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hello beautiful person! after you recover this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself! and then copy and send to your ten fave followers (´ ▽`).。o

1. my favorite colors are mint green, lavender, pale pink, and coral.
2. i watch cooking videos on youtube when i need to feel better. my faves are laura vitale, foodwishes, sortedfood, and hilahcooking.
3. i refuse to update my itunes. i just checked and my version is lol
4. i love astronomy, i could watch documentaries about the universe all day long.
5. currently listening to: holy grail (feat. justin timberlake) - jay-z :]

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danykat, iansomerhadlers, domesticdelena

danykat: in the first 0.2 seconds i was on this blog i decided i had to follow it and then when the follow button finally loaded i saw i already did. anyway, her theme is so amazing and there might or might not be a little bit of drool dripping on my lap and then i also looked at her edits and now i’m even more furious because it’s not my blog

 iansomerhadlers: who’s that

domesticdelena: oh god i’m so obsessed with this blog, i keep liking 50% of the things she reblogs (i’m often on my phone where i like things so i can later queue them) so it feels like i’m a stalker of her which i may also be 

Look who finally decided to stop being lazy and actually put together some proper recommendations. Pretty much everyone I follow posts about GOT in some capacity, and I’ll make a follow forever in the near future to cover all those I’ve missed here, but this list is for the GOT heavy blogs. These are blogs I follow that feature GOT as their main fandom, post about the show/books frequently (almost on a daily basis), and/or make their own gifs/edits for the fandom.

EXCLUSIVELY GOT: ✧・゚:* iheartgot *:・゚✧, gameofgifs, gameofthronesdaily, fuckyeahgameofthrones, fyeahgot, thronesgifsfuckyeahemiliaclarke, fyeahsophieturner

A-M: alaynestonallisonaergents, ariannsmartell, aryahorsefaces, aryastark, aryastarks, aryastraks, belerand, belllator, benjenstark, bitchcop, brandon-starks, caricevanhouten, catfromjapan, cersex, charliekellys, daenerysmhysa, daenerystargaryen, daeneryus, danykat, davosseaworth, davosseaworths, dragonborn, fiinnick, glitteringspark, jaimelannister, joedempsies, jon-snow, jonarya, jongritte, kathpierces, kingofwinter, kisedbyfire, kissedbyflames, lady-arryn, lastisle, lazoey, lebaratheon, lestarks, lorastyrels, lordbryndenrivers, lordeddardstark, lord-snow, margaeryroses, mattmsith, mhysas, michaelsfassbender, mithrandy

N-Z: nanagreyjoy, noblefighter, northwolves, numenorss, nymeriasand, nymheria, oberynmaartell, oberynymeros, oberynsmartell, oonachaplin, princeoberwin, queenacrossthenarrowsea, queenofwrath, rhaegare, rhaegl, rhaenystargaryen, robbstakrs, robbstarks, roobbstark, rubyredwisp, sansalayned, sansasnark, sansastarks, sansastarkt, snowjonsongsofwolves, stannisbaratheon, starkandbark, starkeddard, starkeon, starkqueen, stonesalayne, stormbornvalkyrie, theloupgaroux, theravenking, thewildlings, titansdaughter, varous, vienness, viserione, voldermorte

Thanks for keeping my dash great! ♥


dee’s 2014 follow forever!

abc: acastleofbricks, allisonbeckett, amyduhnne, andromedeas, aromanticallison, atwoods, auntiewitch, bcwaldorf, bebestevens, bifoster, bisexualaria, bisexualelena, blairhumphrey, bluestoplights, bonneibennett, bufflehane, buffysboobs, captainmariahill, captainmarvel, carolinelockwood, chacecrawfords, chemsworths, clarkexbellamy, commanderogers, cosimaberaud

