dap me up

in the middle of the livestream phil was shouting someone out and i noticed him use they/them pronouns and that just made me really happy??? bc he didn’t know pronouns so he didn’t assume and as someone whose best friend is nonbinary that made me really really happy

Chasing Light

I hastily scrambled for a glimpse of sun breaking the rain

I stumbled and fell hard as the clouds never stirred to change

Luminous beauty and enveloping darkness are one and the same

Dawn lights candles the dusk will quench time and again

i swear these two are just trying to bring back the phandom,,,it’s like they got BORED without any drama so they’re just like,,,oh lol we’ve got something S U P E R  E X C I T I N G to tell you,,,we’ve been meaning to do it for a while,,,we’re gonna do it friday,,,oh and of course it’s not what you’re thinking bc it’s got something to do with motherfucking graphic design 

I’m tryin to get into hell first class. Devil finna dap me up sayin, “nigga I been waitin a long time for you dawg. Shit boring down here”

Crème de la Crème: 30


“What’s this all about, August?” I asked as I got more comfortable in his leather seats

He switched lanes and looked over at me “Your birthday is during the trip, I wanted to make sure we got to hang out before we go.” He said

“We have like two weeks before the trip, boo.” I reminded

“I’m sorry, love.” He smiled at me apologetically “I’m not trying to say that you’re not important but I pissed off a really important person in my life and I got a lot of making up to do, so my schedule looking kind of tight.” He said

I rolled my eyes. August was as single as a dollar bill, so I’m not sure who in his life could be so important that they’re taking up so much time.

It was probably a family member and it that case I couldn’t be upset because, in reality, I would be spending my actually birthday with him.

“I don’t see why you need to take me home, though.” I said

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About last night

😂 so I got a story for y'all bout my night last night. So I get a text like what’s the move from this guy who’s a few years older then me. Mind you I haven’t spoken to him in a few months we just drifted apart Life took us in opposite directions. So I had plans to go out with one of my homies but he was having baby mama drama so when I got that what’s the move text I’m like 🤔 hmm we shall see how this night goes, so he’s like well a couple of us are going to the bar if you wana come and I’m like shiiiii Ight bet, so I go home get in the shower freshen up do all that good stuff because shit there’s no telling where I might end up or what I might do so I gotta be prepared.. Ok so fast forward to when I get to the bar and mind you we’ve never fucked around like we’ve always been on some bro shit like he used to make lil slick comments at me but I would never even act like I even picked up on them but and we’ve never spoke on it but it’s kind of a It ain’t even gotta be said type of thing it’s just understood but back to my story lmao so I get there and omg it’s hella ratchet and ghetto ass people and I’m just like I know he ain’t tell me come to this ratchet ass shit, so I walk in and I’m looking around for him but it’s sooooo many people I cant find him and he not responding to my messages because at this point he’s already drunk af and I’m not a social person especially when I don’t know anybody there so I walk out and I head back to my car and in my head I’m like I’m just gon charge this L to the game 😂 so soon as I put the key in the ignition he texted me back and was like I’m at the bar so I walk my ass back in there and I’m like nigga fuck You got me up here with all these ratchets for? 🙄 and again I say he’s drunk so he ain’t really even paying attention to me lol so I get him to go buy me a drink and we just chilling listening to the music watching the hoes twerk so we finally getting ready to leave and we talking tryna find a move and he’s like well I rode with my friend he’s bout to take me to get my car so I’m like ok cool just hit me once you get to your car.. so I go and I park and I’m just talking otp then I get a text from him and he’s like come get me and I’m like nigga where are you tf 😂 so he told me where and he was like he’s too fucked up to drive home so I’m like lmfao ok I’m otw the nigga ends up finessing me into taking his ass home bruhhhhhh this nigga stay a good 40 mins away from where we was and a good hour and 20 from my house so I’m like nigga fuck you why I let you talk me into this Idk lol like I’m just being extra and his ass ain’t paying me noooo attention he sitting over there in my passenger seat knocked tf out so I’m like Nigga wake yo ass up tf ion know where I’m going and y'all it ain’t like its general directions to his house This man stay in the BACKWOODS Bitch I’m talking bout no street lights back woods only car on the road type shit. So I finally get his ass to wake up so he can give me directions so we just riding listening to music talking shit mind you it’s like 3 in the morning on these back long country ass roads. We finally get to his house and by this time that Hennessy is about to make my bladder explode 😂 so I pull in the driveway and hop out so I can go pee in the grass, when I come back to the car this Nigga standing outside the car waiting on me I’m thinking he Finna dap me up and be like Ight bro I’ll see you later but nooo this Nigga says walk with me real quick and we start walking through a path in his yard and in my head I’m like tf we going 😂mind you my car still on and we just dun walked off at first I was thinking we was going to the lil garage they got in the very back because he got a old school Monte Carlo SS they he been working on so I thought we was going to see it.. mind you he ain’t said nun since walk with me so we just took a lil 4 minute walk through the pitch black ass woods in silence. So we walking up on the garage and I’m thinking oh yea we Finna look at the car yalllllll why this nigga turns around facing me with his dick out and hard 😳😨 Bitch In my head I was nutting tf up! 😂😂 Bitch when I say I ain’t kno what was going on 😂 but you know I kept my cool pulled my shit out and we stroked each other Shit till i was like fuck it come here and I proceeded to take him into my mouth babyyyyyyyyyy when I say I went to motherfucking work! Bitch I went to WERK on that dick 👅 I’m talking bout sloppy toppy Bitch lmfao That Nigga nutted so fucking quick 😂ahhhhhh that was really the moment I had been waiting on too 😂 he kept messing with his pants when we was in the car but I wasn’t thinking nun of it but yea that’s how my Friday went but he just texted me talking bout hanging out again tonight 👀😝 I’ll keep those of y'all who are interested updates on this lil situation 😂



I walked into the school to have all these bitch go “Heeyyyyyy Drizzzzyyyy.” I cannot be fucked to deal with their bull shit. I nod towards them and head to my locker.

