A little bit different and a little bit relax …

I have got to get a real hobby

Maybe learn to build card houses or something.

Anyway …WTF are ppl freaking out for?

Let me explain how filming works for a moment.

Let’s say I get a script from my boss. Since its my job to break it down I’ll read it, several times. Then I start grouping.

GROUPING: The act of linking all scenes shot on one set together so we can …wait for it …FILM ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME.

So, within my script I have scenes 1,2,3,17,18,20,24,77,78,79 and 111 all with the slug line EXT. THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET - STORYBROOKE - NIGHT

I will group these. Now …after that I see who’s in each scene.

1,2,3,77,78,79 have Emma, Hook, Snow and Charming.

17,18 and 111 have Belle and Rumple

20,24 have everyone (main cast).

1,2,3, and 111require green screens so we’ll set those up LAST.

Hence the day goes something like this.

Shoot scenes 77,78,79.
Shoot scenes 17,18
Shoot scenes 20,24
Set up for CGI.
Shoot scene 111, End of day for Bobby/Emilie
Second Meal
Shoot scenes 1,2,3

And this is a really simplistic set up. It gets way more complicated than this.

It never fails to amaze me how freaked out people get about things that are 1000% guaranteed to be out of context.



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