• “strap me up” ASDFGHJKL.
• “i feel like i want to just do soft things” ;)
• “aw dan you look so soft” BECAUSE HE IS YOU SPORKTULA
• “wow look at that meaty bicep, phil”
• “penis, penis tattoo”
• two words, people. chest. touching.
• “curly dan is here to stay”
• “i’ve embraced the wavy hair”

okay that’s all im done

Soft and Safe Chapter 3-Aftercare

Dan stirred and had only two thoughts in his mind.

“Ow. Fuck.”

Dan knew that he had gotten far too rough with Phil last night, but he never thought that he’d be in a situation where he was genuinely afraid of moving after sex. Everything hurt, and everything felt sticky. Dan’s mouth was as dry as a desert, and the only thing he wanted more than a drink was a bath. He groaned and tried to roll on his side, just to test how much trouble he was going to have for the rest of the day…

“Ow. Ow. Ow.”

Dan stared at his door and contemplated calling for Phil. He really did want some assistance, but he was more afraid of Phil seeing him vulnerable than Phil being rough with him. Dan knew that it was stupid. Phil wasn’t like other people. He had proven that countless times, but Dan was a cynic. He had tried to open up and let people take care of him, but he always ended up being dumped which had given him major trust issues. It was something he had been working on for years, but he still felt like the best thing he could do was keep to himself rather than let someone see him weak.

“Is my baby boy awake? Is he ready for brekkies?” Phil chimed happily. Dan felt himself get pleasantly tingly and instinctively snuggled into his pillow. The voice was so sweet and inviting, just like everything about Phil. If Dan were less of a twat, he’d love to be in a real relationship with his teen idol. Phil was the first person to make Dan feel like he was special and like he didn’t need to change who he was. He understood when Dan was depressed and never tried to get him to “snap out of it”. Phil had rearranged appointments and taken over editing jobs just to give Dan the time he needed to feel better. In a word, he was perfect. Dan was just so pessimistic that he was always convinced it would go sour if he admitted how much he cared for Phil. So, he decided to settle for the next best thing. He decided to keep Phil as close as he could without hurting himself. He became his best friend and traveled the world with him; met his family and wrote a book with him.

Wouldn’t you know? It still didn’t feel like enough, and Dan did still get hurt. The only difference was that it was his own fucking fault.

“Dan? May I come in?” Phil asked, a little less confident. Dan made a small noise of approval and closed his eyes. He might have his own hang ups, but he wasn’t going to miss out on the chance of having Phil close to him all day just because he had baggage. Phil opened the door and carefully walked inside. He hadn’t straightened his hair, and his glasses were slightly crooked on his face. Dan smiled at the Star Wars pajama bottoms, Papyrus shirt and narwhal slippers that came into view in front of him. Phil was an amazing man. An awesome, stupid, amazing man.

“Mornin’ baby boy. Why were you ignoring me?” Phil asked with an exaggerated pout.

“I wasn’t.” Dan responded meekly. Why was he having such a fucking crisis? This was what he wanted, and yet he felt like he needed to hide.

“Hey, look at me.” Phil lifted Dan’s chin and smiled gently.

“I know last night got a little crazy, and I know you might not want to see me right now, but I woke up and I couldn’t stop thinking about taking care of you. I’ll respect your wishes if you ask me to leave, but if you’d be willing, I’d really love to run you a bath and feed you.”

Dan felt tears stinging his eyes and he felt so stupid about it. Why was this part so hard for him?

“You don’t have to do that” the younger man said, barely able to keep his composure.

“Dan, I want to. I want that more than anything. Please?”

Dan felt so conflicted and Phil sounded so hurt and everything felt too emotional… and then Dan felt himself become engrossed with a new feeling. It was like his brain had restarted. Everything looked a bit bigger and he felt so much smaller. Dan didn’t understand what had happened, but he all of a sudden was not capable of thinking about the complexity of his feelings. It’s not that they had gone away. He just couldn’t think big thoughts. He looked at Phil, confused.

“Are you okay?” Phil asked. Dan had made a weird face as if he had gotten hurt, and now the boy looked scared.

“Umm…I just got dumb.”

Phil’s eyes widened. That voice. It was that voice he had heard last night. Small and breathless. Did Dan really not know what was going on?