“Ayoo Drizzy.” Tyga says dapping me up. He looks over my shoulder to wink at this girl. He always playing with hoes hearts. But its his life. Just as I close my locker Nicki walks by. Everyone knows I been chasing Nicki for the longest. She too stubborn and won’t let me take her out. Its been like this since sixth grade. Her teasing, me chasing.


“Nicki!! baby? whats wrong.” I asked her we were at my house just hanging out. She looked at me confused.

“With what?” she asked playing games again. I smirked, she began to chew on her lip. I looked at her, like really looked and her beauty blew me away. How haven’t I noticed? The guys at school sure have. But shes my best friend….

“Aubrey!” she yelled snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah babe?” she looked vexed. “You asked me what wrong and when I decide to tell you, you start ignoring me??” tears sprung from her eyes. I looked down

“I know I’m sorry.” She forced my face up.

“Its all good boo. I gotta get home though.” regret filled my heart

“Wait why don’t you finish telling me whats going on?” she glanced at me quickly then dropped her head.

“Do you even know the beginning?” she questioned. Shaking her head she added

“You’re just like them other boys who want me for my body instead of me.” A single tear ran down her cheek.

“Ayye Nicki you know that shit aint true?” I said as she ran down the stairs. She stopped turning around smiled. Not a happy smile. A bitter smile.

“See you around Aubrey.” Did we just break up before we even started dating?

*End flashback*

I ran up to her

“Hey Nicki..” I started. She looked up rolled her eyes and continued to walk.

“What do you want Drizzy.” It hurt me to hear her call me by my street name. She never did that. I tried to play it off.

“You know what I want.” She stopped obviously annoyed

“Yes I know you want to apologize, you wanna make it up to me, you wanna fix things, you wanna talk, you want us to start over but what if I don’t want to huh? What about what I want?” Tears started streaming down her face. I looked over at Tyga and said

“Hey cover for us in class this shit gon get worked out.” He nodded walking away. I grabbed her wrist without her fighting me. I walked her to the black bentley. Opening the door for her, she sat down. I closed the door and ran around to the other side. I started it and sped down the highway. I looked over and she was tryna collect herself.

“Whats wrong?” She looked over smiling. The same bitter smile

“Aint that the same question that ruined our friendship for 5 years ago?” I nodded

“Yes but i’m ready to listen now.” I said sadly thinking back. I headed toward the highway since it is friday and I don’t have much to do. I mean it just a weekend away.

“Onika hand me your phone.” she looked at me curiously then passed it me. I looked down for a second going through her contacts. After a few seconds I found Cassie’s name. I hit dial she picked up after two rings. “Hey baby doll” She said cheerfully. I respond

“Hey Cas can you cover for Nicki. I’m taking her for the weekend.” It was silent for a while.

”Yeah, Drake?” I nodded as if she could see me.

“Yeah?” she sighed

“Don’t hurt her anymore okay?” When I looked over at her, her face said the fuck you talking bout?

“I won’t I promise.” Nicki began to panic, screaming at me over and over. “Drizzy where the fuck you taking me? I don’t wanna leave. TAKE ME BACK RIGHT NOW.” I looked at her and smirked. Time for me to play with her for a while.

“Not till you call me by my name baby girl.” She looked at me like I was insane.

“Not in a million years.” I laughed

“Then I can’t tell you shit.” She sat still and looked forward.

“I hope its somewhere fun at least.” I quickly glanced over at her and smiled.

“You’ll have a blast.” I said sarcastically. Which made her smile. Her dimpled smile. The happy one.


I had no idea what this niggas plan was. Frankly I ain’t care. Its been so long since we’ve hung out and talked for hours. To be honest I have missed him but he stopped listening to what I had to say a while ago. It breaks my heart to know that 5 years ago we were inseparable now we could care less about each other. Well at least he could care less about me. I still know that his birthday is coming up in days. I watched as he passed the sign for Las Vegas. Uh Oh. When we were younger Drizzy talked about how for his 18th birthday he was gonna take me to Vegas with him and then we could say

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” . It was a dream we both had. I guess he wasn’t playing. It was getting darker outside which made the lights shine brighter around us. He exited off the highway and headed towards the hotel named Bellagio.

“Drizzy you don’t have to actually do this. We were just kids and it was just fun and games. I wasn’t-” he cut me off.

“I said I would. I am a man of my word. I will always be there for you. I was always there for you.” he let out a deep sigh.

“At least before you cut me out.” he mumbled. I glared at him

“What was that?” he looked over.

“hmm what?” I looked at him like he was stupid as fuck and said “Nothing… asshole.” His eyes went back to the road

“Nika baby girl don’t be like that. We are literally two minutes away from our dream vacation.” I sat back in carseat and mumbled

“I know, I’m sorry Aubz.” he sighed.

“Its all good princess Maraj.” a nickname he made for me when we were little because i got EVERYTHING I wanted. Looking back I was spoiled but that still doesn’t change the fact that my foster parent raped, abused, and traded me for drugs. His name is Tyler Empire. Thats part of the reason I didn’t want to go on this trip.

“What you thinkin bout?” I looked over at him as he parked the car. Should I tell him? I mean no one knows about this part of my life. My home life.

“We’ll talk later Drake right now I’m hungry.” I smirked

“You’re appetite sure as hell aint changed” I frowned.

“Are you saying I’m fat?” He shook his head no. We walked into into the hotel with only one bag. Probably shit for him.

“Do you have a reservation?” Drake opened his wallet pulled out his ID, and bank card before he replied.

“Yes under Graham.” The guy at the front desk typed the information into his computer.

“Ahhh here, we have two penthouse rooms with all access. Is that correct?” Drake began to say something before I cut in.

“The reservation is right but I would like to change it to only one.” Drake looked at me like I was crazy.

“What?” I asked. The guy behind the desk responded

“Okay so one suit all access. correct?” Drake again about to say something before I cut in

“Yes it is.” I said as I took Drake’s cards handing them to him. Tonights the night to have fun.


hope you like it. Apparently I had this ff for a while. I like it &hope you do too I’m still so sorry I have been away for that long. I’m trying okay *sighs*~~~~~~ ~like reblog ask ~Rubi <3333



“Where are my fucking shoes?!!?!!” I groaned getting down on my knees and searching under the bed. I’m gonna be late for homecoming. Why the fuck did I listen to Heather when she said to be fashionably late? What fashion when I can’t find my shoes?

