who’s the sun? who’s the moon?

in 2012, dan was the moon. he had a side he showed the audience, but a side he kept in the dark as well. he was brooding and beautiful, but only reflected light from the sun when he could.

in 2012, phil was the sun. bright and positive, he brought warmth and light to everyone’s life. he was a source of life and joy.

in 2017, dan is the sun. he’s found his own source of light. he’s happy to shine and be his true self. he’s bubbly, bright, and full of boundless energy.

in 2017, phil is the moon. he’s beautiful and mysterious, with two sides: the innocent man on camera and the adult behind it. he’s ethereal and loves the light radiating off of his sun.



“Nicky, add me to your stupid Neil chat. I don’t love him, but I have something I need to send to it.”

The “we love neil” chat originally comes from @local-astronaut’s  a look into Matt’s phone post. She was sweet enough to let me turn this into a series, so please check out her original post too and give it some love!

(Also, seriously check out @local-astronaut’s blog and her a look into the Foxes’ phones series because it is soooo good)