30 Day Picture Challenge Days 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 HAHAHAHA KILL ME Photos of you as a baby, your favorite films, another damn photo of you, your best friends, and one of your favorite family members

  1. Even as a baby I was a snarky bitch, giving boa constrictors the stink-eye. But I’m much nicer now.
  2. I obviously favor chick flicks, Anne Hathaway and/or Disney, and book to movie adaptations. And this isn’t even all of it, it’s only what I remember now
  3. Meh my current profile picture what else can I use
  4. Everybody’s on Tumblr except for you, Demi! Shoutout to loudandvulgar, irregularities, baorea, and incorrigiblewhore! HUHU audreywantsacookie I can’t find the version where I photoshopped you in!
  5. Hello, dapadily! Everyday it’s hard to believe that you are my family twin, and that I am related to someone as perfect as you. I’m watching Bb Pilipinas right now my god magaudition ka na next year mehehehehe