okay gusy.


hi tumblr RL followers and junk.

I’m having a party tonight. Well.

Yeah, a party. 

So uh, if you would like to come, let me know via Ask or Text or Carrier Pigeon. Whichever is most convenient. 

If you can, bring booze because of reasons. 



Oh, even if I don’t know you that well and you would like to come, BY ALL MEANS ASK FOR MY ADDRESS AND COME KILL ME OR SOMETHING.  

Oh, and I miss Khaleesi.

She hasn’t yelled NO! at me today so… 

AU Meme: Jon leaves the Wall to visit his siblings, but accidentally, he gets lost and find Daenerys Targaryen, that hosts Jon for two weeks. During this time, they fall in love, but the time is over and Jon needs to go back to the Wall. Tormented by their pleasant memories, Daenerys goes to the Wall and asks Jon to run away with her.