The Reigisa duet

This made it back across my dash because the lovely translator aitaikimochi posted it again as a reminder of how freaking important it is in showing Rei and Nagisa’s relationship and basically how in love they are with each other. And I had almost forgotten how insane this was until now. 

The original post is here. I’m going to be doing an analysis of it here, but please support aitaikimochi’s original translation as well!

Here I go. 

First of all, the fact that this is Rei’s first time at karaoke and how Nagisa reacts to it. 

[NAGISA]: Woah, hold up, Rei-chan. Is this the first time at karaoke?
[REI]: Is that a problem? I just never had the opportunity to do so…
[NAGISA]: Oh really~? That is definitely quite rare…
[REI]: Do you think so?
[NAGISA]: But I’m glad because i can be the first person to witness Rei-chan sing karaoke! I’ll teach you all about it!

Rei immediately asks if it’s a “problem,” as though it would be a failing on his part to have not practiced this before. This is a faint glimmer of the kind of obsessive insecurities he masks through his quest for perfection, his need to never be faced with the unknown and to always know the theories of all he approaches. 

But as always, Nagisa doesn’t expect Rei to already be an expert. He wants to experience new things with Rei. He’s “glad” to be the “first person” to expderience this with Rei. And I think this captures a lot of their relationship, and why Rei is how he is now. When he first met Nagisa, he was stiff and standoffish, but through Nagisa’s outgoing acceptance of him, and Nagisa’s desire to experience new things alongside him, he has been able to open up

THEN AFTER THIS it becomes a compliment-Rei-party. These parties are the best because Rei gets flustered as hell because obviously no one has ever given him such genuine praise as Nagisa. No one has ever found him as special as Nagisa finds him. 

First, his voice:

[NAGISA]: Now don’t say that…I really love Rei-chan’s voice!
[REI]: Aahh…I…uh…huh… it’s really just a very normal voice…
[NAGISA]: No way! That’s why I really want to listen to Rei-chan’s singing!

I can’t even handle this. Nagisa loves his Rei-chan’s voice. He gets Rei all flustered and stammering, insisting he’s not special. But the thing is, he is to Nagisa. Whatever insecurities Rei has about not being “beautiful,” about being subpar, holding others back, or needing to improve himself, Nagisa is always there to assure him he is more than enough. Nagisa loves every little thing about Rei, even his voice, unconditionally and without reason or justification. Just because it’s Rei-chan. 

And he isn’t even talking about Rei’s singing yet. No, that’s separate from his voice because that means he gets to compliment Rei TWICE!

[NAGISA]: I bet that Rei-chan’s singing voice is very beautiful!
[REI]: You think…it’s beautiful? (laughs) Indeed this might be my first time singing at a karaoke box, but I have somewhat glanced at the theories of vocal music before! All right then, shall I let you listen to my charming voice at this memorable first time at karaoke!
[NAGISA]: (laughs) Yeah, I’m so excited!

And Rei wants to prove himself to Nagisa, to show off like the proud little peacock he is and make Nagisa “charmed” by his song. And Nagisa is genuinely so excited to hear him. He is so genuinely thrilled to experience this small moment with Rei. 

Rei goes on to select a song fittingly titled “I Love You More Than Anyone.” It of course turns out to be a food pun, but food and Nagisa are basically the same thing anyway and he was thinking of it as a song in the first place, saying, AND I REPEAT:

[NAGISA]: Sing it sing it~ I want to hear Rei-chan’s love song!
[REI]: All right! Please feel free to be charmed by my song! 


I feel like I don’t even need to talk about this. 

Nagisa wants to hear Rei’s love song. Rei wants to charm Nagisa with it. THERE IS NO HETEROSEXUAL READING TO THIS. NONE. They missed all opportunities to step out of canon when they didn’t give bro daps and grunt “no homo.”

Then Nagisa just continues to encourage Rei and root him on: 

[NAGISA]:That’s right, Rei-chan! Rei-chan can defeat all of them here and become Number 1! 

[REI]: All right! I will triumph over Rin-chan’s score and show him how inferior he is to me! 

Unfortunately, this send Rei off into pure obsession as he tries to show off and prove himself, a common trend in the world of Rei Ryugazaki when he feels challenged or undermined, especially in front of Nagisa

And of course, the grand finale: 

[NAGISA]: (yawning)
[REI]: Nagisa-kun, please do not sleep on my lap! Nagisa-kun~!!! Aww, come on, are you a child? (laughs) Well, we did practice very long yesterday and woke up very early today…(pats Nagisa and contentedly sighs***) But… 
[NAGISA]: (mumbles in his sleep) Rei-chan…
[REI]: (giggles) I won’t be able to sing if you stay like this. Honestly…

Like, what do I even say to this. Nagisa tries to be patient with Rei for so long, and he seriously is until he literally passes out. And Rei wants to be angry at Nagisa, but when he looks down at him he pats him on the head and sighs, and Nagisa mumbles Rei’s name and Rei sees this and giggles

Like how much more married can you get. Please. PLEASE. 

Chapter 1


Y'all may have missed us, but everything is going well. Business is good, the club for the men is still successful, they’re opening up their fourth one in a couple weeks. Cassius and I still have our moments, but love conquers all.