def: damonsbonbon, danielosbourne, danykat, deangilbert, deanwinchesterss, debrasmorgans, deputyleos, directorskye, direwolff, donniedarkos, doppelbangher, doppelutiful, drcomalfoys, effeditallup, emilykinnys, fadingtales, faithlehne, feliccitysmoak, felictysmoak, feministsansa, femme-kitten, fiona-gallagher, forhecuba, freddlounds

ghijk: gilbertcestgillianjacobs, hollyprescotts, houch, idpickyoufirst, isobelflemming, janegansey, jbaggles, jennifersmill, jennycalendars, jessramblings, joshdallas, joswilson, katebucky, kathspierce, katnsseverdeen, kayyakk, killthereindeer, kriskardashians

lmn: lexipedia, lindsaybluth, lizsutton, louisecolleman, luckybiatch, lukerine, maleficaarum, maliahalles, mckeymilkovich, mgaywatson, michonne, mindycollette, misgiving, misterandry, morallygreydesi, nadiapetrovass, naleys, nancybotwinns, narcissamafoy, nataliedormes, nathanielbuzolic, nathanpetrellis, nightskychangingover

opq: octaviasnowflake, olicities, olivianovaks, onegirlinalltheworld, opposite-directions, patheticjunkies, pauldehaan, peeta-katniss, persephonespoldma, petrova, philscoulsons, piledriverrwaltz, queerladykorra, queerspoonie

rst: ravengriffn, rebekahaccola, richie-qecko, ronannlynchs, rosenburgers, roseslie, sansastartk, scarletglasses, semelewriter, sirenelena, skylerlwhite, slayers, spikebuffy, stelenaxmas, stonerclone, summerrcohen, taissaroberts, talbots, tasharomanovas, tatianamaslany, teddyremuslupinn, tenmylove, thirdwardtrill

uvwxyz: valonqaring, vampireken, veronicaecholls, veronicamars, wizkhaleesi, wolframhartswordsandzombies, xanis, zeldasvasco

you’ve all been a part of making my tumblr experience wonderful. a special shout out to the people i have become closer to this year. i wish you all a very merry christmas and an even better new year. ♥


First of all I would like to thank all my followers and people I follow for making my tumblr experience as fun as it is today. Thank you thank you thank you! Since I wanted to make an updated follow forever before 2014, but I was to busy (whoops) this is the new one and I will call it let’s say best 2014'winter blogs (following tradicions to make my follow forever different from the others as always, also sorry in advance if I will forget/miss someone, but I hope I won’t). First of all I would like to thank to all my mutual follows, this mean a lot to me, so special thank you goes to you (if your url is in italic this mean that we talked once, twice and that i consider you as my tumblr fella, congrads! bold means that i consider you as a good friend on here and if your url is bold/italic this mean that i follow you for a long time (more than one/two years) and i will never unfollow you and you are my bby, also all the usernames is in no particular order)! 

cordeliasfox, ameliapondery, dailytaissafarmiga, annieodeir, rhodenss, hundredlifetimes, sebastianstans,
daylightspeaks, crystalsreeds, ezioaudtore, martianweed, nesahudgens, jensenacklezs, danykat, karennias, 
mishaseyelasheshaisenbergs, hacelgrace, staytaytay, doctorsafraid, jaredpadalceki, joanwaltzson, runesc
clarkkents, burnpetrova, claraoswulds, palpattine, jaredgifschenaultsagreeneswerevolfs, jensensakles, 
seyfriieds, matthewsmitth, allesonargent, ambeer-heard, lydiaemartin, sarahwlker, doubrev, claraseleven
lohkisenchantedteapiperhalliwellmollshooperslilypoters, alliesargent, jennacolleman, holycastielwincstr
myackles, dixonchesters, noahlevines, demonprotection, willstiel, winchestters, henrywinchesters
nataliasromanoff, glaciercas, chevorlet, chestervlle, casdeans, all-eyezonmefallenbadassbrookedaviz
scarstiels, tardis-impala, samthecollegeboy, jensensllermansshailneswoodfirecatchersburglarboggins
adamsmilliganvienness, fadedviolets, lehastingswhoisreturningmerlns, daniels-gillies, 
vanessaannes, lyricalgomez, amuliapond, oswahld, twhiddlesassmyintimatetiredofsingingblues, 
aheardgifs, letojareds, pinkskycrystal

