daphne ashbrooke


Happy Birthday, Daphne Ashbrook and thank you for being awesome. Thank you for selling Grace even when the writing wasn’t that great (the “he’s British!” line still gets me just cause the delivery is great). Thank you for staying so involved with DW. Happiest wishes to you.

cookiepianos replied to your post: Yeah, I read in Daphne Ashbrook’s autobiography that he had a buzz cut from playing a soldier role previously and they thought he looked too intimidating, so they kind of had to go with a wig? XD

stardust-musings replied to your post: I vaguely remember there being an interview with him in which he said that he basically would have wanted Chris Eccleston’s look which is amusing me to no end for some reason. lol

Eight’s Dark Eyes outfit isn’t dissimilar to Eccleston’s — I wonder if Paul had some input regarding the design for that one…

An American Whovian Reviews:
‘Doctor Who (The TV Movie/The Enemy Within/The One w/ Paul McGann/Whatever the Fuck Else People Call it).

The DW:TVM is pro'ly one of the most divisive Doctor Who stories — EVER.

I, however, am unapologetically one of its biggest defenders.

• The Good: Um — where do I start!? McGann!? Sylvester McCoy doing the regeneration job!? The TARDIS interior!? Daphne Ashbrook’s cleavage in her opera gown!?

Seriously, tho’, there’s SO MUCH to like here. The plot is pretty basic — but it’s still such a fun story; and you can tell everyone’s having a good time in this.

Well, maybe Eric Roberts’ having a lil’ TOO much fun. People give his Master a lotta flack — but I don’t think his portrayal is anymore campier than Delgado or Ainley’s. Also, the Special Edition DVD is chockfull of cool features.

• The Bad: Paul McGann’s wig.

The Verdict: Perfection. 4 outta 4.