daphne paloma

Probably an unpopular opinion

But I’m all for Bay & Emmett.  Yes, I know Emmett was so in love with Daphne all those years, and Daphne took forever to realize she liked him, but he’s with Bay now.  I personally think Bay and Emmett are good for each other!  They go together well! And if Emmett using his VOICE for Bay didn’t prove how much he cares about her, then idk what will.  I know it’s easier said than done, but Daphne needs to back off.  Her telling Bay that she wouldn’t give up trying to get Emmett, that was just too much.  She basically said she was going to try and steal him from her. Just let them be.

Watching Switched At Birth with my mom
  • Mom: I don't like that little bitch (about Daphne). I want to get a marker and connect the dots with all the damn freckles on her face!
  • Me: MOM! That's not nice!
  • Mom: You were thinking it!
  • Me: Yeah, but you said it!
  • *we both laugh hysterically at our White Chicks reference*