“Dumb, what do you mean?”

Dan just blinked.

“I can’t make big words right now. I don’t know why.”

Phil smiled and sat down on the bed next to Dan, gently stroking his hair.

“It’s okay, baby boy. This can happen when you have to do too many big boy things.”
Dan whimpered and leaned in to Phil’s touch. Why was he so afraid to do this earlier when he now felt like he would break down if Phil wasn’t right by him?

“Yeah, sometimes big boys get really stressed and scared and need someone to make them brekkies and give them cuddles.”

“I want a bath.” Dan said simply. He wasn’t scared anymore, but still really confused. Why was Phil so calm? What did he know that Dan didn’t know about his own feelings? Why couldn’t he think properly?

“I’m going to run you a bath and I’ll help you get there. What do you want to wear today?”

Dan thought about it. Anything tight sounded awful. Dan felt like his entire wardrobe was his enemy.

“I’d like jammies.” Jammies? Dan scrunched his face at his own word, but realized that it felt more natural then anything else.

“Does baby boy want a onesie?”

“Yes, please.”

Phil smiled and stood up from the bed. While it was a strange situation, Phil felt honored to help Dan through his first regression. Phil remembered researching little space and age regression shortly after moving in with Dan. His younger friend was prone to tantrums, but usually covered them up with apathy or one of his world famous “existential crises”. Even more interesting to Phil was when Dan got really excited or just drunk enough to not care about how he sounded. He would restructure his sentences to things more juvenile in nature. The first time he had heard Dan beg “Can it bees tree decorating time?!”, his heart melted. Dan’s eyes had gotten so wide and Phil felt love swell in his chest. He knew he wanted to be Dan’s caretaker years ago, but he had just now realized that Dan didn’t even know he needed one.

“Does baby boy want to wear Totoro or Charmander?”

“Charmander,please.” Dan answered softly.

“Good job! You’re so polite! I’m going to get the bath started. Do you need anything else?”

Dan stared at Phil for a few seconds and then held his arms out. The longer he sat there, the less independent he felt. He needed Phil so much. He needed a bath and his onesie. He needed…

“Hug, Daddy. Please?”

Phil chuckled and scooped Dan into his arms, kissing all over his cheeks and making Dan giggle.

The rest of the morning went on without a hitch. Phil gave Dan a piggy back ride to the bathroom and took his time gently scrubbing his body with his favorite vanilla body scrub. He dressed the boy in the bright orange onesie and some soft briefs before giving him another piggy back ride to the kitchen. He didn’t know the exact age that Dan had regressed to, but he was very independent even in his little state. Phil had to gently chastise when Dan tried to reach for his own cup or bowl.

“No baby boy. I’ve got it.”

“I can help!” Dan pouted, his voice getting more child like with every sentence he said.

“You’re going to help me pick something to watch on TV while we eat. That’s a very important job. Think you can handle it?”

Dan gave Phil’s cheek an affectionate nuzzle. This all felt so perfect. He couldn’t even explain it to himself. There was just so much joy and trust, and Phil was doing everything that he needed to feel secure and safe.

“I’ll pick da BEST thing! Just for you. I promise.”

They got comfortable in front of their TV and binge watched Avatar: the Last Airbender for hours. Dan stayed glued to Phil’s side the entire time, humming happily and occasionally kicking his feet. Phil beamed at Dan, feeling blessed that he could comfort the boy through all of the stress. Phil leaned over the coffee table and grabbed the pacifier that he had shown Dan the first night. He wasn’t sure if Dan would want it, but Phil couldn’t get the image out of his mind. He had to try.

“Does baby boy want a paci?” Phil asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

“Yes, please!”

Dan smiled so wide that his dimples could be seen, and then he opened his mouth expectantly. Phil knew he shouldn’t enjoy this. Everything was supposed to be innocent today. He’d be lying if he said that putting the pacifier in Dan’s mouth didn’t make blood rush to every part of his body. Dan cooed with the nipple in his mouth, sucking quietly and gently rubbing his head on Phil’s thigh. It all felt so soothing and light. Dan couldn’t remember a time when he had felt so relaxed.