“Damn bitch what the fuck is wrong with you?” Heather held a pair of tweezers up to a eyebrow and plucked a hair. “Shit!”

“What’s wrong is that I can’t find my shoes! Did you see them?”

“No.” Heather answered pulling two lipsticks. “Should I do Bubblegum or Cherry Red?”

“Do what you want.” I sighed walking out of the room. “I’m using Bubblegum though!”

I went into my parents’ room where my mom was naked and my dad was undercovers.

“Eww what the hell?!” I covered my eyes.

“Honey! I was getting dressed!”
Mom covered herself.

“I don’t care. Did you see my gold heels?”

“Yeah i borrowed them. Take them and leave.”

I took my golden heels and returned to my bedroom trying to get the image of my parents about to fuck. Everything has to be perfect. Homecoming is pre-prom. I have to show Chris how great I am at homecoming so he can’t wait to take me to prom.

“How do I look?” I spun around.

Heather snorted jokingly. “Ugly as shit.”

“Shut the fuck up, you fat cow.” I hissed grabbing the lipstick.

“Bitch fuck you. This fat cow is going to homecoming with her dream man.”

“So your dream man busts your sister wide open sophomore year?”

The words left my mouth before I could stop it. I was so angry I didn’t think about what I said. Heather looked at me in horror and I felt a pang of guilt. I frowned.


“You fucked Trell?!” She screamed as her tearducts began to produce tears.

“It was before you guys started dating.”

“But I liked him! You’re a dirty hoe, Jasmine. I wish you weren’t my sister.”

Shit, that hurt. Before I could apologize, Heather pushed past me and went into her bedroom. I knocked on her door.

“Heather, I’m sorry!” I felt some tears roll down. Damn, I really didn’t think it would hurt her that bad.


No answer. I gave up going down the stairs to meet up with Chris who dressed in a tux.

“Damn, Jas, you look hot!”

“Don’t I always?” I smiled meeting with him.

We said our goodbyes to my parents and as we walked to his car, Chris turned to me.

“What’s going on with you and Heather?” Chris asked opening the passenger door for me.

“Nothing, babe. Just sister stuff.” I lied through my teeth getting into the car. This bullshit is not gonna ruin my homecoming.


I put on my suit jacket and brushed myself off. I look too fly.
I might have to get more than one date. My phone buzzed signaling a text. That must be Karrueche. I smiled until I saw it was a text from Ty.


Yo we meeting up McDonald’s b4 we pick up the girls. Come thru.

I placed my phone in my pants pocket and grabbed my canister full of vodka putting it in my suit jacket. Whether Karrueche means to or not, this is going to be an interesting night.

We met up at McDonald’s where all the niggas were.

“Why we here? Homecoming is in 10 minutes.” Chris complained taking a seat in our booth.

“Because you know damn our ladies are going to take forever to get ready.” Trey answered taking a sip of soda. “I know damn well Amber aint ready.”

“True. Jasmine got to be looking like a damn supermodel everytime she go out.” Chris agreed.

“I don’t know about Honey but shit nigga I can’t fuck this up.” Tyga shook his head sitting up.

Trell laughed. “Aww Mikey catching feelings for Honey!”

“Eww nigga. Don’t call me that gay shit.”

“So your government’s gay?” I asked.

Ty turned to me. “So is August. Who tf names their kid after a month?”

“My mama. It don’t matter because Karrueche likes my name.” I smirked sitting back.

“The fuck you mean Karrueche likes it?” Chris questioned with wide eyes. “You bagging her?”

“Well not without the help of this.” I smirked wickedly revealing the medium metal canister filled with vodka.

The crew’s eyes widened as they stared at the canister. I quickly put it away due to the fact I was underage.

“It’s my pop’s. Shit’s filled with vodka.” I answered their questions they were going to ask.

“And what do you plan on doing with that, my nigga?”

I chuckled. “Vodka mixes well with punch. I’m gonna slip some in every cup of punch i give her and then after a few cups, I’m gonna be in between them thighs!”

Instead of dapping me up like I expected, most of them got up shaking their heads and states they were going to pick their girls. Chris shook his head.

“Nigga, you’re dead ass wrong. It’s one thing to try to sleep with a girl but it’s another to get her drunk to do it. Don’t fucking do it.”

I stood up. “Nigga, why the fuck do you care? Last time I checked, Karrueche hated your ass and she’s going to homecoming with me so mind your damn buisness.”

Right when I said that, my phone buzzed and I pulled it out reading the text notification.

From Kae:

I’m ready.

I smirked holding up my phone in Chris’s face.

“And look at that! She’s ready and so am I.”

External image


I stared longingly at my white and golden dress on my bed along with my gold jewelry and beige heels. Shit. Why in the hell did I agree to go to homecoming with August? Why? Was I that desparate for a date?

I removed my towel lotioning my body and putting on my panties and dress. I strapped on my heels and put on my jewelry. I pinned my ombre hair up in a updo and applied lip gloss. I sighed deeply before stepping in front of the mirror.

“Wow.” I mouthed at my reflection before doing a little spin. I look…..hot.

“Karrueche, baby-”

Mom looked at me smiling wide.

“You look gorgeous.”

I smiled looking down. “Thanks Mom.”

“Anyway, I came to tell you that
We’re not gonna be home.when you get back, remember your key, and no sex!”

I was taken aback then narrowed my eyes smiling. “That was Dad, huh?”

She nodded smiling and left the room. I quickly sent August a text telling him I was ready. As soon as I stepped outside, August was waiting for me cheesing hard. Aww shit. What did I get myself into?

"Well, don’t you look beautiful?”

I smiled a little. “Thanks August. Why are you cheesing so hard?”

“Because I’m really looking forward tonight.” He bit his lip escorting me to the beige Toyota he pulled up in.

When we arrived to homcoming, it was already turnt! Dim lighting, hip hop music playing, and people dancing.

“You want some punch?” August asked in my ear.

“Yeah. Thanks.” I shouted over the music. I scanned over the crowd and peeped Amber and Honey coming towards me.

“Damn Kae! You look fine! I’m not even gay and I want to fuck you!” Amber exclaimed looking me up and down.

