//”Smoke this,but try not to cough or choke out.”-Aliandro

Smoking isn’t my thing.

“Smoke it bruh,show me Watchu bout.”-DemonT.ray

…I don’t know….nah fuck it I’m stressed out.Looking for a way to escape my sorrows,I found myself smoking a blunt,in hopes of a better tomorrow.The pain is still here.What do I do?

“Keep calm,the jay not even half way through.”-Samerai

My mind begins to come at ease. Maybe the answer to all pain is to just simply spark up and blow trees?
At this point,I’m too far gone.Am I completely lost in life?As long as I’m in this state,I don’t have to worry about me slicing my skin with the black knife.
I won’t remember my actions,however I no longer care.The pain I felt that day,was devastating and just too much to bare….
..An hour later the amount we smoked doubled.At this point the Boys I’m with aren’t looking for anything but pussy and trouble,I have no interest though.

“I’m hungry as fuck, lets fade 7-11”-Samerai

My bodies weak and I feel as if I lost control,blue and red sirens pass, and they signaled “Alexandria City Night Patrol.”

“We needa..step we not getting bagged up tonight”-Demon T

We go though a neighborhood running with no destination.I look at the group and I realize I begin to fall behind in hesitation.Whats going on with my body?The fear takes over and I’m no longer able to move, thoughts run through my head wondering what am I to do. I awake from the fear and begin to run,eyes start to blur,and this shits no longer any fun. I hide in a dark ally not aware of anyone’s trail.I sit and realize,I’ve just experienced the greatest betrayal.I feel as if I won’t ever escape this high.As if it’s a temporary forever..Another victim I am,who fell for the beauty of peer pressure.-B.B