the Gulf Coast. The venture was killed by President Obama in 2015 because it would contribute to climate change and deter American efforts to reach a global deal addressing this issue.


Shailene Woodley went on The Late Show to talk about how we can keep up the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline

“The front lines don’t necessarily have to be in North Dakota,” she explained. “The front lines can be wherever you are. You can create a protest in New York City, because protests are about awareness and about people coming together.” She also had some comments about the one thing she wished she’d known when she was taking her now-famous mug shot.

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Standing Rock Update

Tonight at Standing Rock, 4 people were arrested and water cannons were fired once again.

Despite the ACOE denying the easement, DAPL continues to build, and to terrorize the Indigenous folk trying their best to live there in peace and health.

Will update again as news is shared with me.


Harsh blizzard ravages Standing Rock as vital support and the media pack it up

  • In the days since an apparent victory, the Standing Rock camp has been battered by an oncoming snowstorm — and conditions are now dire. 
  • Heavy snow and wind batters the sides of tipis and tents, forcing the Standing Rock resistance indoors. 
  • The roads have shut down going in and out of Oceti Sakowin Camp.
  • The media are clearing out, packing up satellite trucks and heading home. 
  • Meanwhile, the police haven’t pulled back from the front lines, and the Dakota Access Pipeline company has no intention of leaving either.
  • “It’s a distraction,” Oceti Sakowin Camp volunteer Ethan Braughton said in an interview. “If they were leaving, they’d take the razor wire and all their vehicles, but they’re still continuing to get the drill pad ready. They’re not going anywhere, they just want us to leave.”
  • Many of the Lakota Sioux have permanently settled at Standing Rock and they’re not leaving, vowing to see this fight through.
  • Read more about the blizzard and about the ongoing struggle

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Media Silent as Company Behind Dakota Pipeline Steals More Land in Texas for a Different Project

But of course the media is silent and the government has probably put a media black ban on the story which would incite a mass public protest if the truth came out. And again money over rules rights and they steal our property ruin natural resources after getting away with what they are doing in North Dakota. Fuck America and all the corporations in the world!


Powerful images show the #NativeNationsRise protests happening in Washington, DC

  • President Donald Trump and his allies may have ordered the removal of Native American demonstrators from their protest camp at Standing Rock in February, but it was far from a knockout blow.
  • On Friday, hundreds of indigenous protesters and their supporters rallied in cities across the United States to oppose Trump’s policies on Native lands, and to demand he stop prioritizing corporate interests over their own. Read more (3/10/17 3:14 PM)

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#NoDAPL victory!

The easement has been denied and the pipeline can’t be built through Standing Rock.

Still - the battle is not over.  This case will go back into litigation.  This fight is not over.  But today, we can celebrate.

Continue to pray for Standing Rock and Unci Maka.  Our Indigenous prayers are powerful.  Mni Wiconi, Mni Wakan, Mni Wicozani!


500 DAPL protestors will eat a Thanksgiving meal at Standing Rock — served by Jane Fonda

  • Actor Jane Fonda will be among a delegation of roughly 50 people from around the country who are traveling to Standing Rock to serve Thanksgiving to roughly 500 activists, indigenous people and their allies who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Fonda will serve dinner and contribute five butchered Bison and four Mongolian yurts to the Oceti Sakowin camp near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. 
  • Judy Wicks, a local food advocate and former owner of White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, organized the Thanksgiving meal.
  • Many on Twitter were quick to point out the irony of hosting Thanksgiving during Standing Rock protests