“Yeah!” Honey agreed. “Looking like Aphrodite! Work it Coochie!”

“Thanks guys. Where’s Heather?” I asked as August returned with my drink.

“I don’t know but I’ll leave y’all alone and look for her.” Amber smirked pulling Honey away. I noticed August staring mad hard at Amber. I rolled my eyes drinking my punch. Damn that was some good punch. In the corner of my eye, I saw Chris and Jasmine walk in and Chris began dapping up his crew. He looked happy with his group of friends. I guess he doesn’t care about me anymore. I wiped my stray tear looking straight ahead.

“You want more punch?” August questioned taking my empty cup.

I looked at him nodding. “Yeah.”


I drove away from Jasmine’s house gripping the steering wheel.As much as I wanted to push the thought out of my head, I couldn’t. August’s bitchass is really gonna get Kae drunk to sleep with her. That’s a fuck boy move and it makes me really angry. Kae doesn’t deserve to be treated. My angry face and I sighed.

Why do I care so much? Is it because I have a big heart or is because I feel guilty knowing of August’s plans. Knowing August, once he has his mind made up, God and his mama are the only people that can change his mind. I silently prayed that he wouldn’t go through with it because for some reason, it would kill me if Kae got hurt.

“Chris, are you ok?” Jasmine placed her hand on my shoulder. I looked at her shrugging.

“I’m fine. Just deep in my thoughts.”

We finally pulled up in the school parking lot where people were just arriving and taking pictures.

Jasmine pulled out her phone and handed it to someone.

“Come on Chris! Let’s take pics!”
After we posed for many pics, we finally made it inside and danced a little. When we got tired, Jasmine went to her friends while I went towards the crew. I dapped each of them up.

“How’s it going?”

“Man, Honey is a bomb chick! Why didn’t I ask her out earlier?” Tyga cheesed sipping his soda.

“Because you’re a bitch nigga. Where’s Jaz?” Trey asked over the loud music.

“With Amber. Where’s- ”

Trell stormed in and went up to us with anger visible on her.

“Damn nigga did something happen between you and Heather?” Ty looked him up and down.

“Yeah because of that bitch she calls a sister.” Trell huffed and I stepped in.

“Chill on calling my girl a bitch.”

“Nah fuck that! She wanna ruin my homecoming? I’ll ruin hers! Chris, you know Jasmine ain’t a virgin, right? ”

I shrugged. “Well I’m not surprised. A lot of girls aren’t. “

“Yeah she ain’t a virgin cuz she lost her virginity to me!” Trell spat out of breath. “It was sophomore year and we were both virgins so we decided to lose it to each other. I’m sorry bro, but I had to tell you.”


Jasmine walked up to me grabbing my arm and I jerked away from her.

“Let’s go dance!”

“You fucked Trell 2 years ago?”

Jasmine glared at him. “Seriously Trell?”

“Karma’s a bitch, Jasmine. Just like you.”

She rolled her eyes turning back to me.

“Chris, it was a long time ago. I’m sorry.”

“I just need some space, Jaz.” I walked out of the gym to the bathroom where August was with Karrueche. She had no balance in any part of her body and giggled like a school girl. August got her drunk. I clenched my fists walking up to them.

“Hey Chris! You likey homecoming?!” Kae giggled drunkenly almost falling on the floor and I grabbed her pulling her close to me.

“August, nigga you make me sick. You actually got her drunk? Was hitting that important? ” I almost screamed.

August grabbed her back and began kissing her neck.

“Augusttttttt stopppppppp you’re my friendddddd!” Kae slurred pushing him away.

“Not tonight!” He pounced on her and I punched him making him drop to the floor. Karrueche gasped and began giggling again. I grabbed her hand and led her to my car.

I drove back to my neighborhood while Kae was babbling and slurring random shit. Once we made it back, We went up to her doorstep.

“Kae, you got a key?” I turned my attention from her door to her, who was struggling to keep her balance.

“I think…..” she was about to hit the concrete floor when I caught her. Fuck it. I have to bring her to my house. Mama isn’t home because of her night shift at the hospital anyway. I carried Kae to my house and once we went inside, I laid her on the couch. Although she was drunk off her ass, she looked like a petite goddess. It’s a damn shame everything got fucked up because of bitchass August.

As I turned to leave, she stopped me.

“No, Chris. Stay.”

I raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

She nodded moving over and I went behind holding her tiny waist but I backed up due to the fact we were too close for a nigga in a relationship. Kae turned to face me looking up at me.

“Chris, I miss you.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?” 
Kae began to tear up. “As much as you hurt me, I love you because you’re my best friend. I miss you and our friendship so much and as much I try to hide it…..I just can’t hide what I truely feel anymore. I miss my best friend.”

Even though Kae was intoxicated, I could tell she was speaking from her sober heart. Drunken tongues speak sober thoughts.

“Karrueche, I’m so sorry.” I pecked her lips and held her closer kissing her forehead. “I love you too. I’m sorry. I wish I could take it back. I want it all back. I want my best friend back too.”

Kae wiped her face and smiled widely. “Well she’s right here.”


“Wake up!” I felt someone shake me. I got up squinting my eyes at the small girl in front of me.


She swallowed hard pacing the floor. “Ok I just texted my parents telling them I spent the night at Honey’s. Tell me the truth. Did we sleep together?”

“No!” I exclaimed with wide eyes and looked at the time. 4:30 a.m. Mama still ain’t home.

“Do you remember last night?”

She nodded. “Yeah I remember. Kinda.”

“Well August got you drunk to sleep with you so I brought you here to prevent.”

Kae shook her head. “Bitchass.”

“Do you remember what you told me?” I asked slowly.

Kae sat next to me resting her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah. It was all true.”

“I said-”

Kae grabbed my face making me look at her smirking.

“Chris, I remember. I wasn’t that drunk. I forgive you.”

I smiled widely wrapping my arms around her. “Is my Pikachu back?”

Kae giggled a little before responding.

“Yes. Yes she is.”

Chapter 1: Miscommunication

Robyn POV:

“Momma Robyn, where are you going?” Skai asked as I walked down the stairs.

