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“I’m sorry if I seem overly sensitive, but I’m used to being shut out of the Melora problem. The truth is, there is no Melora problem until people create one. This may sound ungrateful, because Doctor Bashir has been wonderfully helpful in the preparations for my arrival, but frankly, I wonder why a medical opinion is necessary in this discussion.”
“Julian knows more of your capabilities than any of us.”


Happy Birthday, Daphne Ashbrook and thank you for being awesome. Thank you for selling Grace even when the writing wasn’t that great (the “he’s British!” line still gets me just cause the delivery is great). Thank you for staying so involved with DW. Happiest wishes to you.


Agrippa trying to capture her cosplay of the Eigth Doctor including the accidental Hornblower look and the psycho pose (because Halloween…).
Timelash 3 was a blast, as always. A big thank you to all the organizers and the guests, you were all amazing. A special thank you to Naoko Mori, Kai Owen, Daphne Ashbrook, Anette Badland and @scotthandcock for listening to my ramblings and just being the nicest people on this planet! I loved talking to you all!

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[One of my favorite episodes of DS9 is 2x06 “Melora”. I relate to Ensign Melora Pazlar on so many levels. As someone with a chronic disease, seeing a handicap similar to mine portrayed in such a realist way made a big impact. They portrayed the anger and need to be independent so well, that I was sure it was me on screen. Seeing her thrive through her daily struggles of living in high gravity and be a Starfleet gave me hope that I could do anything I dreamed of, even with my illness.]

dalekofchaos  asked:

Do you think Big Finish will ever do an audio with Eight and Grace Holloway?

My understanding is, they can’t for rights reasons, but not for lack of interest given they created entirely new characters for Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso so they could do some Companion Chronicles.