My babies, Nasir and Amiyah, are bout to enter high school, I am not ready for that. They’re doing good too, bad as hell but they know not to test me. Monique, our last child is too grown for her own good, she’s six years old and is a little diva. Cassius stays spoiling her, and she stays testing my patience.

“Mama! When the fam comin over?” Nas asked coming into the kitchen, this boy is too damn tall, got me looking up at him.

“They’re coming by around seven, why?”

“Just askin, cause I was finna go play ball with some of the homies”

“That’s all you better be doing, I don’t need these fast ass girls knockin at our damn door lookin for you” I said sternly. This little nigga thinks its cute when its not, Cassius needs to have a serious talk with him.

“I’m not ma, but I’ll see you later” he smiled, bending down kissing my cheek.

“Mhmm, be back before three” I called out. I looked over at the clock to see that it was 12:15PM, yea he has a good three hours to be out there.


Business is good, me and my bros bout to open up our fourth club. Jordyn has 3 different salons now, I’m proud of my baby, she has came a long way.

“Nigga, is you ready for this one to open?” Ty asked standin next to me.

“Yeah man. Ready for these crazy ass females to get out of hand?” I laughed.

From previous openings, there was always some crazy broad tryna start shit, it was stupid on their behalf cause one they knew we were married men, and two they almost got ragged by Jo, Tina and Gia. I’m telling you now, don’t test them at all, they may be nice and shit but nah, these females be reaching it, tryna test our wives. Get stupid if you want to, I ain’t stoppin shit.

“Hell nah! I might just let Gia rag one of em if they get dumb” he shook his head.

“True, but lets get out of here” I said walking out the office and towards the entrance of the building.

“Aiight, I’ll meet you at your house” He dapped me and went towards his Audi. I got into my Range, put my keys in the ignition, starting it up soon pulling out the lot onto the street. As I was driving down the street, my phone began to ring. Picking it up, I answered without looking at the caller I.D.

“Hello” I said into the phone switching lanes.

“Hey baby, when you get close by the house get Nas from the basketball courts” Jo said with the water running in the background.

“Aiight, what you doing?” pulling onto the freeway, the drive was going by smooth.

“Washing these yams and sweet potatoes for the pie” She mumbled.

“Shit, its all for me babe. No one else” I laughed into the phone.

“Yo fat ass” she chuckled, causing me to suck my teeth “But drive safe, see you in a bit”

“Aiight, I love you Jo” I smiled.

“I love you too Maurice” she sweetly stated, hanging up. I removed my phone from my ear and pulled off the highway waiting at the red light. I looked at the clock to see that it was 3:11PM.

This little nigga better be at the courts playin ball and not messing with these females. I need to have a talk with him, these females ain’t no good; they all are a distraction and we need for him to focus on school. I know I’m being a hypocrite, but I learned the hard way growing up and I don’t need for my son to have a crazy broad tryna pin babies on him.


I was at the courts with my niggas Jayme, Xeven, Brandon and Malik. This is a daily thing for us, play ball to get us right for this school year.

“Man let me tell y'all, Tanya gave some bomb dome" Jayme dribbled the ball between his legs. I shook my head, this nigga is a fool forreal.

"Why you still messin with ha? She ain’t nothin but trouble my dude” Brandon said, he’s friend with Gio but I guess you can say we all are close like brothers.

“I know man, its just hard to let go. Feel me?” he asked, shooting the ball from the two-point line.

“Jayme, nigga you cant be after the pussy if she ain’t willing to stop her hoe ways dawg. Let that ass go, she fucked wit a lot of dudes, she ain’t nothing special” Xeven pointed out.

“Preach brotha!” I laughed, he was speaking some true shit right now.

“I hear y'all, but you know her pussy good” Jayme smiled. This nigga just don’t get it.

“She gone be the one to trap yo little ass. And hell nah, her pussy is as wide as the Atlantic” B shook his head in disgust.

“True, true.” Jayme nodded his head “Lets get back to this game though.” He passed the ball to me, I ran down the court making a layup, soon shooting the ball landing straight thru the basket.

“Aiight, y'all niggas pay up” I joked.

“Ain’t shit, but ain’t that yo dad pulling up?” Malik asked. I turned my head to see my dad parking his Range, guess my mama called.

“Yeah. I’ll see y'all later” I dapped my bros, grabbing my bag from the bleachers with them following suit.

“Aiight little nigga, stay up.” Xeven said, I nodded my head drinking some of my red Gatorade.

“Tell yo mama I said heeey, and when she gone let us over for her bomb ass meals” Jayme said with all seriousness.

“You a fool, but I’ll talk to her” I said walking away and towards my dads car. “Wassup pops” I dapped my dad, closing the door getting situated in my seat.

“Wassup Nas” He gave me a head nod “How was y'all game?” he asked.

“It was aiight, you know I had to put my moves on them fools” I chuckled.

“Shit, you get it from ya pops little nigga” he laughed, I shook my head laughin “But when we get in this house walk up them stairs and get yaself cleaned” he said sternly.

“Yessir” I said. A shower was calling my name on the real, can relax my muscles and get ready for this dinner with the fam coming over later tonight.