“To visit a friend sweetheart.”

“Can I come?”

“Not today, but tomorrow we’ll go somewhere, ok?”

“Ok.” She replied going to her room.

I went to look for Chris to let him know I was leaving. I have to get out of this house. I’m tired and stressed out, but I want to get some wedding planning done and also I need to talk to someone about these thoughts I’m having.

I found Chris in his office having a conversation with Daniel.

“Hey you two, am I interrupting something?” I said entering the room.

“Not at all babe. We’re just talking about random stuff, what’s up?”

“Oh well I came to tell you I’m heading out.”

“You need me to go with you?” Daniel asked standing up.

My brother is so protective over me; he hates for me to go anywhere alone. Sometimes it’s overbearing but it’s also a blessing to have two amazing men in my life that love me and will protect me at all cost.

“Nah big brother I’m ok, thanks though.”

“I think she’s good D, but where are you going?” Chris asked.

“I’m going to Keenon’s house, I’ll be back in about two or three hours.”

“Cool…” He said nodding.

“Ole boy has always been obsessed with my little sister. It was cute when they were younger but it’s weird as hell now.”

“Daniel please don’t start, he is not obsessed with me. We’re friends and that’s how it will forever be.”

“He is but whatever just be careful out there.” He replied.

“Ok I love you honey, I’ll see you later.” I said giving Chris a kiss.

“And bye brother.” I said hugging Daniel.

I got in my car and made my way to Keenon’s house. I brought some ideas for the wedding with me because he said he would help me pick out some stuff I couldn’t decide on. I pulled up to his place and he greeted me with a warm embrace.

“What’s been going on friend, we haven’t spoken in a minute.”

“Nothing just working like always. I recently closed this huge deal I’m excited about.”

“Really? I’m so happy for you!” I said.

“What’s been going on with you?”

“Same and focusing on planning this wedding.”

“That’s exciting for you I’m sure. You’ve been waiting on this moment your whole life.”

“Hmm it is but it’s stressful too. I want everything to be perfect.”

“Is Chris helping you at all?”

“Of course, we make every final decision together. Whatever we go over today I will go over it with him too.” I said.

“Alright so let’s get started shall we.”

We spent two straight hours going over flower arrangements, color schemes, etc.

“Chris’ favorite color is red so I’m thinking the reception could be all red with black and white ascents. Sort of like this, what do you think?” I said showing him a picture.

“That looks dope.”

“I know and I don’t want it to be a typical wedding or reception, I want it to scream Christopher and Robyn.”

“It will, do you want something to drink?”

“Yes please.”

He went and got me a beer, and we began to chat a little bit.

“Robyn are you ok? You honestly don’t seem like yourself and you have bags under your eyes.”

“I’m tired and stressed. I haven’t been sleeping much because I’ve been having bad dreams.”

“What are the dreams about?”

“Like someone trying to kidnap me and kill me. I always wake up right before they finish the job. The crazy thing is it’s always on my wedding day.”

“Do you think it’s a sign that you shouldn’t get married right now? Maybe that’s the deeper meaning of them.”

“I thought about that and I think that could be part of it. I’ve been starting to think that we’re moving too fast.”

“You know you don’t have to get married right now.”

“Yea, I love Chris but I still have some other things in my heart.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t want to discuss it at this moment.”

“You know you can always confide in me.”

“I know I always could.” I said smiling at him.

He leaned towards me and if he’s about to do what I think he is then he’s in for a rude awakening. He pressed his lips against mine and I roughly pushed him off.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yelled wiping my lips.

“I thought you wanted to. You said you have things in your heart and I thought that meant feelings for me.”

“I was talking about still having fear in my heart fool. You seriously crossed the damn line. You know I’m with Chris and in love with him.”

“If you loved him so much you wouldn’t be having doubts.”

“Nowhere in this conversation did I doubt my relationship. Why do you still have this hope in your heart that we’ll get back together? I’ve told you multiple times that will never happen and yet you’re still being delusional. I just wanted to remain close friends like we’ve always been, but now I don’t know if I even want that. You just disrespected my relationship and I don’t appreciate that shit. You need to grow up and realize we’re not kids anymore and I have a great life that I’m building with someone else. Yes I’m scared about some things but that doesn’t change my feelings for my man, and that doesn’t mean I have feelings for you!” I said.

I didn’t want to sound harsh but he needed to get the point. I love my Christopher and Keenon doesn’t get that. I wanted to talk to him as a friend and he took it somewhere it wasn’t supposed to go.

“I’m sorry Robyn.”

“I don’t want to hear it.” I gathered my belongings and went home.

When I arrived I was almost tackled at the door by my baby girl.

“Hey mommy, I missed you and what’s for dinner?”

“Hmm Skai, did you miss me or are you just hungry?”

“Umm both.” She said laughing and I did as well.

“Where’s your dad, brother, and uncle?”

“In the game room playing video games.”

“I should have known. Well let’s go interrupt that game, I have an idea.” I grabbed her hand and went to the game room.

“Hello boys.” I said.

“Oh hey mom…dad you’re cheating forreal.” Jaden said.

“Hey babe and I’m not son I’m just better.”


“All I know is I got the winner.” Daniel said.

I took the remote and turned off the TV. They stared at me in disbelief.

“Time for the games to be put away. The men in this house are making dinner.”

“Wait mom, are you trying to get us poisoned?” Skai said.

“Nope, now put these on.” I threw aprons at them and they did what I said.

“Y'all look nice and get to work.”

“If I do a good job, what do I get?” Chris whispered in my ear.

“You’ll see.” I whispered back.

As the boys were working on their mission I decided to call Mel. Her due date is in a week so she hasn’t been feeling like going out.

“Hey preggers, how are you feeling?”

“Like I’m about to pop. Sis I am so ready for my big boy to come out.”

“Put the phone on your stomach.” I said and she giggled.

“Hi pumpkin, this is your auntie. I can’t wait until you get here, I love you!”

“You and Barry are something else.”

“I just love my nephew that’s all.”

“I know and how have you been? Are you sleeping better?”

“Not really. I still have the dreams but when I wake up from one Chris calms me down and I usually can go back to sleep without having another one.”

“Good, I’m so glad he’s there for you.”

