daphne of the dunes

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I bought The World Of Harry Partch on vinyl earlier today. My bad habit of buying records when I have no real cash got me again.

However, it’s not a purchase I regret. He was a genius to say the least. Instead of using the chromatic scale (which is prevalent in Western music and only has 12 tones), he developed a microtonal scale which had 43-tones. He also built instruments that were meant to be played in the scale.

His music is also stunning, percussive and haunting. Probably one of the most original composers of the 20th century, which is saying a lot.

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This is Harry Partch’s Daphne of the Dunes. Partch was quite the visionary. Dissatisfied with the usual 12-tone scale, he created his own 43-tone scale, tuned in 11-limit just intonation. He made his own instruments that could play this scale. It’s brilliant music.