Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob

When your power level RPM is over 9000 – handle it like a Super Saiyan with the Dragon Ball Z shift knob. A perfect addition for the car of any anime fan, it replaces your boring old shift knob with Goku’s iconic four star Dragon Ball.


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James has a lot of shit figured out. If you have feeds watch 4:14 - 4:23 AM CAM ½ 8/3. Or if anyone can record this!

1) Figured out Austin’s subtly campaigning for Clay to stay and to get Steve out.

2) He knows Austin, Liz, Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli were working together a lot more than they’re saying. That’s why Vanessa is paranoid about being backdoored and the twins are grateful they’re not going up.

3) He said the reason why the Sixth Sense is not throwing each other under the bus is because they all have dirt on each other so they don’t want to risk it.

4) He said it might be Becky leaking information and they (ADC) might go up if she wins HoH.

#day 562 #daily #sketch #art #doodle #ink #pen it didn’t occur to me until now how time consuming writing these tales are - additionally to the sketch itself!

reminds me. I picked up a couple answers to writer-questions I had during the month I went silent. I was taking a English workshop so I got to explore how different writers go about handling non-writing things. Here’s a couple of realizations:

1. No matter how good or clean the writing is, there is always going to be one oddball who completely misinterpreted everything you said.

2. Writing is like speaking. If you speak to hurt, you’ll probably write to hurt. See number 1.

3. The subject you choose to write about, no matter what it is is intrinsically related to how you feel about that subject. As long as you know what you meant, you will probably sleep easier. But still see number 1.

4. You don’t actually ever have to respond to anyone or anything. This is a problem I have; its a great problem considering I have awesome friends who read what I say, but some responses require a lot of attention. Also, again, talking begets more talking. I take pride in responding band interacting, but I actually once skipped a day of class because I took the time to thoroughly respond. So in other words, in my case, I have to pick and choose my battles based on time.

5. Using acronyms like “idk” is really not good for my writing agenda. These are temporary and… Disposable. The old guy in my class said “contemporary bullshit” or something… He was a cool guy.

6. I have to be careful of my writing “persona.” I made the mistake a while ago when I “expressed” that sometimes I use to feel like “killing myself.” I thought it was cool to share an intimate moment, but I made the mistake in forgetting that:

7. Not everyone reads everything consistently. So the point where I mentioned “it’s only an analytical feeling; a stress signal where my brain processes something that needs to be removed.” Is overlooked

8. The black and white nature of my brain brought me a lot of love and that made me sad because I don’t deserve that generosity. Never again. Also phone typing is insane. (And limiting) See number one

i thought gravity falls was gonna be a show about two kids solving a bunch of mysteries in the woods. and that was gonna be it. and i’d say thank you alex hirsch for making a pretty neat kids show with pretty art.

not thank you alex hirsch for destroying me from the inside out, making me fall in love with your universe and its characters, weeping over the inseparable bond between the twins, going insane trying to decipher all the symbolism/criptograms, reading into all the theories and the fandom aus and thinking a damn triangle is fucking hilarious. damn you.