“Me too so what did you do today?”

“Lay on my big butt and watch tv. What about you?” Mel is sensitive about her weight but she looks amazing for someone who is nine months pregnant.

“Me and Skai are coming over tomorrow to keep you company but girl let me tell you what happened. So I went to keenon’s house to hang for a little bit and he helped me pick some stuff for the wedding. We started talking and I told him I wasn’t sure if I should get married now because I still have some stuff in my heart. Tell me why that fool thought I was saying I had feelings for him so he kissed me.” I said and she gasped.

“What did you do?”

“What do you think I did? I cursed his ass out, but he’s lucky I didn’t slap him. I was talking about having fear in my heart and he thought I was talking about him. Even after I’ve told him I don’t want him like that. I don’t want to be his friend either if he can’t be respectful.”

“Chris will hurt him if he finds out.”

“Oh I know, which is why I’m not saying anything. I think Keenon finally got the message anyway because I had to be a tad bit harsh with my words this time. Like he’s a good guy but I had to let him know straight up I love my man and that me and him will never ever be together.”

“I like Keenon but if he doesn’t get the message by now then there’s something wrong.”

“Hopefully he got it because I didn’t like cursing him out, but shit he pissed me off.”

“I know and you did the right thing. Anyways sis I have to go potty and eat. I’ll see you tomorrow, love you.”

“Ok love you too.” We hung up and I was about to go downstairs to check on dinner and to make sure my kitchen wasn’t on fire, but I needed to change clothes first.

I don’t want Chris to find out what happened because I know exactly what he would do. His anger would get the best of him and he’ll probably end up in trouble. I love him way too much to let something happen to him over this, so I rather keep it to myself.

Chris POV:

I stood at the door and clenched my jaw in disappointment. I can’t believe Robyn didn’t tell me about this shit. I rushed to get my keys, I won’t make this meeting long.

“Dad what are you doing? You know it’s almost time for dinner. Mom is going to kill you.“

Jaden questioned me as if he is the parent.

"I’ll be right back son, I have to handle something important. I promise you guys won’t even know I’m absent.”

I attempted to bargain with him. I don’t want my son to ride with me. I never like for my kids to witness when I’m livid. They have seen me upset before but livid is a different level of anger.

“Oh ok dad I’ll cover for you.” I dapped my mini me up before exiting out of the door.

I just want to have a few words with Mr. Kennon then come back home to my loving family. I snuck into the garage to hop in my vehicle. My anger is consuming me as my feet is heavily pressing on the gas of my Lambo. I am speeding full throttle.

I’m trying to calm down as I’m in route to Kennon’s house. He’s about to get a piece of my mind. I am beyond pissed right now, I can’t believe the audacity of this nigga to push up on my woman. Also Robyn has another thing coming if she thinks she isn’t about to get her ass chewed up for this as well. She was on the phone discussing it but has yet to tell me, but I’ll settle all of this buffoonery. I wiped the sweat beads forming on my face as I reached my destination.

I parked my car in his driveway before proceeding to get out. I chuckled to myself lowly I’m still astonished right now. Instead of knocking on the door I twisted the knob and to my surprise it was unlocked. I stopped dead in my tracks in pure disgust. I can’t fathom what I am witnessing right now. My blood is seriously boiling right now.

“Oh Kennon go deeper.” She screamed out not noticing my presence is in the room. Seeing their naked bodies is sickening to say the less.

I rushed over to her and Kennon and roughly yanked him up. She looked at me with eyes full of terror. I furiously struck Kennon with my fist in a rage. He has lost his damn mind. He tried to woo my woman now this shit. I don’t give a damn what she does because I’m not with her; I just don’t like this nigga anyway.

He attempted to put up a fight but he was no match for me.  He cocked back but missed my face causing him to fall to the floor. I began to stomp him naked and all. My eyes were filled with rage, all I saw is red.

“I’ll explain but Chris please don’t hurt him!! Get off of him!” She said pushing me. Out of reflex I roughly pushed her to the wall. I stared at her in pure disgust while tears cascaded down her face.

I can’t believe in the past I thought I had some feelings for this woman. Is this nigga on a mission to be with every woman I was with?

“You don’t have to explain shit to me. This really don’t have a damn thing to do with you!! This is about your dude continuing to be disrespectful.“ I spat at her with venom in my voice. There is only so much I can take.

"Do you two know each other?” Kennon inquired as he mumbled barely above a whisper.

Now I’m really thrown for a loop. You mean to tell me he isn’t aware of our history?

"Ken we had a brief past together. He’s my ex.” She confessed to him as he struggled to get up from the floor.

He scurried to put back on his clothes and she followed. Both seem to be embarrassed but fuck that.

How dare he cross me more than once? This is like the third time he has done some fuck shit and I let it slide, but I couldn’t do that this time. He crossed the line in a major way by kissing Robyn and I’m honestly ready to lay his ass out again. I don’t like this nigga and I never will.

My thoughts were interrupted by rough knocks on the door. I opened the door, and a frown decorated my face when I saw that it was a cop. This won’t end well.

"We got a report about a disturbance.” A fat white cop barged in with his cuffs in his hands.

This is a quiet neighborhood so I’m not surprised someone reported the noise. It seemed like he was ready to arrest someone. He looked at the whole scenario and judging from the blood dripping from my knuckles and Kennon’s face I think he knows I’m the culprit.

“I’m the cause of this.” Holding my wrist out I motion him to cuff me so I can get this process over with. I’ll just go down to the station with him.

"What if I don’t want to press charges sir?” Kennon pleaded with the officer for my freedom.

He gave me an apologetic look and I gave him a death glare in return. Nothing is forgiven and I’m still extremely pissed.

“The rule is when we are called someone has to come to the station with us. We don’t like to waste the tax payer’s money or our time. So many times we have walked away without taking someone into custody and it didn’t end well.” The cop informed all of us.

"Let’s take a ride to the station then boss.” He finally handcuffed me as Frick and Frack stood there looking dumbfounded.

I’m so upset that I don’t know if he would have survived if I haven’t gotten arrested. As I was placed in the squad car I remembered how I promised myself that I would never see the inside of a jail again. I’m the same person who just gave my son a speech on behavior a few months ago now look at me.