“B-baby boy. Don’t w-wiggle your head so much.” Phil stuttered. He felt like an absolute pervert, but his body wouldn’t cooperate with him. Dan looked up Phil’s flushed cheeks and then at the tent in his pajama pants. Dan hummed quizzically. How had he managed to do that?

“Daddy?” He said thickly, the word sounding muffled through his paci.

“Daddy’s so sorry baby boy. His body is being naughty.” Phil felt true shame. This aspect of their relationship wasn’t supposed to be sexual. He just wanted this to be therapeutic for the two of them. Then again, Phil couldn’t help himself around Dan. The boy with his chocolate eyes and full pink lips had driven him insane for years.

Dan took out his pacifier and gave Phil a coquettish smile before gently hovering over the man’s clothed erection.

“Does that mean I have a naughty body, Daddy?”

Phil bit his bottom lip to stifle a moan. It should be a crime for him to sound that innocent when Phil felt like his skin was burning.

“No, baby boy. You don’t have a naughty body.”

“Really? Cause I’m doing the same thing down there.” Dan slowly dragged his body against Phil’s making sure he could feel the pressure from his erection through the thin fabric. Phil made an audible gulp and grabbed Dan by his hips. This couldn’t be a thing, could it?

“Am I bad for Daddy because my body is being naughty?” Dan rolled his hips against Phil’s member eliciting a shaky breath and a tighter grip from his caregiver.

“No baby. You c-can’t help it. It’s Daddy who shouldn’t try to touch.”

“Why?” Dan was grinding against Phil with a steady motion, the friction and warmth of his Daddy making him feel like a completely different person.

“Because Daddy is here to care of you and not touch your big boy parts.”

Dan giggled in a way that was /almost/ innocent, before licking Phil’s neck and grinding down harshly, making Phil buck into the touch.

“Daddy…”He whispered into the man’s ear.


“Touch me on my big boy parts. I feel so full down there. Please?”

Phil completely lost it, gripping Dan’s hips tightly and dry humping against him. Dan threw his head back, clawing at Phil’s shirt while working in tandem to make the friction better.

“Daddy, no more clothes please? Pleeeeaaaaasee?” the boy whined. Phil silently
agreed, bolting up and undoing Dan’s zipper until he was just in his briefs. Dan also tugged Phil’s pajama bottoms down fervently, moaning when he felt the erection against his hand. Phil discarded Dan’s briefs and placed the boy flush against his chest until they could feel each others need on their thighs. Phil started bucking gently, squeezing Dan’s ass as he worked up a steady rhythm. He knew they couldn’t have real penetration because of last night, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t make him feel good.

Dan trembled as he matched Phil’s strokes, sweat gathering on his brow. The heat and the friction all felt so intoxicating. Dan felt himself floating more into his little space where all of his senses screamed for his Daddy.

“Is this okay, baby?” Phil gritted out.

“Ah-yes. So good, Daddy. Thank you.”

Phil kissed Dan passionately and quickened his pace. The smaller man’s voice was so light and airy that his words barely came out. Phil loved it so much. Phil loved all of this.

“Daddy loves you baby.”

Dan gasped and bit at Phil’s neck before thrusting erratically. He was consumed by emotion, needy and sensitive.

“I love you Daddy! Say it again!”

“I love you baby. I love you Dan.”

Dan squirmed with delight and felt tears prick his eyes.

“I love you Daddy! I love you so so much!”

Phil couldn’t take it. He stopped thrusting and put a hand between the both of them, furiously jacking Dan off. Dan returned the favor, squeezing Phil firmly before starting his ministrations. Both men were practically screaming from the pleasure and the intimacy. Before long, Phil knew he wasn’t going to last. He pulled Dan close and kissed him on the forehead before letting out a growl and releasing his seed all over the both of their stomachs.

“I love you Daddy. I love you. I lo-oooo!” Dan’s orgasm wracked through his slender frame, causing his vision to go white for only a moment. Phil stroked him through it, gently praising him as he came down from his high. After Dan was done, he burst into tears and kissed Phil all over. He had so many emotions and so many questions.

“I’ll clean us up tomorrow. I love you, Dan.”

Dan wiped his eyes and snuggled deep into Phil’s chest.

“I love you, Phil.”