and now, because all the blogs I have listed before is in mutual follow with me, I also want to add some that isn’t, but I follow these blogs for more than two years and I will always will, here you go, thank you for making my dash as pretty as it is for such a long time <3

xanis, emiliaclarke, milakunis, northfalls, msndobrev, mydraco, northmans


Merry Christmas! 

I’ve been wanting to make a follow forever and now I finally have (yayy!). The people here are the reason why I love tumblr and they are also the reason why my dash is the prettiest/funniest thing alive. Anyone who isn’t following them are really missing out a lot. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and stay flawless! 

if your url is bolded pls hover and read my message hehehe

[abcd]  agoldenrosewiththorns,  amandaseyfried,  amyjpond,  amyponder,  amysdoctor,  beerryyl,  bekahforbes,  belleschippedcup,  capitolsavox,  channelmodernclairholts,  colestclair,  colinodonorgasm,  cordeilafoxx,  cristinmiliotidanykat,  deucalio,  dnimruoyesol,  doctorwhos,  doubrev

[efgh]  effiestrinkets,  emderavin,  emiliaclarke,  emiliederaivn,  fahrmigas,  fearlesspond,  hazpotters,  heydylanobrien

[ijkl]  jennielawr,  jennlawrnce,  kahtherinepiercekcismyreligion,  kylespecer,  laheying,  lastisle,  lilyjanescollins,  lydiastilniski

[mnop]  magical-beistes-andwho-huntthem,  martinski,  mattandkaz,  myflameofhope,  mysteriousdamon,  nataliedormeh,  nexusoftime,  pondstory,  pondwilliams

[qrst]  robbstark,  sallydonovan,  sansasnark,  sansastarke,  smileklaus,  speakthewordsonyourlipsx,  stelinski,  taissafarmiga,  tessgrays,  thefoggylight,  thewolfhowlings,  thewomanwhokillsthedoctor,  tommarvoloriddle,  twhiddlesass

[uvwx]  wadeswilson,  watersaugustus,  whouffle,  wintersfelt,  wintresfell

[yz]  zoebnsns

and if i forgot anyone,  +blogroll


Hello there, I made this follow forever in a way to thank you all for being such cool and amazing people and for making my tumblr experience so fun and full of awesomeness :) 

Special cupcakes : Marie, Laura, Jordan, Sarah, Effie, Danika, Mari, Solina (◡‿◡✿)

accolapierce ▰ adambrodyy ▰ all-i-see-is-stefan-and-elena ▰ annieodeir ▰ atwoods ▰ britneyslost ▰ captainswaan ▰ conradvictoria ▰ cumberbatchbeny ▰ daniels-gillies ▰ danykat ▰ deeremy ▰ doppelenas ▰ dundermifflinscranton ▰ elenargents ▰ esteahaim ▰ everdeenflame ▰ honourinrevenge ▰ iamnevertheone ▰ johnkrasinski ▰ kathspierce ▰ loislanes ▰ michael-scofield ▰ nnewgirl ▰ outlawqueened ▰ packageofgirlyevil ▰ pauleski ▰ paulwelsey ▰ pawesley ▰ petrova ▰ pinkmanjesse ▰ pruehalliwel ▰ renlybaratheon ▰ ronsgranger ▰ scottsmccalll ▰ sethhcohens ▰ sofuckingobsessed ▰ sophiebush ▰ summer-flu ▰ teamklausbitch ▰ themallpisode ▰ tobiav ▰ trisfouur ▰ willlgraham ▰ winchesterpls ▰ zoesdeschanel (✿◠‿◠)