We arrived at the police station and he started to speak to me before placing me in a holding cell.

“I honestly don’t want to start any trouble. I can tell by the expression on your face that you are a good man. I just want to know what happened.” The officer said to me. I see the sincerity displayed on his face. I just want to go home to my family.

“Well sure I’ll explain. I went to the gentleman’s house to talk about a mishap we are having and I discovered him with my ex. I didn’t go over there to fight, but seeing him and thinking about what he did pissed me off even more; which resulted in he and I getting into an altercation. I have a fiance and two kids at home and I should have stayed home with them.” I responded truthfully, hoping that I didn’t dig a hole for myself. The police can be tricky sometimes.

The way this world is these days I never know what may happen in this jail. I may not make it out alive the police are grimy like that.

“You didn’t use any legal weapons or hit the women who was present, did you sir?”

"No sir I’d never hit a woman no matter how upset I am. However, I did shove her in anger but I never raised my hand to her.” I wiped the sweat off of my forehead in nervousness.

Maybe I should have lied about this ordeal. I don’t know what is about happen now.

"Young man I admire your honesty. I can see you are being sincere so you are free to make your one phone call.” I silently thanked God as I made my way to the phone. I’m sure Robyn is worried sick right now.

I decided to go with my better judgement and call Jaden’s cellphone instead of the home phone. I don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to myself.

He picked up the phone and began to rant.

“Look Mike I told you if you ever went to jail again I wouldn’t talk to your ass. I have a future to think about and I don’t want to be caught up in any bullshit. I learned my lesson and I thought you learned yours.”

I’m extremely proud of my son’s words and also his growth. He finally got it through his head that jail isn’t a place to be.

Jaden POV:

I’m tired of these losers thinking its ok to get locked up. They should have learned their lessons like I learned mines.  

“Jaden this is your father I need you to come get me.” I held the phone closer to my ear because I know my hearing is deceiving me right now.

“Dad?!? Momma Robyn is going to kill you and then me for sneaking out.” She has been looking for him for the past few hours or so, and she doesn’t play when it’s time for dinner. She wants all of us present. Everyone has even parted ways at this point.

“Just do it for me son, I would have called your uncle Barry but I know he has to take care of Melissa.” He sounded as if he was in desperate need. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t help the man who raised me?

“Ok dad I’m on my way.” I paced back and forth around my room trying to figure out how I’m going to do this. Suddenly it dawned on me that I have a spare key to the family’s SUV.

I grabbed the key-chain from my computer desk to execute my escape. I came up with the idea to jump from the second floor window. That shouldn’t be too dangerous, should it?

I said a silent prayer as I climbed from my window and jumped onto a tree mission impossible style; being athletic comes in handy. I struggled a tad bit climbing down but I landed perfectly on my feet. Thank God for that. I slowly crept around the house to the car, and made sure to watch my surroundings perfectly.

I quickly hopped in the car, putting it in drive. I never looked back as I raced down the street. My dad owes me big time for this man. I made it to the station in under twenty minutes.

He looked like a pathetic kid when he saw my face and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Officer I’m here to take this young man home.” I stated in a deep authoritative tone. It’s actually funny and weird that this is the same officer who had a talk with me when I was arrested.

“Jesus I see the rebellious streak must run in this family.” He teased us both releasing my dad from the holding cell.

My dad walked to the front to retrieve his things.

“I’m so disappointed in you son.” I yelled to him from afar.

He is going to get a lecture from me like I got from him. He asked the officer if he could come get his car tomorrow, because he felt that both of us should just make it to the house at the same time to get chewed up.

The silence in the car was starting to annoy me, so whoever said it’s golden clearly lied.

“Listen young man I’m only telling you this because I care about you. Jail isn’t a place for someone like you. You have way too much potential and too much to lose. I know I raised you better than this and not to mention Robyn is going to be pissed. How will you explain this to her? Boy you better answer me when I’m talking to you.” I mocked my father perfectly and he was having a laughing fit in the passenger’s seat.

“Remember that I’m the parent and I don’t owe you an explanation, but just know I did some stupid shit and I will never do it again. I have to explain to my woman why I beat the brakes off of Kennon.” My eyes grew wide because I don’t even understand why they are fighting. My dad has Robyn and the other guy doesn’t.

“Dad that’s ludicrous, you have the woman he wants. He already lost in my eyes. Robyn has always been in love with you.”

“It’s more complicated than you think. He pushed up on your step-mom and being that I’m overprotective I kind of lost it.” Damn we arrived at the house when the story was just beginning to get juicy. I wanted the details.

As I unlocked the front door, it swung open with my mom behind it.

“Have you two lost your damn minds I’ve been worried sick.” She yelled at the both of us.

“Jaden go to your room.” My dad instructed me. I raced to my room like the speed of light. He didn’t have to tell me twice because I didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire.

Robyn POV:

I am livid at my two favorite guys right now. Both of them know I am easily paranoid and I worry a lot. Why would they do this me? To add insult to injury they missed dinner.

“Babe I can explain.” Christopher began to attempt to apologize but I walked away from him, and headed up the stairs. He was right behind me on my heels.

“Robs just talk to me please.” I began to throw pillows and blankets his way because he will be sleeping on the couch tonight. I don’t even have the energy to entertain him right now.

“You have one minute to explain, and your minute starts now.”

“Babe I got locked up and I didn’t want you to find out about it.” Ok he got locked up from stupidity and didn’t call me. That’s strike one.

“I called Jaden because I didn’t want to upset you.” So he brought our son into this situation. Ok that’s strike two. He knows damn well Jaden doesn’t need to be involved in anything relating to jail. He is on the right track.

“Why did you get taken to jail if you don’t mind me asking. I already know it was for some stupid shit.” I’m trying to keep my voice down because I don’t want the kids to hear us arguing.

“I went to Kennon’s house and fought him. I overheard your conversation on the phone and lost my mind.” He went to a man’s property and disrespected him over a misunderstanding. I believe we have strike three ladies and gentleman.

“Christopher are you out of your damn mind? You went to the man’s house to assault him. How foolish can you be?” I don’t even want to look at him right now, I’m extremely disgusted.

“Baby I went there to defend your honor and I needed it to be clear that you two are over.” I understand Chris’ point but I’m grown. I don’t need him to fight my battles.

“Baby I appreciate your effort but you went about it all wrong. Trust me Kennon understands that we are together. He should have known that the day I chose you. My heart will always be yours babe. You should know that you will never have to compete with any other man. Don’t do any irrational shit again that could put this family in jeopardy. I love you and I’m sure you will have enough time to think about your decision as you sleep on the couch tonight.” He can’t sleep in any of the spare rooms because that will defeat the purpose, and plus I haven’t picked beds for them yet.

He grabbed the blankets and pillows off of the floor and made a puppy dog face.

“You’re really going to do a brother like that? I need you next to me to keep me warm baby girl.”

“We can cuddle tomorrow night but as of now I don’t want to look at you.” He lightly slammed the door on his way out. I know he has an attitude but I don’t care.

Chris POV:

I’ve been tossing and turning for hours. This couch is extremely uncomfortable and too small for my 6’2 frame. Robyn is seriously wilding. Forget this I’m sleeping in my room tonight. I left the blankets on the couch, there’s no need for them in our bedroom.

I slowly and quietly opened the door to the bedroom. This is a shame I’m a grown ass man afraid of my woman rejecting me. Shockingly I make my way in successfully without Robyn protesting.

I slid underneath the thick comforter and inched closer to Robyn. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight.

“Baby I’ve miss you so much.”

I say that because yeah she has been present in the flesh but I feel her mind is elsewhere. She has been going crazy between the wedding jitters and her horrible nightmares. She wasn’t responding but I know she’s awake.

I slowly raised her night gown with my hand and grazed her smooth skin with my fingertips.

I stroked her thick thighs and reached for her lace thong, and she opened her legs widely to grant me access. I placed my hand in her skimpy thong and began penetrating her with my fingers.

“Yeah that’s right open up for daddy baby girl.” I growled lowly.

I began to pull her gown up more to get a better view of her beautiful breasts. My mouth became attached to her left breast as I still penetrated her with my fingers downtown. I began to suck her breast hungrily, she taste amazing like honey.

“Mmm baby I love the way you taste. You are daddy’s favorite treat.”

I love talking that shit to her because it amazes me how she has all the bite in the world but she’s so submissive to me in the bedroom. That always turns me on even more. I give her right breast the same treatment as the other as I managed to pull her undies all the way down. I began to kiss all over her body slowly. First I started with her forehead giving it two kisses, then I worked my way to her chest.

Licking her breast is a tease. I can’t help but to make a pit stop to bite her nipple. I made my way to her belly button. I teased her navel with my long tongue as I swirled around and licked inside.

I traced her body with my tongue and finally made my way downtown preparing for my feast.

“God thank you for this meal I’m about to receive, I know I’m not worthy.” I said a silent prayer before diving in her box. I darted her with my tongue and her pussy is my personal target.

I licked the outskirts of her lips hungrily. I wanted to take my time to appreciate my baby’s body. To be honest it’s been a while since we’ve been intimate. My tongue was running around her wildly as if it’s the Tasmanian Devil.

“Baby please stop. Chris I can’t take it.” She cried out but I didn’t let up.

I continued to slurp and suck on her until her lips swelled. I opened her lips with my tongue and slowly stuck it in her tight hole. I know she’s on the brink of an orgasm at this point. I played peek a boo with her box and my tongue.

“Baby I’m…” I began to slurp harder when she tried to inform me of her orgasm. She started shaking beneath me and I’m enjoying every moment of it.

She released a high pitched screech as her juices flowed in my mouth. Her chest heaved up and down as she tried to catch her breath. I gave her time to regroup and she began pulling my boxers down.

“I want to feel you inside of me daddy.” She purred like a kitten and began stroking my dick making it spring to life.

I passionately kissed her and laid her on her back. I slid inside of her fitting perfectly like a glove. She feels so good. I began to stroke her nice and slow.

“Baby I’ve missed this so much.” I groaned truthfully. She’s the only woman that has ever possessed the power to have me weak in the knees.

“I’ve missed you too Chris.”

I rotated my hips in a rhythmic motion making sure I hit her g spot. I sped up my pace and she threw her head back. We reached our peak in unison and I internally smiled at a job well done. Our love making was all night and it crept into the morning sun. Her body will always feel great against to mines.

Chapter 6 part 2


I sighed and closed the hospital room door behind me. Yet another belonging to one of the many fans injured at my concert. Some were in the critical unit so I couldn’t even see them. They were dying.

The hospital had given me special clearance to visit my fans even though I wasn’t family by any means. But I was hurting right there with them.

I guess that applied to everyone but Zendaya. She was definitely family, she always would be. Fuck, Andrea was going to kill me..

“Donald…Donald!” she squealed as I pushed her higher and higher on the swings.

I loved watching her long curls whirl about in the wind. The way she threw her head back and laughed so lightheartedly.

“Stop pushing me so high!” she yelled down to me, her back almost parallel to the ground by now.

“Don’t worry, I got you,” I laughed and continued to push her defiantly.

“You’re trying to kill me,” her voice went from loud to soft, like the Doppler Effect, as she whizzed past me.

Once she was all the way up in the air I stood in front of the swing’s path, my hands in front of me to brace the impact. Her eyes grew scary big.

“Donald, get out of the-“

Her body and the swing came crashing into me. I started skidding backwards through the woodchips, attempting to keep my balance. Any hope of that was lost as soon as Andrea’s ass left that damn swing seat and came cascading towards me at full speed.

I wrapped my arms around her quickly, pulled her in as closely as possible, and tucked my head in to prepare for the world of pain I was about to be in.

We landed, or rather I landed, on my back on the unforgiving woodchips. Andrea was safely on top of me.

“What the fuck was that for??” she yelled, hastily removing herself from my grip and standing up to brush woodchips off of her jeans.

I propped myself up and squinted at her silhouette outlined in the bright California sun.

“Just wanted to prove to you that you can trust me, always.”


“Come on, let’s go,” she finally let out, turning on her heel and walking away, “we’re too old to be on this playground in the first place.”

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